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Colorful Origami Butterflies Represent Stages of Dreams

A flock of colorful origami butterflies flutter overhead in this installation, entitled Dream Colourfully, by Dream Interiors and Elixr. The collaborative piece was created for Saturday In Design, an annual event for the design community that alternates each year between Sydney and Melbourne. In 2011, the event extended for the first time to Singapore and so…


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Origami House Shape-Shifts into Eight Configurations

The D*Haus Company, an architectural design firm launched by UK-based designers David Ben Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson, has conceptualized an experimental house called D*Dynamic that is able to reconfigure itself into eight different shapes. The idea behind the ambitious and innovative project is to construct a living space that is capable of adapting to weather and climate changes…


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Neon Signs Featuring Lyrics from Classic Love Songs

Artists Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater have collaborated for the past year to create this glowing, self-funded public project entitled 12 Months of Neon Love. Featuring lyrics from popular songs, the team produced a series of twelve expressive signs that were displayed on the roof of their Neon Workshops in West Yorkshire, England. For one…


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Massive Interactive Swing Installation Reflects Connectivity

Who says that only kids can play on swings? This large-scale multimedia installation titled the event of a thread by visual artist Ann Hamilton invites an interactive audience to revisit their playful childhood and ride the 42 swings that have been set up. The 55,000-square-foot space boasts a giant billowing white curtain that separates the hall. The towering curtain is, in…


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Light Projections Illuminate Copenhagen's Walls

Visual artist Asbjørn Skou works mainly in drawing and site and time-specific installations in public spaces. One of his projects, entitled Markeringer, consisted of oversized light projections that temporarily overtook the walls of a Copenhagen neighborhood in 2010. Portraits of adults, children, and even angels, were illuminated across the blank canvas of various…


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Elaborate Carpets Made of Unconventional Materials

Pasta Carpet 2

Artists Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten, and Bob Waardenburg, known as the collective WE MAKE CARPETS, design interesting floor displays that make convincing throw rugs from afar. Upon closer inspection, we can see that their creations are, in fact, an intricately patterned assembly of various…


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Small Mirrored House Reflects the Surrounding Landscape

German sculptor Ekkehard Altenburger finds great inspiration in architecture and the environment. He uses heavy materials like steel and stone in his pieces and says he "seeks to explore and encapsulate the physical balance of the built environment as well as the sculptural volumes of these physical materials."

This piece, Mirror House, was a temporary installation on the…


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6,000 Miniature People Form the World Map

Multidisciplinary artist Clinton De Menezes created a fascinating landscape in this World Map installation. The artist used oil paint, emulsion, acrylic, plaster, and hand painted model figures to create the captivating piece, in which migrating crowds of miniature individuals form a larger land mass that is displayed from an aerial view. With extreme attention to detail, De Menezes…


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Intriguing Stacked Man Statue in the Netherlands

In 1985, Dutch artist Frans Carlier created this intriguing statue of a man holding his hat with both hands titled De Wiekeneer. The sculpture, which is located in the Netherlands at the Wijcker Brugstraat in Maastricht, is especially fascinating because of the artist's choice to divide it into horizontal sections. Each slab of the bronze sculpture is set slightly askew making it seem…


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Exploding Installation is an Archive of People's Lives

London-based artist Stuart Haygarth has constructed a massive chandelier made of found objects for the UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre, as commissioned by the University College London Hospitals. The suspended installation titled Strand presents a spectacular burst of color…


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Magical Bridge Suspended By Three Giant Balloons

Like a dreamy setting straight out of a fairytale, Marseille-based artist Olivier Grossetête's delicate bridge floats over a pond, suspended by a trio of surreally inspired giant white balloons. Located in the Japanese Garden at Tatton Park in England for the Tatton Park Biennial, the piece titled Pont de…


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Colorful Interactive Floral Room Evolves Over Time

The latest installation in Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki's Echoes-Infinity series titled Moment & Eternity has redefined the gallery space at…


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Mesmerizing Metallic Flower Sculpture Open & Closes

Una Lumino is a kinetic sculpture comprised of metallic buds that are made of acrylic and stainless steel. The mechanical installation by Korean artist Choe U-Ram incorporates his signature style of combining beauty and technology. Standing at just over 17 feet tall, the whirlwind of elegant robotic flowers are automated to bloom open, shining a brilliant light, and revert back…


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Astounding Towers of Balancing Bread

Barcelona-based graphic designers Ana Dominguez and Omar Sosa conceived this remarkable idea of a balancing bread act for Apartamento magazine. The series, shot by photographer Nacho Alegre, is like a beautiful architectural symphony—a visual ode to baguettes, ciabatta, and rye. Time stands still as the…


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Breathtaking Rooms Filled with Thousands of Balloons

Scattered Crowd is a magnificent spacial installation featuring thousands of balloons by German choreographer William Forsythe. The multi-disciplined artist forces visitors to his site-specific installation to not only take in the gorgeous, magical effect of the piece, but to also interact with the space.

Walking through a maze of dreamy white balloons varying in size and…


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20,000 LED Lights Illuminate Japanese Rice Paddies

Japan's agriculturally significant Shiroyone Senmaida terraced rice fields offer a beautiful sight to be seen, especially at nightfall as its landscape is illuminated by a world record-breaking 20,000 pink LED lights that line over 2,000 small rice paddies. The vibrant pop of color against the natural, fertile earth offers a sharp contrast that echoes the beauty of the sunlit land at…


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Incredible Suspended Deconstruction of an F1 Car

If you've ever been curious about the makeup of an F1 race car, Dutch artist Paul Veroude has made it very easy for you to find out what's inside one of these speedy vehicles. Using a Mercedes GP Petronas F1, driven by renowned race car driver Michael Schumacher, the artist deconstructed the 2010 model and suspended each piece, right down to the nuts and bolts.

Weighing just over 600…


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Ai Weiwei's Spectacular Crystal Cube Chandelier

Renowned artist Ai Weiwei has dazzled us in the past with his eye-catching works of art and this piece titled Cube Light, first introduced in 2008, is no exception. The massive…


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Beautiful Abstract Toilet Paper Installations

We've seen our share of amazing paper artists and even come across one that works with the discarded cardboard tubes of used toilet paper rolls, but now we're mesmerized by these…


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Giant Shoes Made of Pots, Pans, and Lids

Paris-born, Lisbon-based artist Joana Vasconcelos takes everyday objects and transforms them into life-size replicas of high-heel sandals in her aptly titled series Shoes. Each towering shoe is constructed out of dozens of stainless steel pots, pans, and lids of varying sizes. These sculptural installations are really remarkable to look at and deconstruct, which makes it no…


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