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Playful Interior Space Constructed from 3D Grid of Ropes

Anyone who has the chance to venture inside this String Prototype will have great fun navigating through the complex arrangement of blue lines. Created by Croatian-Austrian industrial design group Numen/For Use, the inflatable concept is like a large jungle gym for kids and adults alike.

The installation consists of a geometric configuration of ropes that are secured to the…


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Hundreds of Matchsticks Arranged Into Flammable World Map

Barcelona-based artists Javier Jabalera and Mon Castel worked in collaboration with 3D Neighbors to create this interactive project entitled Everything is Ending. The pair worked together to build the flammable design because, Jabalera explains, "We were thinking of the best way to say goodbye to the earth if finally this 2012 is the last year before the…


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Colorful Mounds of Dirt Transform a Gallery Space

Berlin-based German artist Katharina Grosse produces large-scale installations that transform the spaces they inhabit. Working with mounds of dirt and a wide spectrum of spray painted colors, the artist redefines the area she displays her work in by coloring both her materials as…


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Ernest Zacharevic's Beach Mural on the Shores of Malaysia

Upon quick glance from a distance, you might think a young girl is standing dangerously close to the edge of this cliff. In reality, though, the figure is a wonderfully detailed painting created by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic in his signature style.

After his solo exhibit opened in Malaysia, entitled Art…


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Most Incredible Sculptures of AfrikaBurn 2013

AfrikaBurn is an annual event held in the deserts of the Tankwa Karoo in South Africa that invites artists to display their work and then eventually light it up in a blaze of glory, in true Burning Man fashion. The regional event, which most recently hosted approximately 6,500 people,…


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AirBnB's 60Ft Wall Represents Team's Shared Experiences

New York City-based artist Timothy Goodman was recently commissioned to help AirBnB develop a creative space in their new office. The company, a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world, wanted a concept that would fit and function well within their team culture.

Goodman was handed a blank canvas and left to his own devices…


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15-Foot-Tall Crocheted Doilies Consume Gallery Walls

Keeping Up Appearances is an ongoing, site-specific installation project by Ashley V. Blalock in which she strings up huge crocheted, web-like doilies throughout different gallery spaces. The American artist uses bold red cotton and yarn to create forms that burst from corners and walls, and cover the floor. Although the project changes from one location to the next, the consistent theme is an exploration of domestic living and the concept of how people…


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150 Security Cameras Address the Issue of Privacy

Urban art firm SpY has created a massive installation, simply titled Cameras, made up of 150 fake security cameras all mounted onto the side of a building in Madrid, Spain. Viewing nothing in particular, the art piece is a clear statement about the concerns of privacy in our modern global society.

From George Orwell's popular dystopian novel 1984 to current concerns about NSA spying,…


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Hauntingly Beautiful Clothing Frozen in Blocks of Ice

As much of the United States continues to experience an insanely cold winter, many artists are making the most of it by documenting spectacular icicles dripping from a frozen lighthouse or by transforming…


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20 Miles of Stained Glass Colored Ribbon Hang Inside a SF Cathedral

Walk into the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco from now till the end of February and you'll find a gorgeous art installation that features 20 miles of ribbon cascading from the church's vaulted ceiling arches. Artist Anne Patterson is behind Graced With Light, an installation consisting of nearly 1,000 satin ribbons with colors inspired by stained glass.…


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Shimmering Sun Sculpture Gives Illusion of Warmth in Calgary

Solar Flare is the newest sculptural collaboration by Calgary-based artists Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett that features a dynamic spherical structure mimicking the sun. The shimmering orb has yellow acrylic rods spiking out in every direction like sun rays, simulating a spectacular explosion of light.

Brown tells us that the interactive piece is…


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Rainbow Spectrums Mirrored Throughout Palacio de Cristal

Imagine the bright spectrum of colors you would bask in while walking through a cathedral full of rainbows. To Breathe - A Mirror Woman is Kimsooja's 2006 site-specific installation for the Palacio de Cristal in Madrid, Spain. To expand and unite the architectural structure of the space, Kimsooja had the whole floor tiled in mirrors. She then covers the vault and the entire…


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Fleet of Ships Made of Currency from All Around the World

Sail Away is an ever expanding, large scale installation comprised of hundreds of small boats made from paper money, tickets and maps from all over the world. The artist Susan Stockwell encourages visitors to engage and contribute by making their own ships to add to the collection. Stockwell crafted the small boats by hand, folding and sewing global currency to form the hulls, masts, and…


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Playful Book Sculptures Transform Their Environment

Madrid-based Spanish artist Alicia Martín first caught our eye with her incredible sculpture, titled Biografías, that looked like a haphazard parade of books flooding through the side of a building. Taking a look through her portfolio, it's easy to see that this artist has a keen eye for…


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Entire Eucalyptus Tree Displayed at Gallery of Modern Art

This site-specific installation aptly named Eucalyptus is a real eucalyptus tree located at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia. Although it has been taken out of its natural environment and placed in man's, this tree still retains its inherent serenity. There are seats in the gallery for visitors to observe and meditate.

Commissioned for Cai Guo-Qiang's solo exhibition…


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Berlin's Dazzling Christmas Light Installations

In the spirit of the holiday season, architecture and design studio Brut Deluxe, led by Ben Busche, developed these festive light installations along Kurfürstendamm, a famous avenue in Berlin. The project consists of three parts located at different intersections, and each piece adds a little sparkle to the neighborhood.

First, a huge light dome spanning almost 25 feet in…


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Mesmerizing Wall Collages Made of Paper and Plastic Cups

New York-based artist Lisa Hoke creates colorful wall collages out of an assortment of disposable items. Working extensively with paper and plastic cups, the artist installs each of her multilayered murals in eye-catching patterns. She playfully transforms each room into a magnificent spectacle full of snake-like formations of multihued cups as well as flattened…


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Hundreds of Floating Light Bulbs Fill a Historic UK Dockyard

Fascinated by how the play of light and dust enhanced the natural architectural beauty of the Chatham Historic Dockyard in the UK, Charlotte Smith created Ephemeral Rays to explore the volume of light determined by light, space and time. The space itself is already perfectly delineated, while the dust that has amassed there stands as a testament to the passage of time…


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"1 Million Stars to End Violence" Sends a Strong Community Message in Melbourne

1 Million Stars to End Violence is an installation by Maryann Talia Pau on display at the Big Design Market in Melbourne, Australia. In September 2012, the Melbourne community was strongly shaken by the rape and murder of local Brunswick woman, Jill Meagher. What started as a personal response by local artist Maryann Talia Pau has evolved into a community-wide weaving project…


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19 Stainless Steel Sculptures Featuring Nine Languages

Barcelona-born Jaume Plensa astounds once again with his new figurative installation inhabiting the Galerie Lelong in New York. Entitled Talking Continents, the 19 stainless steel elements are comprised of letters from nine international alphabets.



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