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Illuminated Lamps Cascade Up a Huge Swiss Pine Tree

Norwegian born Rune Guneriussen is back with a new site-specific work that one can actually experience in person. Normally, Guneriussen is the only one to witness his magical…


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Glowing Jellyfish Lamps Produce Magical Underwater Setting

These translucent creatures floating overhead will provide a certain ethereal ambiance to any dinner party. The Medusae Collection is a series of creative lamps by Roxy Russell Design, who suggests that, with these, you can "add a little underwater illumination to your space." The lamps provide a soft glow overhead while the beautiful design is a constant reminder of the…


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New Life for 10 Lamp Posts Torn Out by Hurricane Katrina

Last year, artist Michel de Broin presented a bright new public artwork at Prospect New Orleans, an international art biennial. Constructed entirely in New Orleans with the assistance of local artisans, Majestic is a satellite-shaped structure made up of 10 New Orleans street lamps that were torn from their industrial roots by Hurricane Katrina. Approximately 27-feet high and…


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Magnificently Moving Lamps Inspired by Flowers and Bees

If you were at this year's Luminale, an architecture and design festival held in Frankfurt, Germany, you may have witnessed, first-hand, some of the most beautiful lighting fixtures we've ever seen. Studio Drift's exhibition was the first time they showed three major lighting concepts together - Flylight, Shylight and Fragile Future. You'll have to watch the video, below, to really…


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Gorgeous Jellyfish-Inspired Lamps

Though you wouldn't immediately think of jellyfish when you think of lamps, it makes much more sense when you remember that some species of jellyfish can produce light in their bodies, known as bioluminescence. The Medusae Collection by Californian designer Roxy Russell highlights this fact with its gorgeous creations.

"Jellyfish are perhaps the best example of…


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Magical Floating Lamps

Is part of this lamp, in fact, floating? Yes! The new Floating Lamp, by Light Light, integrates levitation technology to make it appear magical. With electromagnetic components, a sophisticated control system, and the latest in LED technology, it's like no other. Available now in two models: 'Silhouette’ and 'Eclipse,’ this lamp does not come cheap. Expect to pay around $1,300 for just one of… Continue

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Lovely Land of Lost Lamps (12 photos)

Norway-born and based conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen has that magical gift. He arranges and then photographs everyday, ordinary objects like lamps, chairs, telephones and, my favorite, lamps - to make them come alive! Since 2005, the artist has been creating these whimsical installations all around Norway's landscapes, no doubt "lighting up" the country with his wonderful imagination.…


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Kozo Lamps

Cool pipe line lighting!
Check them out.


Added by Yasmine Zalek on April 23, 2010 at 4:08pm — 2 Comments

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