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Taiwan's Dazzling Cherry Blossom Trees Light Up at Night

If you'd like to visit Taiwan, may we suggest that you go during the month of February so that you can witness this incredible sight? Held annually since 2001, the Aboriginal Cherry Blossom Festival brings together a large number of visitors to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village to see their 2,000 cherry blossom trees. While viewing…


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Top 6 Apps for the Ultimate Foodie

For this week's tips, we present to you six apps you're going to want to have if you believe you're the ultimate foodie. What qualifies as a foodie? If you're one of those people who daydreams about your last great meal, who believes eating is a treasured experience, or who looks forward to your next meal even before you've finished your last, then most likely you're a foodie or…


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The Top 10 Everything of 2009 - Time Magazine

Feeling a bit nostalgic are we? As the year slowly comes to an end, Time take a look back at 2009 with 50 wide-ranging top 10 lists. Remember the highs and lows with The Top 10 Everything of 2009. Man, what a ridiculously crazy…

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5 Stages of Everyday Grief

From fast food binges to Facebook friend denial, this is a pretty hilarious list of the way we handle modern day grief. From Mad Atoms, Living the Dream: 5 Stages of Everyday… Continue

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Yay! The BusinessWeek Best-Seller List

Being a huge business book junkie, I was thrilled to see this list Business Week put together of the best selling business books from the past month. As they state, many more upbeat titles are on the list this month than there were on the June list (which was dominated by books on the… Continue

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50 Best New U.S. Restaurants By Travel+Leisure

Urbanbelly, Chicago (image by Cheeky Chicago)

Travel + Leisure recently put out its list of the top fifty best new U.S. restaurants. What's great about this list is that T+L thought about our current economic state and so put together a list that's more suited for real… Continue

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Free Food - at

Come and git it ....

Today's free food includes:

Two (2) Free Tacos at Jack in the Box Today only. Jack in the Box has a printable coupon good for 2 Free Tacos. One coupon per guest, per visit. One offer per coupon. Not valid in combination with any other offer. JACK IN THE BOX…


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Want to Know Some Hot Spots? Introducing UrbanDaddy and the Morgan Hotel Group's THE LIST.

If you're looking to travel and you want a quick list of some of the hottest places in a big city where do you start? You can throw a forum question up on theMET and get some great answers (ex. San Francisco,… Continue

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Barbara Picks This Year's 10 Most Fascinating People. Who Makes the Cut?

Barbara Walters picks the 10 most fascinating people in 2008. So what do we think? Let's go through it in pictures.

#10 Will Smith - Hubba hubba, we dig the fresh prince for making the jump from the little screen to the big one but wasn't I Am Legend in 2007? What did we do exactly in 2008...Hancock? I see..each of your last eight movies… Continue

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