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Powerfully Dramatic Landscapes by 23-Year-Old Shane Hawk

Whether we are watching or not, the sun rises every day and sets every evening. On a regular basis, 23-year-old photographer Shane Hawk turns his eye towards the sky to document the daily magic that takes place overhead. Based in California, Hawk began photographing with just an iPhone. He has since moved his way to more advanced equipment but, regardless of the camera, he says he "finds…


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Traveling Around the World with Rich, Saturated Color

When he is not studying medical neuroscience, DeviantArt user Inviv0 travels throughout the world to capture gorgeously vivid photographs. He creates rich, saturated scenes where streets, buildings, rivers, boats, and sunsets are transformed into unusually colorful, surreal compositions.

With a bit of post-processing in Photoshop and Lightroom, Inviv0 transforms everyday scenes into new…


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Dramatic Landscapes Illustrate the Radiance of Nature

Photographer Mizzy Pacheco has an incredible eye for dramatic landscapes that are rich in saturated color and detail. Based in California, Pacheco particularly spends his time tracking the patterns of the sun and the moon so that he can photograph them in all of their splendor. He says "I watch the moon like most people watch network television."

For months, the dedicated…


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Majestic Matterhorn Portraits by Nenad Saljic

After seeing Nenad Saljic's stunning shot of the Matterhorn in National Geographic's photography contest, we wanted to dig a little deeper to find out more about the photographer and the shot. What we unearthed surprised us, as the Croatia-born and based photographer…


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Incredibly Breathtaking Shots of New Zealand

Though Washington DC-based Sam Hurd is a wedding photographer by trade, you wouldn't quite know it by looking at these photos. The way he captures the majestic beauty of New Zealand will make you think that he's actually a landscape or travel photographer. From its snow-capped mountains and its crystal clear lakes to its vast plains and rolling hills, New Zealand is one of those countries you almost…


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Greenland's Beautiful Icy Landscapes

For this beautifully tragic series titled Above Zero, photographer Olaf Otto Becker daringly trekked through approximately 2,500 miles of Greenland's western coastline over a year one period. Second only to Antarctica, Greenland has the largest inland ice surfaces in the world. Armed with his cumbersome, large format camera, Becker strenuously walked amongst glacial crevasses and…


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Streaking Across Landscapes

German photographer Robert Schlaug transforms his everyday landscape photography into something particularly intriguing. In this series entitled Limited Area, he breaks the viewer’s standard expectations of a landscape by provoking a second and more thoughtful evaluation of each scene. Through digital manipulation, Schlaug creates unnatural divides by dragging streaks of…


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Luminous Textured Landscape Paintings

Russian-born artist Irena Kononova combines oil paint, sand, and marble dust on canvas to create her textured landscape paintings. Many pieces involve vibrant, illuminated pathways that visually draw the viewer through the dark surroundings and into the horizon. The images are intriguing and entrancing. The complexity of the color and textures along with the illusions…


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Incredibly Luminous Landscapes

Russian-born artist Irena Kononova creates incredibly luminous landscapes using multiple layers of oil, sand and marble dust. Her paintings, with their rich and deep colors, are modern, expressionistic pieces that will leave you speechless.

Here's what Sandra Lee Gallery states: "Upon viewing her…


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Lost in a Surreal World

Albulena Panduri (blue-a on Deviant Art) has created some absolutely stunning photo manipulations. Each one grabs you and draws you into a surreal and beautiful new world. I couldn't help but stare in awe at all of her fantasy worlds. I highly suggest checking out the rest of her gallery if you get a chance.…


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Neon Hong Kong (15 photos)

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and a well-known hub for business and entertainment in Asia.

Every night, the streets of Hong Kong come alive with neon lights. It's a visual representation of the energy flowing through the city.

German photographer Thomas Birke is fascinated by metropolitan areas. Here, he shows us a side to Hong Kong we… Continue

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Minimiam: A Hungry Imagination

Husband and wife food photographers, Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle who work under the name Minimiam (meaning MINI YUM), spend their days transforming everyday foods into whimsical, storied landscapes.

More pics here.…


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Making Magical Landscapes (7 total)

Is it just me or does the mysterious woman in black remind you of Mrs. Steven Jobs? Who else would have the propensity to wear all black and create unbelievably cool magical scenes? Sorry to burst your bubble but these amazing landscapes are actually the work of Belgian artist Magdalena Bors. Using household items she makes the ordinary...extraordinary.…


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Soul Searching Landscapes (8 pics)

Ghostly Passage

Take a look through Nicolas Bouvier's (aka Sparth) Flickr stream and get ready for some deep soul searching. His dark but beautiful landscapes will transport you into another world. Whether he's taking haunting, metaphor filled photos of bridges or capturing the stunning beauty of fog falling on trees, Sparth creates a mood like no one else.…


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Great way to find Amazing Pictures on Flickr

This handy dandy website is a visual index for some amazing images on Flickr. You can spend days going through this site, its pretty awesome.…


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