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Adorable Japanese-Inspired Pop Art by Tom Lewis

Today we have fallen in love with the adorable Japanese-inspired art by Tom Lewis. His mixed media paintings are the result of combining both traditional tools, like pencil, acrylic paint, aerosol and marker pens, with modern digital software. Instantly recognizable, his style is the blend of ancient mythology and Asian-style art with a splash of contemporary street art…


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Japanese Office Worker's Gorgeous iPhone Finger Paintings

While most people who commute on a train, read a book, listen to music or catch up on some sleep, one man named Seikou Yamaoka is doing something quite different. Using his iPhone, he's making incredible finger painting portraits with the app ArtStudio.

His stunning works look like they've been painted with oil or acrylic, not with just his fingers and his Apple…


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Sweet Friendship Between a Boy and His French Bulldog

As far as photos posted on Instagram go, they don't get much cuter than this. Tokyo, Japan-based mother Aya Sakai has been charting the adventures of her young son and his best friend, which just happens to be a French Bulldog, using the popular photo sharing app. Whether they're cuddling on the couch or watching tv on a cushion,…


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Adorable Photos of Japanese Snow Monkeys

While we've all come to know Ben Torode as the owner of the cutest kitten in the world, you may not know that he also enjoys traveling around Japan to photograph some other adorable creatures. In the winter, he heads to the famous hot springs at Jigokudani monkey park in…


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Gamer's Post!

So this video was created by Japanese students using stop-motion and I must say they did a REALLY great job! But this makes me think of the following:

1 - They did a really incredible job.

2 - I love the fact that the original Mario is still appreciated after all these years.

3 - Shouldn't they be training to be a ninja or something? (i can totally say this because I'm Asian so its not as racist.)… Continue

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Japanese Paper Crafted Tableware

Japanese paper craft brand OEY has designed a new collection of tablewares. Mizuhiki is twined paper fused with a mixture of water and glue that dates back to the seventh century. The collection includes napkin rings, glass markers, and chopsticks.

More pics here.…


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Hotel Tomo: A Japanese Pop-Culture Inspired Hotel (5 pics)

About two years ago, boutique hotel chain Joie de Vivre reopened the Best Western Miyako Inn in San Francisco as the anime-infused Hotel Tomo. Looking through their website this morning, the rooms really do look like the closest thing you'll get to experiencing Japan's pop-culture in an American hotel. With plasma screens showing anime and monster movies in the lobby, a…


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Pop Art by Andy Awesome (10 Sets)

Super Mario Bros

Take art back down to its most basic form and you'll find something like this from Andy Awesome. The coolest part of his art is that he takes you on a walk down memory lane. Who doesn't remember blowing in their Nintendo cartridges trying to get Super Mario Bros to play?

Charlie… Continue

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A Lonely Japanese Girl

Simple in nature but powerful in feeling, these pieces, by an artist I cannot name, speaks to the lonely person inside all of us. In each setting, this Japanese student makes us remember how being alone is sometimes necessary, giving us a peaceful moment of introspection.…


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I am Maru. This video will make you want to have a cat...or possibly fatten up the one you already have.

I don't care if you like cats or not but you have to admit, this cat is just ridiculously funny and… Continue

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Japanese Pop Art! - Ippei Gyobu (17 Total)

Ippei Gyobu is a Japanese pop artist who's known for his clean lines and vibrant colors. His long-legged, doe-eyed characters are both sassy and sweet, they have a sexiness about them that's almost taboo. Gyobu has collaborated with several large companies like Adidas, Dr. Pepper, Microsoft (for Zune) and Sony - his work transcends racial lines, appealing to a global…


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Modern Asian Art - Yuta Onoda

Soon It Will Be Cold Enough

Yuta Onoda is a very talented illustrator and artist originally from Japan who's currently working on his Bachelor of Applied Arts at the Sheridan College in Canada. I love the fact that you can see the Asian influence in his work but with his use of interesting color combinations, it comes off as fresh and modern. He'll be showing some of his work…


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Chiho Aoshima's Eye Candy (10 Total)

The Divine Gas

If Takashi Murakami had an imaginative little daughter who would she be? How would she draw? Perhaps she would be like one of the girls in Chiho Aoshima's paintings. Born in 1974 in Tokyo, Japan, Chiho Aoshima uses computer technology to create beautiful, imaginary fantasy worlds. She uses the 'superflat'movement, a term coined by artist… Continue

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Sushi Pillows

Who doesn't love sushi? Who doesn't love pillows? Who doesn't love getting in a good, fat nap after indulging in a ton of sushi?

The Original Sushi Pillow is perfect for the sushi lover who loves to sleep. All the favorites are here - sushi, nigiri, they even have an edamame body pillow!…


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Put Your Finger in a Box: Tuttuki Bako

You know you wanna watch!

Best quotes: "You can finger the Panda" and "Next we have, push the Panda around a lot".…


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Don't Have Plans for Thanksgiving? Go to Gyu-Kaku for 50% Off All of Their Beef, Chicken and Pork!

You may remember some older posts where I rave about one of our favorite restaurants, Gyu-Kaku. They serve some of the best meat in town that you get to grill over charcoal flames. Taka, the manager, sent me a very nice email letting me know about some great holiday deals!

If you don't have plans yet for Thanksgiving, pick up the phone and make reservations at your… Continue

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Cos-What? Cosplay. If You Know About the Harajuku Girls, You Know About Cosplay.

Oh man, why didn't I find this before Halloween? Cosplay is short for costume play. Basically a movement that started in Japan where people dress up as their favorite comic book/anime/fantasty movie character. Started in the mid 1980s, it's turned into an underground subculture movement where people are expected to meticulously imitate one's character. Recently, with the rise of science fiction/fantasy movies, non-Japanese characters from movies like… Continue

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The Battle of the Cheap Eats...Where? You'll Be Surprised.

Lately, with the economy the way it is, we here at theMET have decided that it's time to focus on cheap eats! Sure I still have a few hot spots I'd like to check out (Apple, XIV, Providence, Urasawa, Osteria Mozza) but I've always been a firm believer that good food can come from anywhere. Lately, we've been heading to a supermarket for our… Continue

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THE WEEKEND EXPERIENCE PART II: Let's Check Out Tokyo Nonsense, Sat 10/4 Opening

Ok everyone! Anyone free this Saturday? Let's go to the opening reception to this exhibit this Saturday.

What: Scion Installation L.A. is pleased to present TOKYO NONSENSE, a group exhibition featuring new work by 11 young Japanese artists who live and work in Tokyo.

The title, TOKYO NONSENSE, not only refers to the city itself but… Continue

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Beautiful Anime Illustrations by 18 year old Holly Shinguji

This set of pictures is from one Holly Shinguji, a self-taught artist who creates the most amazing, vibrant and beautiful anime illustrations I've seen. Lovely!…


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