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Spectacular Macro Details Reveal the Intimate Life of Snails

These spectacular photographs reveal the amazingly tiny details of the life of snails. Using a macro approach, Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko gets up close and personal to capture a variety of miniature landscapes as the little creatures go about their daily lives. With great patience and a steady hand, the artist obtains crisp, sharp details that seem unbelievable when…


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Beautiful Macro Photos of Sparkling Dew on Dandelions

Like fine art photographer Sharon Johnstone, Julia Delgado has a fascination for the little droplets of water that land on dandelions. Like little gems, the dew sparkle against the wispy feathers of the flower. While the seeds of the dandelion each have tiny parachutes, that…


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Perfectly Circular Patterns of Macro Oil Spills

When a photographer uses a macro lens, the final results can be stunning and unpredictable. Based in the Czech Republic, photographer Adriana Kaprálová Hauznerová, aka Adriana K.H., is one of these artists who can find surprising details in the smallest of everyday objects. In her series entitled Oil Spills, she produces gorgeous abstract images featuring nothing but oil drops set…


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Spectacular Macro Shots of Underwater Corals

Los Angeles-based photographer Felix Salazar takes an up-close look at the mesmerizingly radiant colors and textures found in underwater corals. Normally we expect coral to be a plant-like marine life that is typically found in varying shades of pink (or coral), but there are a myriad of subclasses and orders to the living colonies that offer a much wider spectrum of…


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Amazingly Revealing Macro Photos of the Human Eye

Normally, when you think of an eyeball, you think of a smooth sphere but photographer Suren Manvelyan shows us just how textured they can be. The skilled photographer's intriguing macro shots reveal the complex and intricate details of the human eye that is ironically unnoticed by the human eye alone. Getting in real close, the images expose an almost foreign substance. Browsing…


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Beautiful Macro Photos of Tiny Snowflakes

The beauty of nature surrounds us every day, but during a large snowstorm, that idea can easily be forgotten as we rush inside to find warmth. Andrew Osokin isn't deterred by the cold. In fact, as the first flakes of snow fall from the sky and ice covers the ground, the Moscow-based photographer captures the unique wonder of nature in these macro photographs.



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Enchanting Macro Photos of Ladybugs Caught in the Rain

Rainy days can be a drag, but imagine what it's like for a ladybug! Looking through Spain-based photographer Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz's portfolio, it actually seems really beautiful with a hint of magic to it. The photographer's macro shots of the cute little critters with beads of water sitting on their backs is all at once fascinating and enchanting. With each…


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Gorgeous Macro Shots of Spiderwebs Twinkling with Raindrops

We've seen some magical photomacrography of minuscule insects and equally dazzling extreme close-up captures of water droplets on the wispy petals of dandelions, but…


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Stunning Macro Photos of Dandelion Water Droplets

Fine art photographer Sharon Johnstone transports us to a world where dew drops look like massive orbs of water laying atop towering, yet slender, dandelion petals. Miraculously enough, this realm is our planet through the UK-based photographer's macro lens. It is absolutely breathtaking the way the transparent spheres of liquid balance on wisps of flowers and feathers, not…


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Otherworldly Macrophotography of Paint and Ice

These abstract images involve more than your average painting tools. Photographer Cliff Briggie, who also happens to be a practicing clinical psychologist, creates these interesting "temporary ice paintings" that are comprised of ice, paint, and water and enlivened by his camera's flashes of light. Combining the contents allows the image to, essentially, create itself.…


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Interview: Magical Insect Photographer

When we first came across Nadav Bagim's macro insect photography, we were taken aback by just how magical he could make their miniature world look. His photos seemed like they came out of a storybook or a Disney/Pixar movie. Filled with beautiful colors and a generous helping of…


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Otherworldly Landscape Photography

Have you ever seen an aerial shot of a meteor shooting through the sky? Using an underexposed fisheye lens, photographer John Colbensen captured the outstanding galactic image, above, right from his airplane seat. The Norway native never misses a chance to put his expert photography skills to use. His portfolio boasts a range of versatility that leaps from landscapes and…


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The Traveling Crystal Ball

Lighthouse The Horse of Marken, Marken – The Netherlands

One day, medical analyst and photo hobbyist Kees Straver picked up a crystal ball he had lying around and thought he would start using it in his photography. He would not only travel through his home country of Amsterdam with it, exploring old churches and iconic windmills, he would take it with him when…


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Macro/Close-Up Photography

For me, nature is the ultimate form of art. It is in nature that we find an infinite array of colours, shapes, patterns, and motion, giving artists an endless choice of subject matter. This can especially be found in the art of macro and close-up photography.

The definitions of of close-up and macro photography are different. Macro photography is photography that is 1x magnification(1:1) or greater. For example, an insect that is 1/2 an…


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Get Inspired...Take a Bath

She took a bath when suddenly it occurred to her how she could photograph the bath bubbles in an interesting way. So she took out her new camera and discovered that this new camera was perfect for macro photography. Different coloring and the right lighting help to make the most interesting compositions, making some of the shots seem like we're looking at living cells or…


Added by Inka Leoni on March 12, 2010 at 3:00am — 1 Comment

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