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Getting Lost in Ai Weiwei's Endless Stacks of Bicycle Tires

Renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is constantly using his creative eye to construct art that comments on social, political, and cultural issues. His installation titled Stacked is no exception. The display features 760 bicycles piled atop one another, extending overhead and inviting visitors into an unusual maze of metallic frames and rubber tires. Stacked up high like you'd find in a…


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Spectacular Gravity-Defying Tree Root Chandeliers

Rotterdam-based Sicilian artist Giuseppe Licari presents a network of tree roots hanging from the ceiling like unusual, organic chandeliers. His site-specific installation titled Humus features the extended prickly roots of trees affixed to the top of his exhibition space, transforming the room into a sort of underground lair. It's as though visitors are getting an exclusive…


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Magical Interactive Garden Made of 1,200 LED Lightbulbs

Portugal-based architecture and design studio LIKEarchitects designed a spectacular garden of lights for IKEA at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon. Using 1,200 LEDARE lightbulbs affixed to 1,200 HEMMA floor lamp bases, the installation titled LEDscape presents an interactive playground for visitors to walk through an illuminated…


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Large Glowing Panels Mimic Clouds in the Sky

Take a walk through the clouds in this installation by multimedia artist Eduardo Coimbra. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Coimbra studied engineering and architecture, which are both reflected in the majority of his creative projects. Many of his site-specific pieces are large-scale works that explore the idea of landscapes as synthetic constructions that represent reality. He says, " “[My] work is…


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Giant Collapsing House of Cards Represents Fragile State

Figure #1: Stability is an installation by Russian artist Timofey Radya that takes a satirical look at reigning power and its truly fragile state. Half sculptural installation and half performance piece, Radya's project is as much about the completion as it is the process. His team of "officers" complete the construction of this convoluted house of cards by first rolling out a…


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60,000 Interactive LED Lights Mimic the Powerful Sun

Earlier last year, we featured Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's gigantic simulation of the Sun's surface. Recently, we came across another one of his interactive and technologically-advanced projects, entitled Flatsun. The piece is a circular panel that simulates the surface of the Sun,…


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Dancing Patterns of Blue Light React to Sound Waves

Installation artist Gabey Tjon a Tham work with all kinds of media to create interactive forms that engage her audiences. She develops ideas that take place within a specific architectural space and work together with the surrounding environment. The artist says that while observing the artwork, "the perceiver is reverted to a process of reflection on its own thoughts, memories…


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180 Portraits Represent the Faces of a Small Town

Portrait of Maquoketa—The Dimensional View is a community project, by artist Rose Frantzen, that celebrates the artist's hometown of Maquoketa, Iowa. Across the span of one year, Frantzen painted a collection of 180 12x12" portraits of anyone who wanted to pose for her, including many of her friends and neighbors. She was not exclusive in the process, and says, "I wanted to…


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500 LEDs Resemble Glowing Fireflies at Night

For Into the Great Wide Open, a music and art festival in Vlieland, an island on the coast of the Netherlands, artist Tamar Frank created a stunning installation at the small inlet of a pond. She took 500 LED lights and carefully placed them between reeds so that they appeared like a colony of fireflies. As visitors walked amongst the brush, they activated the "swarm" of fireflies,…


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500 Santa Clauses Grow Out from the Sand in India

Since childhood, Indian sculpture artist Sudarsan Pattnaik has always enjoyed playing in the sand. As he grew older, he realized that this interest could translate into an artistic career. Now, the artist has developed the Sudarsan Sand Art Institute in order to develop his trade and to pass along his knowledge of sand sculpture, sand animation, and sand painting to…


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The Beautiful Life and Death of 10,000 Roses

Using all kinds of materials, including trees, flowers, candles, sand, and ice, London-based artist Anya Gallaccio creates site-specific artworks that explore the ephemerality of nature. In particular, Red on Green is a stunning display of 10,000 fresh roses that were arranged within a gallery space. Gallaccio pulled the heads off of the roses and arranged them into a tightly packed…


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Beautiful Hand-Shredded Silk Flower Installation

Artist Gyun Hur creates installations with transformative properties. Using countless pieces of silk flowers, Hur hand-shreds the delicate materials into a fine, almost powdery, substance and reallocates their decorative charm to a new form. By destroying one sample of beauty, Hur is given the opportunity to reassemble the material in a different way, transferring its attractive…


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Powerful Women's Rights Portrait Seen Only from Above

If you are traveling by foot, you could very easily and unknowingly walk right past this portrait by Cuban American artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada. The massive face is not meant to be seen from the ground, but rather, he has created an incredibly powerful piece of art meant to be viewed from overhead.

Together with 80 volunteers from the Netherlands, Rodríguez-Gerada…


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Colorful Paper Boats Float Across London’s Canary Wharf

Playing with a toy boat in the bathtub as a kid is an activity that has stood the test of time. So, it's no surprise that media architect Claudio Benghi and artist Gloria Ronchi, of Aether & Hemera, joined forces to develop this awesome take on such a simple concept. Voyage is an extensive journey of illuminated 'paper boats,' floating across the surface of London’s Canary Wharf. The…


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366 Melting Candles are a Tribute Emily Dickinson's Poems

You could say that artist Spencer Finch is a literary junkie seeking to preserve the art of the written word with his own creative interpretations. His installation titled 366 (Emily Dickinson's Miraculous Year) commemorates the year 1862, in which renowned writer Emily Dickinson completed 366 poems in 365 days.

The wax installation includes…


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Artist Cuts a Meditative Fortress of Paper Strips

Japanese artist Sachiko Abe cuts fine strips of paper for hours on end in her performance series titled Cut Papers. Having first discovered the calming effects of shredding paper over 15 years ago while admitted at an insane asylum, the artist now explores the act's meditative properties as an…


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Beautiful Black Floral Trail Spills Over Two Floors

Spill is a site-specific installation by Canadian artist Jeannie Thib that transforms the space it encompasses with its beautifully historic Dutch damask-inspired designs. In 2002, the installation took over two floors of the De Overslag gallery in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Using black landscaping cloth, the installation features one long trail of floral patterns that expands…


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Whimsical Twisting Lamp Posts and Droopy Light Bulbs

Dutch artist Pieke Bergmans playfully redesigns street lamps and light bulbs to look like animated figures. Her latest series titled Metamorphosis offers a whimsical transformation to said inanimate objects by elongating and twisting their bodies around one another. One piece in the collection is a pair of anthropomorphized street lamps that appear to be intwined in a…


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Ethereal Tracing Paper Installations Suspended in Mid-Air

Denmark-based Japanese artist Yuko Takada Keller creates delicate paper installations that wash a sense of calm and ease over the viewer. Each of her suspended constructions utilizes countless triangular pieces of tracing paper meticulously dyed in refreshing, pastel hues. Each fragmented piece of paper is assembled with glue, transforming them from a collection of minute,…


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Mystifying Sculptures Appear to Float in Mid-Air

The Virgins of Apeldoorn is a public installation in the Netherlands by Dutch artist Elisabet Stienstra. The sculptural work features three bronze statues of girls in varying positions, all seeming to lie parallel to the ground. Their hair and the cloth of their dress hangs below them as though they are sleeping on an invisible bed in midair. The intriguing…


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