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Massive Paper Installation Feels Like You're Walking Inside a 3D Painting

This may be the closest you'll ever come to stepping inside a painting. Showing at the MOCA Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles until June 8 is one massive installation that consists of thousands of thin paper sheets hanging beautifully in mid-air. Artist Jacob Hashimoto combines traditional kite-making techniques and painting into sculptural environments to create the third and…


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Mind-bending Installation at TED Helps You Find Your Social Soulmate

The lucky people who were able to attend this year's TED conference in Vancouver, which started March 17 and ends today, got to experience a mind-bending installation that helped them find their social soulmate. Experiential marketing agency MKG collaborated with artists…


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Gorgeous Wisteria Installation Gives Illusion of Wedding Under the Trees

Doesn't it look like this beautiful wedding took place outdoors, under a wisteria tree? For a New York-based couple's wedding, design studio White Lilac and event planning company Details Details pulled off an amazing feat. On the patio of SLS, a Beverly Hills hotel, thirty people worked over 18 hours to create a magical installation that consisted of greenery,…


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20 Miles of Stained Glass Colored Ribbon Hang Inside a SF Cathedral

Walk into the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco from now till the end of February and you'll find a gorgeous art installation that features 20 miles of ribbon cascading from the church's vaulted ceiling arches. Artist Anne Patterson is behind Graced With Light, an installation consisting of nearly 1,000 satin ribbons with colors inspired by stained glass.…


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Artist Creates Elaborate Non-Photoshopped Scenes in Her Small Studio

Like American artist Sandy Skoglund, Jee Young Lee creates highly elaborate scenes that require an incredible amount of patience and absolutely no photo manipulation. For weeks and sometimes months, the young Korean artist works in the confines of her small 360 x 410 x 240…


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New Light Installation is Like a Giant Portal to Another World

Nonotak Studio is back with a new installation that promises to (again) mess with your mind. Previously, they had created Isotopes v.2, a hypnotizing light experience that was inspired by the devastation in Fukushima. For the Insanitus Festival…


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China Creates World's Largest Ball Pit with One Million Balls

How can these pictures not make you happy? On October 30, Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai attempted to create a Guinness World Record of the Largest Ball Pit. Part of the "Pink October" campaign, an event aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer prevention, a whopping 1 million pink and green balls filled a swimming pool that was 82 ft long by 41 ft wide (or 25 meters by 12.6…


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Beautiful New Origami and Wood Landscape Installation

Paris-based street artist Mademoiselle Maurice recently collaborated with installation artist Sarah Applebaum to create a colorful landscape made of paper and wood. Their two visions combined as they used both of their artistic talents to make one stunning piece of art - bright and dark geometric mountains, white paper birds flying overhead and ghostly…


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Dizzying View Inside Toronto's Glowing Tower of Chairs

What a dizzying perspective! While no one can argue that the runaway hit artwork at this year's Scotiabank Nuit Blanche event was Ai Weiwei's magnificent bicycle…


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Banksy's Disturbing Stuffed Animals Truck Roams New York

Leave it to Banksy to mix the cute and the cuddly with the totally disturbing. In the 11th work of his Better Out Than In exhibit happening on the streets of New York, the British artist takes over another delivery truck but, this time, there's no enchanting garden or running…


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Banksy's NY Delivery Truck Turned Enchanting Garden Installation

If you're a Banksy fan, there's no other place you'd want to be right now than New York City. The elusive artist has started an entire show on the streets of New York called Better Out Than In which, if you didn't know, is a reference to a quote by impressionist Paul Cezanne,…


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Umbrella-Toting Cement People Hover Over a Czech Street

Mixed-media artist Michal Trpak recently brought his floating cement figures outdoors for a cultural festival called the Mesto Lidem in Ceske Budejovice, a city in the Czech Republic. Called Slight Uncertainty II, the installation consisted of several cement figures holding different colored umbrellas. While it seems whimsical at first, the sculptures actually…


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24 Giant Fluorescent Snails are Scattered Around Sydney

The giant fluorescent snails are back! The last time we saw them they were invading the Duomo cathedral in Italy and now they've (slowly) made their way to Sydney! As part of Art & About Sydney, the city's annual celebration of public art and exhibitions in public…


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New Photos of The Wind Portal: Installation of 5,000 Paper Windmills

Designer Najla El Zein just released these new photos of The Wind Portal, a beautiful installation that's currently showing at the London Design Festival 2013. Made up of 5,000 paper windmills that spin to an integrated wind system, the installation has an architectural shape that creates…


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The Wind Portal: Walk-Through Gate Made of 5,000 Paper Windmills

Like that massive Bocci chandelier, The Wind Portal is one of those can't miss art installations showing from now till September 22 at the London Design Festival.…


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Exclusive Interview: Photographer Behind The Color Project

A few days ago we wrote about fine art photographer Adrien Broom's ambitious undertaking, The Color Project. Over the course of eight months, Broom will be creating eight magical rooms, each dedicated to one specific color (except the last…


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New Installation Traps Visitors in Prison of Light

This has got to be one of the trippiest light installations we've ever come across. Isotopes v.2, by Nonotak Studio, is currently on view at the Mapping Festival in Geneva. The catalyst for the project is the now famous city of Fukushima in Japan. Back in 2011, Fukushima's nuclear power plant suffered…


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1200 Black Ping Pong Balls Form a Deadly Assault Rifle

For one to truly appreciate this new installation by artist Michael Murphy, one must view it from a specific angle. Called Damage, the sculptural work consists of a sea of 1,200 ping pong balls, painted black, and then suspended from a ceiling. Opened just last Friday at the Association for Visual Arts, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Damage is meant as a way for us…


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Surreal Clouds Hover Above London's Trains

A wonderfully whimsical new art installation was just unveiled in London. Called "'Cloud I Meteoros," it shows gray statues sitting on top of two fluffy-looking white clouds. Suspended above the historic Barlow Shed of London's St Pancras Station, the public artwork was created by British sculptor Lucy Orta and her husband Jorge.

A warm and charming welcome to the nearly one million…


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500 LEDs Resemble Glowing Fireflies at Night

For Into the Great Wide Open, a music and art festival in Vlieland, an island on the coast of the Netherlands, artist Tamar Frank created a stunning installation at the small inlet of a pond. She took 500 LED lights and carefully placed them between reeds so that they appeared like a colony of fireflies. As visitors walked amongst the brush, they activated the "swarm" of fireflies,…


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