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Wonderful Paper Sculpture of Children Playfully Dancing

In this creative installation, entitled Maibaum, Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff used layer upon layer of black paper, foam core, and hardware to create a lifelike scene in which joyous, animated children are frozen in time. Upon viewing the installation, visitors will immediately be transported into the middle of a Maypole dance, a traditional western European folk dance in which men and…


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An Innovative Waterfall Swing Where You Won't Get Wet

Swing sets aren't just for kids anymore! Playfully swinging back and forth is all well and good, but the Waterfall Swing adds a whole new level of excitement to the activity as a wall of water pours down midway through the mechanized contraption. The thrill of nearly getting caught in a torrential downpour and escaping the ill fate of be soaked each time you make your…


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Awesome Vinyl Silhouettes of Bats and Birds

Street artist Kesa transforms vinyl records into a variety of birds and bats literally breaking free from their circular entities. The Lyon, France-based creative, who began his career as a graffiti artist back in 1996, utilizes the black plastic discs by repurposing them as public art silhouettes of animals with the gift of flight. Each vinyl wall installation presents a…


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Dale Chihuly's Vibrant Glass Sculpture Garden

Artist Dale Chihuly celebrates the beauty of creative expression both indoors and outdoors in the newly renovated community space at Seattle Center called Chihuly Garden and Glass. The space, which encompasses 1.5 acres of land, includes an exhibition gallery, a garden, and a glasshouse as the centerpiece of the ambitious project. Within each environment of the venue, Chihuly's…


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Dazzling Festival of Lights Across Many Berlin Landmarks

For two full weeks, the city of Berlin has been covered in a stunning spectacle of lights in which artists have illuminated the surfaces of more than 70 famous city landmarks. According to the website, the festival “is one of the largest and best-known illumination festivals and public events in the world.” Local and international artists participate in the annual exhibition…


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Awesome Doorknob Mural of Van Gogh's Starry Night

Hardware store owner David Goldberg amassed quite a collection of discontinued doorknobs and various door accessories over the years. Instead of discarding them or melting them down, the inventive entrepreneur decided to repurpose them into a large mural replicating Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night. Located outside of his store Union Hardware in Bethesda, Maryland, the large-scale…


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Bright Red Lights Illuminate a Bed Covered in Eerie Mist

Based in Beijing, artist Li Hui uses modern technology, lights, lasers, and LED lights to create fantastic, illuminated displays. In Reincarnation, the Chinese artist used fog, metal, medical bandages, and bright red laser lights streaming down from the ceiling to light up an everyday bed frame underneath. As the light passed through the air and across the object's surface, a ghostly mist…


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Gorgeous Deep Sea Room Activated by Movement

Swimming in a glowing, underwater sea of jellyfish would be a really beautiful experience. But, with limited access to the deep sea, this interactive installation by artist Takahiro Matsuo could be considered a backup to that kind of actual encounter. The dark blue room, a reminder of the oceanic abyss, is a seamlessly flowing design in which viewers can appreciate the beauty of these…


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Croatia's Solar Powered Interactive Light Installation

Croatian architect Nikola Bašić's LED light installation titled Saudação ao Sol, translated as Greeting to the Sun, is a remarkable piece of public art that efficiently incorporates technology. The circular floor installation consists of three hundred multilayered glass plates encasing solar cells that absorb sunlight during the day and come alive at night, putting on…


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Giant Wall Built Out of 3,500 Colorful Books

This wall by artist Anouk Kruithof, entitled Enclosed Content Chatting Away in the Colour Invisibility, consists of more than 3,500 colorful bound books, stacked in a precariously balanced, rectangular pile. Born in the Netherlands, Kruithof believes in the infinite possibilities of photography. She builds many sculptures and minimalist structures that…


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Psychedelic Vortex Formed with Thousands of CDs

A lot of artists use unconventional materials to construct their visionary pieces but there's something about the shimmering surface of a CD whose twinkle in the light draws the eye. That's part of the reason why sculptor Leticia Bajuyo works almost exclusively with the nearly…


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Metallic Lotus Flowers Come Alive with Human Motion

Built out of metallic flowers, this Lotus Dome by Dutch design lab Studio Roosegaarde comes alive in response to human motion. The interactive artwork was designed by artist and architect Daan Roosegaarde and is located in the Sainte Marie Madeleine Church in Lille, France. As visitors approach the structure, sensors detect movement and trigger internal lights to illuminate. The…


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More Incredible Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

British artistic duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster, who are well-known for their incredible light and shadow sculptures, have expanded their remarkable collection of said creations and we couldn't resist sharing them with you. Using scraps of wood and seemingly discarded…


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Spectacular Floating Jellyfish Aquarium at Portland Airport

Multi-disciplinary artist Sayuri Sasaki Hemann brings underwater jellyfish worlds to the surface in this ongoing project entitled Urban Aquarium. Growing up, the artist and her family relocated many times between Japan, Australia, and Romania. Often feeling displaced within these new environments and new languages, Hemann says "I naturally found refuge in using my hands and…


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Solar Powered Tree Provides Light to Poor Neighborhoods

Designed as part of Moma's exhibit on experiments in responsive textile architecture, SonUmbra is a bright and energetic tree built to function completely on solar power. By day, the structure serves just like any other natural tree, standing tall and providing shelter from the sun. By night, the light emitting fabric that forms the branches glows with patterns of light. The creator, London-based design…


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Old VHS Tapes Repurposed Into Sculptural Installations

Florence and London-based artist Lorenzo Durantini addresses the art of obsoletism and repurposing while displaying a visual representation of time with his sculptural installations. Using VHS tapes, both in their casing and out, the artist transforms the outdated medium into art. In one series of works known simply as 2,216 VHS Tapes, we see a variety of…


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Walking Through a Glowing Sandworm on the Shoreline

Set along the dunes of Wenduine in Belgium, Sandworm by Finnish architect Marco Casagrande is an ecologically conscious installation that ebbs and flows through the surface of the sandy shores. Working with just sand and willow, the artist and a team of architects built the installation in a wormlike, natural form over the course of 4 weeks. Cassgrande describes this delicate style of…


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Creative Road Signs Feature Funny Unexpected Messages

The majority of the work by American artist Joel Ross involves text installations in public spaces. Please Chase Me is an ongoing series in which Ross produces pieces that mimic roadside signage and places them along various roads, from single-lane farm roads to major highways. As a result, the work becomes a temporary art exhibit, viewed mainly by people who unknowingly encounter the…


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Gigantic Paper Boombox Bumps Real Music

Along with playing video games on ATARI, inventing interesting breakdancing moves, and using the word "sike" way too often, children of the 80's may also remember the days when carrying a boombox on your shoulder was totally the "cool" thing to do! As the boombox became more popular, so did the demands for better sound quality, with higher and heavier bass. In order to…


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Magical Twisting Bookshelf Awakens Child-Like Imagination

Linda and John Meyers, a Portland, Maine-based design duo known as Wary Meyers, have created this winding shelf of books aptly referred to as Twisted Tales. The married creative team assembled this site-specific installation for the newly renovated offices of VIA Advertising Agency which had previously been the town's public…


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