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Gorgeous Papercut Light Boxes by Hari & Deepti

As part of this year's SCOPE NY art show, Black Book Gallery presented stunning hand cut paper works by artists Hari & Deepti. The creative couple, based out of Denver, Colorado, each brings to the table different skill sets. Hari, whose full name is Harikrishnan Panicker, is a trained graphic designer and illustrator while Deepti Nair specializes in paper cut art.…


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Do Ho Suh's New Swirling Chandelier of 42,000 Figures

As far as light sculptures go, this one is truly one of a kind. Visit the newest Louis Vuitton store in the Shinjuku area and you won't be able to miss this incredible chandelier by Korean contemporary artist Do Ho Suh. The stunning artwork called Cause and Effect, first seen on our website…


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12 Most Surreal Light Installations at Lyon's Festival of Lights

Swarm of Red Lanterns in a Forest

The Festival of Lights in Lyon, France (or Fête des Lumières) kicked off on December 6th bringing with it dazzling light displays by artists from around the world. “Every year we ask the artists to propose their concepts based on locations,” explained Jean-François Zurawik, General…


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Photographers Beautifully Illuminate the World

Our partners over at National Geographic just created an inspiring new gallery with the photos submitted to their Your Shot community. Called National Geographic Travel's Your Shot Illuminating the World gallery, it contains spectacular, light-filled…


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Visitors Interact with Chicago's Mind-Bending Light Projections

How do our eyes perceive color and what kind of illusions can be made with just light? While this fall, New Yorkers have Yayoi Kusama's new mirrored infinity rooms, those living in Chicago have their own mind-bending installations. Art collective…


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Ice Climbers on Norway's Colorfully Lit Up Frozen Waterfalls

Talk about a surreal sight! In January 2013, extreme sports photographer Thomas Senf went to Norway with a team of fearless ice climbers to capture the professional athletes against huge walls of ice. What made this project so unique, however, was that the icefalls (or frozen waterfalls) were lit up in stunning colors like blue, orange and green using colored flares and spotlights.

Swiss mountain sports manufacturer Mammut worked with Swiss light artist…


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New Voice-Activated Light Show in NYC's Park Avenue Tunnel

Open to pedestrians for the first time in history, the Park Avenue Tunnel welcomes visitors to experience an interactive light and sound installation like no other. Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer has transformed the 1,400 foot long tunnel with 300 theatrical spotlights that create shimmering archways along the tunnel's walls and ceilings. It is called Voice…


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Magnificent Light Projection on the Sydney Opera House

We just got back from Sydney, Australia where we attended the first few days of the huge winter event there called Vivid Sydney. From May 24 to June 10, the city of Sydney lights up in a festival dedicated to light, music and ideas. Easily one of the highlights of this year's Vivid, which is still going on, was seeing the…


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New Installation Traps Visitors in Prison of Light

This has got to be one of the trippiest light installations we've ever come across. Isotopes v.2, by Nonotak Studio, is currently on view at the Mapping Festival in Geneva. The catalyst for the project is the now famous city of Fukushima in Japan. Back in 2011, Fukushima's nuclear power plant suffered…


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Mysterious Glowing Light in a Finland Forest

Finland-based photographer Mikko Lagerstedt recently posted a series of gorgeous photos under the title The Spirit of Winter. Taken in Finland during 2012 and 2013, they're stellar shots that will make you appreciate the vast beauty of nature, especially in the winter.

While many…


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Holographic Light Beings Hover in Mid-Air

Over the past few years, Ibiza-Spain based artist Roseline de Thélin has been making a name for herself with her stunning holographic light sculptures. Using a wide range of materials including fiber optics, quartz crystals, mirrors, wires and chains, she creates ethereal human beings that look like they're mysteriously hovering in mid-air.

For this year's Kinetica…


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Interactive Installations from Sharp Cracks of Light

Oakland-based artist Chris Fraser has created an impressive set of sight-specific installations that all consist of sharp cracks of light. He strategically creates holes or slits in walls, coaxing light into various formations. His works are often interactive, providing the viewer with a memorable and unique experience.…


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New London Art Show Dazzles with Light

Happen to be in London? An exciting new exhibition opens to the public today, January 30, and runs through April 28 at London's Hayward Gallery. Light Show features 25 illuminated installations and sculptures that date back from the 1960s to the present day. Many of the artworks have not been seen in public in decades and have been recreated specifically for this Hayward…


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Dazzling Christmas Lights On a Spinning Ceiling Fan

Yesterday, Redditor CycleNinja blew people away when he posted these images that show what happens when you attach Christmas lights to a spinning ceiling fan. Of course, these are not your traditional Christmas lights, they're battery powered LEDs that were in one of their "blinking pattern modes."

When asked by a fellow Redditor if he could share pictures of the set-up, CycleNinja…


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Urban River of 2000 Plastic Bags Hold Actual Fish

New photos just surfaced of a "make you look twice" installation by Luzinterruptus that flowed through the streets of Caracas, Venezuela last September. Invited by the Spanish Embassy to be a part of Caracas's annual urban art festival (called "Por el Medio de la Calle"), the anonymous street art team decided to create an installation that involved water, which…


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Beautiful and Otherworldly Light Installations on Land

Perth, Australia-born artist James Tapscott creates beautiful and otherworldly outdoor installations using various types of light. For the image immediately above and below, he used fiber optic cable to shine lights on various fields, filling a large space of approximately 70ft x 70xft. Called Transference, it leaves the viewer with that strange and uneasy feeling that we…


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Rainbow LEDs Turn Unused Underpasses into Gorgeous Gateways

How do you transform blighted areas with minimal foot traffic into inviting places or, in other words, increase revenues for businesses on a side of the city less traveled? Artist Bill FitzGibbons had a "bright" idea.

Beneath the underpassses of Interstate Highway 37 at both Houston and Commerce Streets in San Antonio, Texas, FitzGibbons would create an LED lighting system that…


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Mystifying Light Drawings of New York in the 1970s

While artist Eric Staller's light drawings are beautiful in and of themselves, take into account that they were created in New York back in the 1970s using just a Nikon 35mm film camera, 4th of July sparklers and Christmas lights and you can't help but be blown away. By day, Staller would walk around New York, studying the locations he felt would "articulate the particular…


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Vintage Photos Glow with Tiny Holes of Light

Photographer Amy Friend finds vintage images online, in vintage shops or in old family albums and then alters them by allowing tiny little holes of light to pass through. The result is an incredibly mesmerizing series called Daré alla Lucé, an Italian phrase used to describe the moment…


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Massive River of 10,000 Discarded Books Rages Through Melbourne

If you were in Melbourne this past June, you may have run into a gargantuan installation right on the city streets. For The Light in Winter festival, Spanish art collective Luzinterruptus was commissioned to create a work of art that, quite literally, stopped…


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