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Louis XIV Statue Stunningly Surrounded by Lights

Currently underway in Lyon, France is their most famous event, the annual Festival of Lights (“Fêtes des Lumières” in French). Designers from all around the world flock to Lyon to take over buildings, squares, rivers and hills so that its over 4 million visitors can enjoy the city flooded with color. Lasting just four days, from December 6 to December 9 this year, it's a stunning…


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Louis Vuitton Diwali-Themed Sari Dresses

It doesn’t look much like a traditional sari, but this is the Louis Vuitton limited edition Sari Dress by Marc Jacobs. These gorgeous ready-to-wear sari dresses use vintage sari material sourced from New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Madras and other cities in India. The company says the pieces form a collective tribute to the country's long tradition of craftsmanship and splendorous…


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Madonna: New Louis Vuitton Ads - Fall/Winter 09 (5 pics)

New ads for Louis Vuitton and Madonna just surfaced that's taking Photoshop to the extreme. It's for LV's Fall/Winter 2009 campaign. Though we love the dramatic colors, we can't help but think that everything looks too overdone. You have to wonder if they're trying to knock down a few decades on Madonna.…


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Louis Vuitton's New Muse? Who Else Can Strike a Pose Like There's Nothing to It?

She may have split up with Guy but don't ever think Madonna still doesn't have it. When Marc Jacobs, creative director to Louis Vuitton, was racking his brain thinking about the new face of Louis who did he think but old Madge herself? Got to give it to the 80s pop icon for constantly reinventing herself and giving the girl everyone loves to hate then love then hate, Ms. Britney Spears, someone to look up to.

This ad campaign was shot by… Continue

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Hot Damn! What 100,000 Obama Supports in St. Louis and 200,000 in Berlin Look Like.

Source: USA Today

St. Louis, this past Saturday. At 100,000 people, this was his biggest event in America to date.

In Berlin, back in July, there were about 200,000.

Source:… Continue

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KGB-licious? Louis Vuitton Ad featuring Mikhail Gorbachev

An intriguing Louis Vuitton print ad has appeared in the back of New York and other magazines, featuring a pensive Mikhail Gorbachev being driven in a limo past the remains of the Berlin Wall, his only companion a trusty piece of LV luggage with some reading material sticking out.

What's causing controversy is the Russian text on his Louis Vuitton bag's content, strategically posed so that the… Continue

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