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Top 10 Most Stunning Art Installations in 2013

Out of all the different types of art forms we write about on a daily basis, there's one that clearly stands apart from the rest - installation. According to Merriam-Webster, an installation is defined as "a work of art that usually consists of multiple components often in mixed media and that is exhibited in a usually large space in an arrangement specified by the…


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12 Most Surreal Light Installations at Lyon's Festival of Lights

Swarm of Red Lanterns in a Forest

The Festival of Lights in Lyon, France (or Fête des Lumières) kicked off on December 6th bringing with it dazzling light displays by artists from around the world. “Every year we ask the artists to propose their concepts based on locations,” explained Jean-François Zurawik, General…


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Interactive Installations from Sharp Cracks of Light

Oakland-based artist Chris Fraser has created an impressive set of sight-specific installations that all consist of sharp cracks of light. He strategically creates holes or slits in walls, coaxing light into various formations. His works are often interactive, providing the viewer with a memorable and unique experience.…


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Beautiful and Otherworldly Light Installations on Land

Perth, Australia-born artist James Tapscott creates beautiful and otherworldly outdoor installations using various types of light. For the image immediately above and below, he used fiber optic cable to shine lights on various fields, filling a large space of approximately 70ft x 70xft. Called Transference, it leaves the viewer with that strange and uneasy feeling that we…


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Top 10 Art Trends We’re Loving Right Now

These days, you don’t have to visit a museum to see inspiring works of art. The Internet has made appreciating artwork quick and easy, giving us an endless amount of eye-candy to enjoy. Finding what speaks to you is a whole new matter, sorting through all the different mediums like painting, sculpture, photography and installations is a huge undertaking in and of itself. That’s why,…


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10 Awesome Outdoor Installations That Will Inspire You

While art viewed inside the confines of a museum’s walls will always have its place, public outdoor art installations are truly inspiring, giving viewers a broader sensory experience. These three-dimensional works are often site-specific, meaning they were created for that particular place. Today, we’ve rounded up ten recent favorites that were each made with the viewer in…


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Urban Street Art - Where The Streets Have No Name

When Mark Jenkins looks at busy city streets he doesn't just see fast cars and paved sidewalks - he sees a giant mural for him to manipulate. Most of the viewers of his installations probably don't even know how to react. I can just imagine some of them reaching for their phones and calling 911 after seeing one of his more disturbing pieces.

Jenkins was born… Continue

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Stella McCartney's Lucky Spot at Belsay Castle

It seems there's no end to Stella McCartney's creativity. An animal lover, Stella has often used the silhouette of a horse in her textiles and fashion design. Now she's reprised Lucky Spot, a gorgeous crystal "chandelier" installation at Belsay Castle in the UK. Lucky Spot was originally created by the fashion designer back in 2004 for a special exhibit at the castle, and has returned (her/him) there in a special engagement for the Easter… Continue

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10 Beautiful Art Installations

By definition installation art uses interesting material to transform a space and create an experience. It implies a dissolution of the line between art and life. It makes us stop and notice our surroundings, it involves us so that we forget for a brief moment where we are, as we become a part of the art itself. Here we've collected ten of our favorite indoor and… Continue

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