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6 Amazing Lego Artworks That Will Blow Your Mind

While for many, Legos will always be known as a childhood toy, some grown-ups have taken Legos to fascinating new heights making it more like an art form. Whether they’re using thousands of Lego bricks to recreate familiar pop-culture scenes or creatively assembling them into sculptures worthy of a museum, these adults have all made works that will make you think twice about those small…


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LOTR's Rivendell Recreated with 200,000 LEGO Bricks

Back in August we brought you the incredible LEGO recreation of the Lord of the Ring's Helm's Deep Battle that took Rich-K and Big J, 150,000 LEGO bricks to build. Now, it's time to show you another recreation inspire by J.R.R. Tolkien's epic saga. Master LEGO builders Alice…


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LEGO's Beautifully Detailed Parisian Restaurant

Just unveiled at BrickCon in Seattle is this beautiful new set in LEGO's modular building series, 10243 Parisian Restaurant. Released in January 2014, the highly detailed model includes 2,469 pieces that make up much more than what you see on the outside. In this three story building, you'll find some neat rooms inside! On the first floor is a fully-stocked, blue and white tiled kitchen, while on…


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Inside the Brand New Beautiful LEGO Book by Mike Doyle

We just received a beautiful gift from the kind people at No Starch Press. Beautiful LEGO is a brand new, full-color art book that shows what happens when some highly talented artists get a hold of plastic LEGO bricks. The author of the book, Mike Doyle, is an internationally acclaimed LEGO artist himself who's known for his…


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LEGO Pop-Culture Portraits by Chris McVeigh

Inspired by the miniature marker sketches his artist friends, like Karen Hallion and Jesse Sans (or Atomic Rocket), were making on small card stock, LEGO builder Chris McVeigh (aka Powerpig) decided to create his own LEGO versions. That is, he would…


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Epic LEGO Batcave Made of 20,000 Parts and Weighs 100 Pounds

Though this amazing LEGO Batcave, made of 20,000 parts, was first unveiled at Emerald City Comicon in March of 2012, it was only four days ago that it was written about on The Brothers Brick, a blog for adult fans of LEGO. (The project has since gone viral.) Created by Carlyle…


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Huge LEGO Vampire Kicks Off Halloween 2012

Leave it to LEGO to kick off the Halloween season with a fun and spooky statue! In their first-ever-all-night building event, LEGO got New Orleans' local residents to work together with LEGO Master Builders to create Lord Vampyre, a 10-foot tall vampire sculpture made of 150,000 bricks. Set against the backdrop of Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Lord…


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McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed in LEGO Form

Team USA gymnast McKayla Maroney recently became a huge Internet meme when she was caught on camera with a sour-looking smirk on her face after being awarded the silver metal in the women's vault final. There's now even a Tumblr blog called McKayla is Not Impressed where one can check out some hilarious photos of…


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LEGO Olympic Stadium Made From 100,000 Bricks

Though the Lego Colosseum still stands as the most impressive Lego creation we've ever seen, this Lego Olympic Stadium is right up there. Made entirely out of Lego bricks and minifigures, this London Olympic Stadium-inspired creation took four people two…


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World's First Lego Colosseum Made of 200,000 Bricks

Wow, the level of detail in this is amazing! Certified Lego builder Ryan McNaught has created the world's first Lego Colosseum. Using 200,000 Lego bricks, the model is presented in cross-section with half in its present day ruined form and half as it was when Rome's original Colosseum was built, circa 80 AD. Made for the University of Sydney, it's currently on view at…


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Life-Sized LEGO Forest Sprouts Up in Australian Outback

Imagine walking outside your door and seeing this! Who wouldn't rub their eyes in disbelief? A life-sized LEGO forest has sprung up in the Australian outback, in a small, isolated mining city called Broken Hill. Residents woke up to a surprise as they witnessed 15 13-foot tall pine trees and 15 flower sets "growing" on their barren red soil. (Back in April, a similar LEGO forest delighted tourists…


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LEGO's First Official Haunted House

While artist Mike Doyle's spooky Victorian LEGO house will go down in the books as one of the coolest LEGO creations we've ever seen, we're pretty sure we'd never be able to make something even remotely close. Well, now we don't have to. Enter the first official LEGO Haunted House! This…


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LEGO Celebrates London 2012 with Olympic Minifigs

How fun! To celebrate the upcoming London 2012 Olympics, LEGO will be releasing a new set of minifigures! The Great Britain Olympic team has been immortalized with their own figures which include a brawny boxer, a stealth swimmer, relay runner, judo fighter, tactical tennis player, flexible gymnast, wondrous weightlifter, horseback rider and agile archer. Each comes with a gold medal and…


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Seoul, South Korea Builds World's Tallest LEGO Tower

Visit South Korea right now and you'll be able to see the tallest LEGO structure in the world! The 105-foot tower was constructed at Seoul's Olympic Stadium, to mark the 80th birthday of the Danish company. It took 4,000 children 5 days to build the tower with the help of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark who had the honor of placing the final brick. If you can believe it, half a million bricks were used. (Just looking at it makes me feel…


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Behind the Life-Size Lego Room Illusion

After we wrote about Valentino Fiadini's mini Lego rooms that look like life-size locations, we saw his work spread around the web on sites we love like…


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Legos Form Mini Architectural Spaces

If you thought Legos had no place in fine art or photography then you haven't seen these intriguing photos by Sao Paolo, Brazil-based Valentino Fialdini. For his latest exhibition, the photographer showed off a set of empty, bright and sometimes colorful rooms and corridors all made with Legos! With sun streaming through windows and shadows cast in just a certain way, it…


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Star Wars LEGO Valentine with Glow Sticks

A crafty mom named Holly Ramer, who runs Stitch-Craft, took a picture of her son Parker's Star Wars LEGOs and then created these Valentine's Day cards out of them, popping in mini colored glowsticks where the light saber should be. She was inspired by this other Star Wars Valentine's…


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Record-Breaking: LEGO Apollo 11 Rocket

Taking 250 hours to make and using 120,000 plastic bricks, Ryan McNaught just recently created the tallest Lego model in Australia. Standing 5.7 meters high (or 18.7 feet), it's of the Saturn V rocket that in 1969 launched Apollo 11 and delivered humans to the moon for the very first time. Look closely and you'll see that this impressive creation comes complete…


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Delicious Lego Donut

Artist Bruce Lowell recently created a very scrumptious looking piece of Lego art! It's a Lego donut, made using four 90° curves. Doesn't it look good enough to eat? Love the little sprinkles.

"This is the third of a few MOCs expanding upon the idea of the Lowell Sphere," he says. "See also:…


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Impressive Lego Sculpture of Albert Einstein

This past October, Legoland Florida opened to the public, targeting families with children ages 2 to 12. With about 50 million bricks used, it is the fifth and largest Legoland in the world with 50 attractions in 10 themed areas.

According to Legoland Florida Master Builder Jason Miller, two of the biggest construction projects at the park were a brontosaurus…


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