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Gyu-Kaku Part II: Why This is One of the Best Restaurants on the Westside

So you know I really believe in a place when I take my dad and his wife to it.

Grace (sis) had been dying to go to this place so when my dad asked us to dinner last night what did Sam and I shout out in unison but "Gyu-Kaku"! (Not really but that would have been cool....or really… Continue

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happyfunsmile - name says it all.

Sam and I were lucky to catch the last show of happyfunsmile's U.S. tour and boy are we glad we did. Brian, one of the main singers in this dancing and singing troupe was spectacular to watch. He is my husband's brother's girlfriend's sister's husband. They invited to see his show sometime this weekend and though we didn't catch it at the Obon festival, we saw it this… Continue

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お好み焼き (Okonomiyaki) from "Gaja"- Super authentic Japanese cuisine

Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) is a Japanese dish consisting of a pan-fried batter cake and various ingredients. Okonomi means "what you like" or "what you want", and yaki means "grilled" or "cooked" (cf. yakitori and yakisoba); thus, the name of this dish means "cook what you like". In Japan, okonomiyaki is mainly associated with Kansai or Hiroshima areas, but is widely available throughout the country. Toppings and batters tend to vary according to region.

So… Continue

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A Great Japanese BBQ Dining Experience: Gyu-Kaku

Let me just get it out there. I love food. Nothing makes me happier than eating a nice fat meal. Tony and I were talking last weekend about Gyu-Kaku and I had heard about this place from various people but I had no idea that this place would be THAT GOOD. On Yelp I'm a solid four star giver - the places I frequent are usually pretty good...just not knock my socks off, 5 star… Continue

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An Amazing Izakaya - Honda-Ya: Los Angeles, Fountain Valley, Tustin

I'm a big fan of Japanese food and this restaurant is really high on my list.

An izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks.

With over 200 items on their menu, Honda-Ya guarantees variety. Think of it like a Japanese tapas bar. Lots of little dishes to choose from that are relatively inexpensive, but bursting with flavor and a pretty extensive sake and soju list, with Japanese… Continue

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Can you say "pimp my truck"?

Chromed up, with individual artworks on their panels and lit up like Christmas trees, these Japanese trucks and their proud owners (with sharp eyes for detail), form part of a distinct sub-culture in Japanese society. The full color photographs, captured by Tatsuki Masaru in a project started in 1998, allow insights both into a personal and intimate world, and a unique aesthetic phenomenon.…


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