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Photographers Share Pure and Powerful Moments of Love

What is love and how do you portray such a beautiful yet abstract feeling? Last month, National Geographic asked its readers to submit photos on how they see love through their photo community Your Shot. Called Love Snap, the project brought out many different interpretations…


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Touching Portraits of Couples Who've Been Together Over 50 Years

For all you cynics out there who don't believe in everlasting love, you must check out this series called Love Ever After by Lauren Fleishman. The New York-based photographer captures beautifully intimate moments between New York City couples that have been together over 50 years. She accompanies each image with a sweet short story, like one you'd imagine hearing during the classic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.

For the photo above, for example, husband Moses…


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The Love-Filled Street Art of Alex Senna

Locked lips, a warm embrace and an ever present heart that symbolizes love. São Paulo-based artist Alex Senna beautifies city walls with his warm and endearing street art. This year, as part of Art Basel week in Miami Beach, in the Wyndwood area, Senna painted several new murals in his signature black and white style. Presented here is a collection of his work over the…


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Adorable Love Illustrations Filled With Twists and Turns

Happy Father's Day

Spain-based graphic designer and illustrator Marta Colomer (aka Maruta) is behind TuttiConfetti, adorable character illustrations about love, relationships, and life. Though quite simple, the illustrations are often paired with short stories that are filled with twists and turns. On the surface, you can enjoy many of these cute works for what…


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Interview with the Mother of the Little Boy and His Huge Dog

Last week, many of you came and fell in love with a little boy named Julian and his huge Newfoundland dog named Max. Living on an island, just about Seattle, the duo share a sweet friendship that really shines through in every one of their shots. The mother and…


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Genuine Love Between a Little Boy and His Big Dog

As far as adorable photos go on the Internet, nothing can quite beat the ones of a young child growing up with his or her pet. From the little Japanese boy and his French Bulldog to Russia-based…


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Still Life: A Memorable Portrait with My 90-Year-Old Dad

My dad turns 90 today! Last week, I photographed the both of us. He knows I always add titles to my self-portraits. Viewing this photo, he said, "I have been thinking about a suitable title. How about: 'Still Life'?"

So "Still Life" it is. Thanks, dear dad. I love…


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Cats Love Eames

There's a hilariously awesome Flickr group called Cats Love Eames! that show some of the luckiest cats you'll ever see living in the lap of luxury (quite literally). Who else gets to lounge all day on beautifully designed, timeless chairs than these furry felines? In my next life, I need to…


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Two Wheel Love

I love coming across new photos by Joel (aka Boy Wonder). He's got quite the imagination. Here's what he says about his recent biking excursion.

"I was going to go back out on my bike and do a different kind of shot but it's raining and I already rode 110km before 2pm today so I'm tuckered… Continue

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Old Couples Still in Love

Who doesn’t love a cute couple? The hit Pixar movie Up surely proved that love can last a lifetime. The blog Old People Holding Hands has several pictures that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When the elderly show their unrequited love by joining hands, it provides hope for the rest of us.… Continue

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A Could-Have-Been Love Story

This sweet little video shows how sometimes we edit ourselves and miss out on opportunities. Is there something on your… Continue

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Passion Expressed

Passion captured on film. The great thing about photography is the emotions we can express, perhaps unknowingly but still it's cool when a picture speaks louder than words.

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Dennis Hopper: Farewell to an Icon

One of my favorite memories is being snuck into a late night showing of Easy Rider. It was in this trashy $2 theatre and being 15, I didn't fully understand the social implications of the film, but I knew that it was cool. And so did my friends. None of us had ever ridden a motorcycle and the only other movie I had seen Dennis Hopper in was Speed. I saw him then as some ancient, wide-eyed villain and cheered along with the rest of my friends when Keanu left him to his fiery demise. And I never… Continue

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We Love Apply By Adobe

Ok here's the story:

Apple has never authorized the presence of "Flash" (developed by Adobe) on the iPhone or on the iPad to the dismay of the users, developers and Adobe. So Adobe created an ad "WE LOVE APPLE" to explain that they have nothing against Apple, but that they just do not appreciate those who try to control the internet with proprietary technologies.

Adobe's Issaco imagined what Apple's response (via an ad)… Continue

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Love is Love

Photos by Rosemary Daniels. UF's having it's Pride Awareness Month and wanted pictures representing love, to our surprise they came out excruciatingly and disgustingly cute.

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Love Life - Gabrielle Kai (12 pics)

This morning, as I was looking through some photos, I stumbled upon the work of Gabrielle Kai. Her soft tones and beautiful imagery drew me in but what touched me to the core was how she could find the beauty in simple things. As we try and navigate through this crazy marathon called life, I'm reminded to appreciate the journey. To see the world through a kid's eyes,…


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18 Pure and Passionate Love Moments

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I thought I'd put together a collection of some of my favorite love photography around. These aren't your traditional lovey dovey pictures, rather they're of couples who look like they were lost in a moment. A moment of pure happiness or excitement when the world's troubles were washed away. Some are just pure while others are filled…


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This Love is Timeless (8 pics)

I find it fascinating when you discover new photos that look like they've been taken decades ago. A time when life was simpler, when choices were few. For Stacie and Geoff's engagement session, Sloan photographers recaptured their love in a beautifully nostalgic way. No fancy hotel backdrop, no pretense in the air...just a swing, a blanket, some vinyl and some soda… Continue

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Geek Love

Two bright cards sure to show your geeky lover how much you care.
By Pop + Shorty.


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A Ninja Love Story

Should love be as hard as this? A vacationing ninja finds true love, little does he know he has to work for it! Conceived by Daniel Klug, this sweet piece of animation took him nine months to… Continue

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