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Mesmerizing Long Exposures of Seattle's Giant Ferris Wheel

If you catch it on just the right night, you might just be able to shoot Seattle's giant Ferris wheel like this! Located on Pier 57 in Seattle, Washington, the 175 feet high Ferris wheel is one of the biggest in the United States. The slow moving ride, called the Seattle Great Wheel, opened as recently as June 2012. It quickly became a popular tourist attraction for most…


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Magical Long Exposure Photos of Fireflies in Japan

Photographer Yume Cyan manages to take some truly spectacular shots of fireflies in the forests of Nagoya City, Japan. The photographer's beautiful long exposure photos capture their glowing bodies and translate them as floating yellow and green dots, dancing all around the woods like tiny spirits. There's both a magical and romantic quality to the images that makes the viewer want to…


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Gorgeous Long Exposures of Boats Down Tokyo's River

Flickr photographer 45mr takes light painting to a whole new level with these gorgeous long exposures taken on the waters surrounding Tokyo, Japan. As the main watercourse that flows through the metropolis, Sumida River is breathtaking enough but, add in these light trails, and now you have something fantastically futuristic.

For the image above, the photographer used an exposure…


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New Gorgeous Long Exposures of Ballet Dancers

Some of the most gorgeous long exposures we've seen lately were taken just yesterday. These painting-like photos feature ballet dancers at the “Emerging Dancer 2013″ competition final in London. Photographer Leon Neal of AFP/Getty Images took these creative shots which show a handful of dancers gracefully moving across the stage.

Six finalists prepared and performed two…


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Fantastic Long Exposures of Fireworks

Since today is New Year's Eve, what better way to celebrate than by seeing some fantastic long exposures of fireworks? Professional astronomer Galaxy_of_Emptiness took these incredible shots, not during last year's New Year's, but instead during Australia Day, the official national day of Australia. It is celebrated…


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Graceful Long Exposures of Seagulls in Flight

While most people view seagulls as scavengers of the sky, photographer Anne McGrath sees them as perfect subjects for her photography. After taking shots using a slow shutter speed, she found that there was something almost poetic about them - their all white color against a usually dark background made for some truly spectacular shots.

After much trial and error, she found that "winter or…


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Stunning Long Exposures of Muslim Pilgrims Circling a Sacred Site for Hajj

Hajj is one of the world's largest religious pilgrimages where 2 to 3 million Muslims from all around the world travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam. One of the Five Pillars of Islam requires that every Muslim who can afford to do so take part in the Hajj pilgrimage at least once in his or her lifetime. While in Mecca, for five days, they perform a series of rituals.…


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Pic of the Day: Full Steam Ahead!

In a shot peeping above the tree line is the steam and smoke from Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. It was taken just before Christmas. With temperatures dipping 10 below, this was one service that wasn’t going to slow down and take a break.

This coal fired power station, located in Cheshire in North West England, came into full operation in 1973.

The photo was taken with a 30 second exposure + curves and tone… Continue

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Photograph Time! by Michael Wesely (5 pics)

This is a cool project by photographer Michael Wesley entitled Open Shutter Projekt was created from exposures over a three year period from 2001-2004. It shows the changes that have taken place in New York and Berlin over that time. Via Who Designed It?…


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Long chair Video Projection by PALNOISE & !COODI


This videointallation consist in a long chair video projected in a true scene, no manipulation recorded.

Palnoise is using this technique of mapping projections to redraw the design of different objects.


Proyección de video sobre una tumbona en un escenario real, grabación sin… Continue

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Beautiful Long Exposure Photography - Patrick Smith

Point Lobos - Pinnacle Rock (0.8-second exposure)

While high-dynamic-range (HDR) photographs are generally achieved using software such as Photoshop or Photomatix, long exposure photography is more of a waiting game. It's a technique that advanced photographers use to capture light and movement. Patiently they wait, slowing down the shutter speed, trying to capture just the right…


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15 Spectacular Examples of Light Stream Photography

Eric Constantineau

Light streams is the effect moving light and other objects create when shot with a long or extended exposure time. In this set of photos, we see colorful light turned into art - where our reality is turned inside out as we see light as never before.…


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Opening reception 8/23 7pm-10pm @ Koo's Art Center: Long Beach

In the tradition of pairing contrasts in order to create new mediums of expression, ISM: a community project presents, “SK8OLOGY” an exhibition that combines skateboard counter culture with the world of fine art.

On Saturday August 23, 2008 the ISM: gallery will host the opening… Continue

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Long Beach Jazz Festival - 8/10-8/12

What could be more fun than hanging out in Long Beach on a hot mid-August day, hanging out with friends, and listening to some jazz? The 21st annual Long Beach Jazz Festival will be held at Rainbow Lagoon Park and will showcase a handful of very talented Jazz musicians in an incredible outdoor setting with a great selection of food and art. 26,000 attendees are expected.

Friday 8/10 - Gates open at 5pm with the show beginning at 7pm and… Continue

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Hambre? Hombre? Oh - Ombre!

This summer if there is one fashion trend that's probably going to whip through most of our'll probably be ombre long dresses. My sister, Grace, is the ultimate fashionista - I'm lucky enough to be able to "shop" in her closet - we've even devised our own "Netflix" where I can borrow a dress and bring it back in a week to change it out again for something else. Thank God for older sisters! :)

Ombre is made from organic fabrics,… Continue

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