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Lovely Land of Lost Lamps (12 photos)

Norway-born and based conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen has that magical gift. He arranges and then photographs everyday, ordinary objects like lamps, chairs, telephones and, my favorite, lamps - to make them come alive! Since 2005, the artist has been creating these whimsical installations all around Norway's landscapes, no doubt "lighting up" the country with his wonderful imagination.…


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Oceanic Airlines Tees

Now that Lost has come to an end, here are some amusing tees, which showcase the safety card for Oceanic Flight 815.…


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LOST: The Animated Series

Freelance illustrator Michael Myers celebrates the ABC hit show in his LOST: The Animated Series.

Check out the rest of the illustrations.…


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Photo Journey to Japan (14 pics)

Take a trip with me today and let's visit the wonderful country of Japan. But let's not take the usual route, a plane ticket there is much too expensive. Instead, let's ask our photographer friends to give us their unique perspective. Let's ask them to show us how they see modern-day Japan.…


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Lost in a Magical Dream - Kirsty Mitchell (10 total)

If it's been awhile since you entered the world of make-believe, perhaps you haven't seen these photos from Kirsty Mitchell. This London based photographer claims she "can't live without wonder." In fact, looking through her pictures you'll almost feel like you've stepped into a magical that you'll never want to wake up from.…


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A Lost Generation - A Surprise Twist

Simple, clever, to-the-point. Gotta love creative videos like this.

"Using only narration and text, this inspiring video uses a clever trick to make its point about being alive in this… Continue

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Lost and Found - A Sweet, Animated Story

Here's the trailer to an animated short that I have my eye on. Lost and Found is based on a best-selling children's book by Oliver Jeffers and is about a little boy who finds a lost penguin on his doorstep. Sensing the penguin is unhappy to be so far from home, the boy… Continue

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Short Poems


I have a lovely jewel case,

Trillions have one the same.

I look inside at treasures.

No one on earth can claim.

Most presious gift salvation.

God gave this to me.

when he sent he son to die for us.

On the cross at mount calvarie.

Lost to the world

Lost to the world, in love of course, two people hand in hand.

Wandering together in a private wonderland.

Don't expect…

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