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Giant Shoes Made of Pots, Pans, and Lids

Paris-born, Lisbon-based artist Joana Vasconcelos takes everyday objects and transforms them into life-size replicas of high-heel sandals in her aptly titled series Shoes. Each towering shoe is constructed out of dozens of stainless steel pots, pans, and lids of varying sizes. These sculptural installations are really remarkable to look at and deconstruct, which makes it no…


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Mesmerized by a Neon Blue Futuristic Landscape

The Erudition is a futuristic landscape installation created by Canada-born artist Kelly Richardson. Combining aesthetics from both cinema and science fiction, the piece is a series of three high-definition screens on which neon blue, holographic trees blow in a fake wind. An eerie silence is occasionally interrupted by the electronic flicker of the trees popping on and off of the…


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Interactive Patterns of Light React to Movement

For more than 15 years, Jen Lewin Studio has created large interactive pieces for the public and, this time, Lewin utilized technology to bring groups of people together with light. The Pool is a giant, durable circular installation filled with small round pads that encourage group participation and fun. The studio explains, "By entering the pool, you enter a world where play and…


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Massive Gollum Sculpture Welcomes Travelers at New Zealand Airport

In promotional preparation for the release of Peter Jackson's next film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, a prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a giant Gollum sculpture has been installed at New Zealand's Wellington Airport. The…


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Swirls of Smokey Columns Rise Into the Ceiling

When you see this installation, you might be reminded of a scene right out of Ghostbusters, where a ghost is being sucked up into the Ghostbusters' proton packs. Ascension is an ongoing series of site-specific installations by Indian-born British sculptor Anish Kapoor.

The installation has been featured in Italy, China, and Brazil, and each time, features a long, thin spiral of…


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99 Giant Red Balloons Collect the Sun's Energy

Inspired by the 1984 German pop track "99 Luftballoons" by Nena, Winnipeg-based urban design firm Nadi Design Studio has developed an installation of 99 giant red balloons floating 100 feet off the ground, atop landfills. The conceptual project, aptly titled 99 Red Balloons, proposes to not only draw…


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1,000 Paper Airplanes Trying to Escape

Berlin-based artist S. Astrid Bin experiments with every imaginable type of discipline, including two dimensional drawings and photographs, three dimensional sculptures and public art, and four dimensional performances. With a vision for all things creative, the artist tackled this collection of installations entitled One Thousand Means of Escape. The project entailed…


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Urban Portal Made of 1,497 Coffee Mugs

On a wide avenue in Mexico City stands an innovative arched canopy made of 1,497 mugs. The architectural installation titled Portal of Awareness was designed by Michel Rojkind of Rojkind Arquitectos, one of eight artists commissioned by…


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Walking on a Multilayered Aerial Installation

On Space Time Foam is a multilayered aerial installation by Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno. Similar to his previous work, titled Cloud Cities, this interactive installation features surfaces of clear film in the air for visitors to walk, crawl, and lie in. What separates…


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Colorfully Lit Wire Sculptures at Nuit Blanche Paris

French artist Cédric Verdure is a multidisciplinary artist who creates all kinds of sculptural people, animals, and shapes out of recycled wire. Reworking the slender, rigid material into complex patterns, he builds hollow silhouettes and illuminates them with colorful lights. For this year's Nuit Blanche in Paris, the artist, along with Timothy Toury, created a captivating light…


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Magical Blue Crystals Cover an Entire Room

Seizure is a large-scale installation by British artist Roger Hiorns in which he used unexpected materials to transform an everyday room into a giant piece of art. To create the site-specific installation, Hiorns covered the surface of the interior with plastic sheeting. He then poured more than 20,000 gallons of boiling copper sulphate solution into the abandoned…


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The Guggenheim Gets a Light Transformation in 2013

Renowned artist James Turrell is scheduled to present three concurrent solo exhibitions in Spring/Summer 2013—at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York. A preview…


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Sydney's Canopy of Birdcages Suspended in Mid-Air

Step into a certain alleyway in Sydney's Angel Place and you'll find a whimsical installation that's meant to be both seen and heard. Back in 2009, artist Michael Thomas Hill created Forgotten Songs, an installation of 110 empty birdcages suspended high in the air that play the songs of fifty birds that once lived in central Sydney before the colonization…


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Infinite Patterns of Light Dance Across a 130 Foot Wall

Unidisplay is an audiovisual installation designed by German artist Carsten Nicolai. He used real-time projections, large-scale screens, and mirrors to create this distinct installation in which black and white lights display a visual interpretation of sound and time. The artist says that he enjoys creating visuals that perform for his audience, and often uses scientific concepts,…


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Dome of 12,000 Plastic Bag Roses and More in France

Did you know that 2011 was the International Year of Chemistry? To launch the year-long celebratory event, four artists created four incredible art installations in four French cities—Paris, Lille, Lyon, and Marseille. Each installation in the project known as L'art et la Matiére, translated as Art in Matter,…


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Geometric Light Patterns Mimic Different Times of Day

Always/Never is a light installation created by United Visual Artists, an art and design practice based in London. On their website they explain that they "create work at the intersection of sculpture, architecture, live performance, and digital installation." As the practice continues to evolve towards more permanent installations, their work often focuses on the complex…


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Happy Birdhouses Installed in Cities Worldwide

As buildings continue to pop up in growing cities, urban-dwelling birds and wildlife are in need of more options for cozy places to live. Thoughtful to these needs, artist Thomas Winther, aka Dambo, initiated the Happy City Birds project. To kick the project off, the artist spent just two weeks building 250 birdhouses out of free and recycled materials (with…


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20,000 Twinkling LED Lights Create an Immersive Installation

In this sparkling installation entitled Volume, artist Leo Villareal took a handful of twinkling stars and brought them down to earth. Suspended from the ceiling, the cylinder-shaped piece featured more than 20,000 LED lights set against reflective, mirror-finished stainless steel, which created a three dimensional space where light could come alive.

The patterns of illumination,…


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Big Blue Snails Invade a Gothic Cathedral

International art collective Cracking Art Group placed 50 large-scale plastic snails all across the roof of the Duomo (the fourth largest cathedral in the world) in Milan, Italy in an effort to draw attention to and raise funds for much-needed repairs. The installation titled REgeneration features these sluggish creatures,…


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Bicycle Powered Lights Symbolize Hope for the Future

South-Africa born and based artist Daniel Popper creates large scale installations that involve the public. For the annual COP 17 (Conference of the Parties, 17th session), the climate change conference held in Durban, South African in 2011, Daniel Popper and his crew created for Siemens a…


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