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Enormous Tidal Wave Engulfs an Entire Gallery Space

Deluge is an installation mimicking a giant tidal wave by Atlanta-based artist Crystal Wagner that is made of plastic table cloth, balloon mylar, screen print and chicken wire. The site-specific piece creatively engulfs its space like an unrelenting surge of water, simulating the motion and brilliant ripples of the blue water and its salty, white foam. Like an abstract spirit or monster, it…


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Walking in Mountains of Foam That Looks Like Clouds

Foam is a spectacular installation by Japanese artist Kohei Nawa that transforms a room into a magical scene, making it seem as though visitors are walking up on the clouds. Unveiled at the Aichi Triennale 2013, the artist's piece offers a dreamy landscape in an otherwise pitch-black room. The Osaka-born, Kyoto-based artist creatively…


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Playfully Oversized Pastel Raindrops Create an Indoor Storm

Inside, it's raining a rainbow of colors in this installation by Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer. Installed at the Sadie Coles HQ in London, Melodrama consists of 3,000 plaster raindrops suspended from the ceiling with barely visible monofilament. Movement throughout the space is guided by the…


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Artist Creates Elaborate Non-Photoshopped Scenes in Her Small Studio

Like American artist Sandy Skoglund, Jee Young Lee creates highly elaborate scenes that require an incredible amount of patience and absolutely no photo manipulation. For weeks and sometimes months, the young Korean artist works in the confines of her small 360 x 410 x 240…


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625 Handmade Submarines Floating Through the Air

For the first time in 25 years, performance, sculpture, and installation artist Chris Burden is presenting a collection of his work, entitled Extreme Measures, in the United States. As part of the exhibition at the New Museum in New York, Burden installed All the Submarines of the United States of America, filling a room with 625 hand-painted cardboard…


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Joshua Tree's Hypnotically Reflective Desert Shack

Lucid Stead is an architectural installation by artist Phillip K. Smith III that takes an existing structure in the deserts of Joshua Tree, California and revitalizes it with mirrors, LED lights, and custom built technology to accentuate the beauty of the bare landscape. Aptly referred to as an "architectural intervention," the 70-year-old homesteader shack's weathered and worn…


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Strands of Woven Hair Form Unique Language at SFMOMA

​For the past 20 years, New York-based artist Wenda Gu has created site-specific installations across the world as part of his ongoing project entitled United Nations. His most recent piece, Bable of the Millennium, was installed as part of the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and fuses concepts of language and culture…


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New Light Installation is Like a Giant Portal to Another World

Nonotak Studio is back with a new installation that promises to (again) mess with your mind. Previously, they had created Isotopes v.2, a hypnotizing light experience that was inspired by the devastation in Fukushima. For the Insanitus Festival…


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Australia's Infinite Stairway to Heaven

Diminish and Ascend is a sculptural installation by artist David McCracken that, from certain angles, looks like a never-ending staircase. Part of the annual event known as Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi, Australia, the staircase is one of the most eye-catching pieces at the outdoor exhibition this year that allows the mind to wander and imagine a surreal escape. Though it…


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3D Light Sculptures Created with Two Spinning Monitors

Full Turn is a project by artist Benjamin Muzzin that takes two flat screen monitors placed back-to-back and spins them at high speeds, turning the projected images of light into three-dimensional animations. Created as a diploma project for a bachelor degree at ECAL, the result is a spectacular kinetic light…


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Giant Picnic Table Creates Confusing Optical Illusion

Designed by French artist Benedetto Bufalino, this picnic table will make any adult feel like a kid again. The oversized sculpture, entitled La Table de Pique Nique, looks just like the real thing but at a much larger scale, standing six and a half feet tall. From a distance, the optical illusion creates a confusing distortion that is hard to understand…


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Perfectly Aligned Pillars Spotlight US Seal on Veterans Day

The Anthem Veterans Memorial in Anthem, Arizona features five pillars representing the branches of the United States Armed Forces—Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard—that each have a hole in it, allowing light to pass through. They are all perfectly aligned to spotlight a mosaic of the Great Seal of the United States on the ground on only one…


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Beautiful Geometric Shelter Inspired by a Flowering Cactus

Designed by Mexican architect Iván Juárez of X-Studio, Cactaceae is an otherworldly construction that blends a human-made structure into nature. Juárez developed the piece as a tribute to the land and, located somewhere in the desert of Tropic of Cancer in Mexico, it was inspired by the surrounding, flowering cacti.

Through his continued exploration of the relationship…


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World's Largest Buddha Statue Carved into a Cliff

The Leshan Giant Buddha is the world's largest stone Buddha statue located in the Sichuan province of China, near the city of Leshan. The monumental structure was first carved out of a cliff where the Minjiang, Dadu, and Qingyi rivers meet during the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD) and continues to stand tall today, proving to be a tourist attraction for spiritual followers and art…


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China Creates World's Largest Ball Pit with One Million Balls

How can these pictures not make you happy? On October 30, Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai attempted to create a Guinness World Record of the Largest Ball Pit. Part of the "Pink October" campaign, an event aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer prevention, a whopping 1 million pink and green balls filled a swimming pool that was 82 ft long by 41 ft wide (or 25 meters by 12.6…


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Puddle-Shaped Mirrors Look Just Like Actual Water

This incredibly realistic, rippling installation, entitled Mizukagami (Water Mirror), was created by Japanese art director and designer Rikako Nagashima in collaboration with designer Hideto Hyoudou. The true to life forms are actually made out of acrylic and were installed by the two artists throughout a small room. Dripping down the sides of a table or…


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Ornate Polar Bear Hand-Cut from a Single Sheet of Paper

Japanese artist Nahoko Kojima's amazing skills with hand-cut paper sculptures continue to impress us! Her Cloud Leopard was quite a sensation and, more recently, she designed this large, life-sized swimming polar bear entitled Byaku. Originally suspended…


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Stunning Artistic Home Features Floating Staircase

Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld has designed Casa Cubo, a personal museum of sorts, for an anonymous couple in São Paulo. More than just a place of rest, it is a space for the art enthusiasts to display their wonderful collection. The home away from home is both an architectural project that displays Weinfeld's own creations and design prowess as well as the works of other…


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Crystal "Paintings" Made from Swan Lake Music Vibrations

Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka uses musical vibrations from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake as a catalyst in forming spectacular crystal paintings and sculptures. Each piece in Yoshioka's…


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Beautiful New Origami and Wood Landscape Installation

Paris-based street artist Mademoiselle Maurice recently collaborated with installation artist Sarah Applebaum to create a colorful landscape made of paper and wood. Their two visions combined as they used both of their artistic talents to make one stunning piece of art - bright and dark geometric mountains, white paper birds flying overhead and ghostly…


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