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Touching and Funny Photo Project: Kids Were Here

For all you moms out there (especially the ones that get stressed out over a messy house), this post is for you. With absolutely no little humans in sight, these photos just show evidence that kids were once there. A group consisting of 30 photographers have documented the little details that show the sweet, the subtle and the creative ways kids leave their mark in…


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Imaginative Portraits of Kids Submerged Underwater by Alix Martinez

For years, Alix Martinez has shot portraits of children not on dry land but submerged under water. With the help of some highly creative kids, she comes up with fun and imaginative scenes of little ones playing almost every sport imaginable - like golf, football, and tennis. Most of these photos could even be categorized as fine art - like the one of the two dapperly dressed…


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Adorable Kids Learn to Read While Soothing Cute Shelter Cats

The Animal Rescue League of Berks County has a program called Book Buddies that welcomes children in grades 1-8 to their shelter to read books of any grade level to cats. The young boys and girls are invited into the adoption room, where they're able to pet and play with the adorable felines while also refining their own reading skills. Through…


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8 Fantastic Sites to Help Keep Your Kids Creative

Creativity starts from a very young age. In this technology-driven age, it can be very easy for youths to stifle their creative growth by wasting their time on mind-numbing websites that inspires little to no brain activity. Luckily, there are a number of sites for your little ones to keep their minds as open and active as possible, allowing their…


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Stella McCartney Designs For Gap Kids and Baby

Great, now even 5 year olds are going to dress better than me. Back in April, when I first saw this picture at The Sartorialist, I was shocked. How could this little boy, with his pinstripe shirt, sporty blazer and cool kicks, make a 33 year old woman jealous?… Continue

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How Modern Day Kids Learn the Alphabet

Gone are the days when A stood for Apple, the fruit. Now it stands for Apple, the computer company. If your kid is growing up in this modern world, they'll probably learn the alphabet this way. (Is it only me who finds this totally cool but also depressing?)

[Via Next… Continue

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Kid's Repubilc in Beijing: The Coolest Kids Bookstore

File this under, where was this when I was a kid? Kid's Repubilc in Beijing is a bright and colorful bookstore that was carefully constructed to create a beautiful experience. Twelve colored ribbons, 100-meters long, flow through the store, whirling and twirling and guiding children to pockets of beautiful space.

It's a bookstore meant to be enjoyed by…


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MGMT - Kids (Official Music Video)

Sure the song's a little old but the video is relatively new. Tell me if you don't feel bad for this kid after you watch it. Monsters rock but not when they scare the bejesus out of innocent kids. Let's hope MGMT paid for his future therapy… Continue

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BMW Baby Racer II: Has BMW Gone Too Far?

Ok BMW you have got to be kidding me with this baby car. No really? Let's get one thing straight. I am a loyal fan of your cars. Hubster and I adore our Beemers. But what the hell is this?

Sure the Baby Racer II features actual rubber tires to provides extra grip and handling in the corners and I like how its suppose to be considerably quieter than their… Continue

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This is just wrong...

I mean kids are great but only in small increments right? But if you were to deal with one on a daily basis, do I have a product for YOU!

If you're a fan of Family Guy, you know that Herbert would LOVE to get his hands on these!

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Two Water Slides That Completely Rock My World

If you want to win the Best Parent of the Decade award, get your kids one of these water slides. The first is a 16' high gigantic water play slide that costs a whoppin $9,000. Imagine taking this with you to the lake! Oh, the fantastic memories!…


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My Little Pony Re-Mixed (12 Total)

Edward Scissorhands

What happens when you take a highly popular old school children's toy and mix it with other pop culture figures? Well, you get something as wacky and weird as Mari Kasurinen's My Little Ponies. For those of us that can remember the early 80's, My Little Pony was a cultural… Continue

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Telecommuting from the Country (aka Parenting Dress Rehearsal)

so B and i are having a serious practice run of what it's like to have little kids. my sister-in-law and her husband are in barcelona until sunday. this is their FIRST trip without the kids in FOUR years!

so we're looking after Elise and Issei aka Hana-chan and Beamy. Hana-chan is 4 and Beamy is 16 months... they are SO cute. but BOY is it challenging to juggle meals, changing, car seats, school time, play time, bath time, bed time AND dealing with 16-hour work days to launch a web… Continue

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MySpace Gets College Kids to Vote By Having Them Compete for a Death Cab for Cutie Concert

Alright, now this idea is great. Death Cab for Cutie (a band which has outright supported Barack Obama) wants all of you (ok maybe not us 30+ yr olds) young college kids to sign up to vote. The incentive? They'll come to your school and put on a concert!…


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