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Sculpture in Motion Made of 12,000 Translucent Orbs

FLUIDIC is an interactive light art installation for Hyundai’s Advanced Design Center by Berlin-based design studio WHITEvoid. Known as a "sculpture in motion," the piece invites visitors to test its responsive technology which simulates motion through 3D light projection. Made up of 12,000 translucent orbs suspended by nearly invisible strings, the installation has an out-of-this-world,…


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Mesmerizing Mechanized Sculptures Reflect Silhouettes

New York-based artist Daniel Rozin has created a series of kinetic sculptures that move according to an algorithm; however, the motorized structures also respond to outside interaction. His interactive installations, titled Angles Mirror and Fan Mirror, each serve as…


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Rotatable Classic Sculpture Questions Faith

Brooklyn-based sculptor Nick van Woert recently took part in a group exhibition called Science on the back end. One of his sculptural pieces from this show titled Dissect depicts a human figure echoing the appearance of typically classical sculptures that pay homage to religious entities. Like the Roman figures we most associate with the Renaissance, Dissect…


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Spectacular Water-Activated Light Graffiti

Normally, when we think of electronics and water, we think disaster. They don't generally work well together, but French digital artist Antonin Fourneau has found a way for the two to brilliantly cooperate. The artist's interactive project titled Water Light Graffiti features a giant board embedded with thousands of LED lights that illuminate in response to contact with…


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Submerged in the Depths of Three-Dimensional Lights

Multifaceted artist Muti Randolph redefines the space his installations inhabit, blurring the lines between art and architecture. He designs interactive works that allow spectators to enter and experience the visually stimulating installations firsthand. His piece titled Deep Screen invites gallery visitors to step into the display and take in the three-dimensional…


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China's Outrageous Optical Illusions Interactive Exhibit

Why simply look at art when you can be part of it? Last month, travelers Michael Powell and Jürgen Horn shared their fun photographic adventures at The Trick Eye Museum in Busan, South Korea where they basically had a good time taking entertaining pictures…


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Kinetic String Sculpture Visualizes Sound

We can hear sound but how does one visually represent it? Artist Daniel Palacios takes a go at visualizing noise with his kinetic sculpture called Waves that consists of a long, sturdy string of rope attached to a turbine on each end. The interactive structure responds to movement in both a visual and an audible manner.

The number of people that are present within the same room and…


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Playing on a Monumental Swing

Historical monuments adorn many public city streets across the world, but how often do we come across an interactive swing affixed to said monuments? Polish artist Kamila Szejnoch's public installation titled Swing, which is from her 2008 project series called Carousel Slide Swing, adds a playful element to the bronze Berling Army Soldier Monument in Warsaw, Poland.…


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Interactive Acoustic Wind Pavilion

In Greek mythology, Aeolus is a god who is recognized as the "Keeper of the Winds." While this sculptural work, also called Aeolus, isn't a ruler of air currents, it certainly functions in cooperation with it, producing beautiful windswept harmonies. UK-based artist Luke Jerram…


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Children Envelop Room with Colorful Stickers

It looks like a rainbow exploded, but this multihued room is the result of an interactive children's installation in Australia. Artist Yayoi Kusama replicated a household environment in which everything is painted white, to mimic a blank canvas. This pristine installation, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, invited…


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Interactive Giant Red Ball

Rosa Parks Circle in Michigan

Artist Kurt Perschke has embarked on an international journey that brings a childlike joy to all who encounter his work. The Chicago-born artist's RedBall Project is simple in theory - place a giant, inflatable red sphere in public spaces. The ball stands out…


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