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Incredible "Mini Museum" is a Collection of Earth and Beyond

Hans Flex has collected natural wonders and historical artifacts and encapsulated them in a portable selection of curiosities, which he has aptly named Mini Museum. For the past 35 years, Flex acquired specimens from around the world and throughout time, including mammoth hair, the Berlin Wall, the Apollo 11 Command Module, and even a dinosaur egg. He worked with specialists recommended by…


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Designer Shows the World Through a Dyslexic's Eyes

What's it like to be dyslexic? To struggle with reading because letters and words seem to have no order? UK-based designer Sam Barclay decided to show people what he's challenged with on a daily basis with a powerful new book. His Kickstarter project, "I Wonder What It's Like to be Dyslexic," aims to educate people like teachers and parents on what it feels like to be face to…


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Kickstarter Campaign for More Street Art Around the World

Street artist Michael Aaron Williams just reached out to us to tell us about a new Kickstarter campaign where he's asking contributors to donate a small sum so that he can travel to Asia, particularly Thailand, where he'll create his beautiful stencil characters as well as portraits of the people there. You may remember Williams from…


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+Pool: A Floating Pool in the River for Everyone

Now this seems like a sweet idea to get behind! +Pool is an initiative to build a floating pool for everyone in the rivers of NYC. Seem far-fetched? Well, then you'll be surprised to find out that the three designers behind this have feverishly spent the last year working with experts to make you a believer.

"What we hadn’t… Continue

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