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LG's Terrifying Elevator Prank

LG has just released an amusing video that shows what happens when unsuspecting elevator passengers believe that the floor has dropped out from underneath them. As incredibly cruel as this may be, it's also quite genius. To show just how "true to life" their new IPS computer monitors can look, they installed nine of them, in a grid-like fashion, on the elevator's floor. With hidden cameras in place, they then…


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Retro-Modern Design: LG's Classic TV

Are you one of those people who drools over the thought of a 60-inch plasma tv? Well, then move on. This post is definitely not for you. However, if you're one of those people who long for simpler days, you know, when we had four channels to choose from rather than four billion (yes, I am exaggerating), than you'll be smitten by this new retro TV by LG. The LG…


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LG Watchphone: The Watch From the Future is Almost Here

Oh, wouldn't it be great to be living in the UK! You'd be one of the first ones to scoop up the coveted LG Touchscreen Watchphone (LG-GD910)! It will first go on sale in the UK in its Bond Street Station shop on Thursday, 27th August. Available for a limited time only, consumers will be able to purchase the must have gadget of the year at the exclusive price point of £500 ($825). Check out the video to see the watchphone in action! Touchscreen, music player, videophone...holy… Continue

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Sleek! LG's New Chocolate Phone (3 pics + video)

Sleek and pretty enough to eat! LG just recently started showing off pictures and video of its new BL40 phone (also simply known as the new "Chocolate"). What can you expect from this fourth handset of the Black Label Series?

- Enlarged 4.0-inch wide screen

- No need to scroll horizontally to read entire web pages.

- Dual Screen UI: users can… Continue

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