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7 Magical Examples of Artists Creating Illusions

Since the beginning of time, artists have been using illusions to make us believe we’re looking at one thing when we’re actually looking at something completely different. In these modern times, we’ve seen illusions pop up in everything from street art to sculptures, and with the rise of the Internet, we’ve witnessed stunning illusions all around the world. Today, we’ve brought…


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Rune Guneriussen's First US Solo Exhibition of Magical Lights

We've featured the whimsical light installations of Norway-based photographer Rune Guneriussen several times on My Modern Met. In fact, starting back in 2010 (and then in 2011 and…


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The Magical Way Hats are Made

Ever want to know how hats are actually made? You're in luck! Sara Grundy of Sorensen Grundy Milliners will let you in on the secret. After dark, in the millinery workroom, mini maintenance workers construct hats in the most clandestine way. Here she shows us, in pictures, what actually goes on when no one is looking.

This particular hat is called "Construction…


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Interview: Magical Insect Photographer

When we first came across Nadav Bagim's macro insect photography, we were taken aback by just how magical he could make their miniature world look. His photos seemed like they came out of a storybook or a Disney/Pixar movie. Filled with beautiful colors and a generous helping of…


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Most Magical Photos of Insects

In all my years of writing for My Modern Met, I never thought I would put the words "magical" and "insects" together in a title but, then again, I've never seen macro insect photography quite like this. (On a related note, I'll never look grasshoppers or slugs the same way again.)

Nadav Bagim (aka AimishBoy) is an Israel-based 30-year-old student who has created a beautiful series…


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Tiffany's Magical Winter Window Display

Yes, it's Christmas time and what better way celebrate the holiday season than to check out the creative window displays that have been popping up all over New York? We previously showed you Bergdorf Goodman's wild windows and…


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Magical Floating Lamps

Is part of this lamp, in fact, floating? Yes! The new Floating Lamp, by Light Light, integrates levitation technology to make it appear magical. With electromagnetic components, a sophisticated control system, and the latest in LED technology, it's like no other. Available now in two models: 'Silhouette’ and 'Eclipse,’ this lamp does not come cheap. Expect to pay around $1,300 for just one of… Continue

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Seeking Magical and Mystical Places

Not since Samuel Bradley have I been this excited about beautifully offbeat photography. Robert Moses Joyce is the person behind these dream-like photos. Let him be your guide as he takes you into some magical and mystical places. How wonderfully refreshing.

Update:… Continue

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Making Magical Landscapes (7 total)

Is it just me or does the mysterious woman in black remind you of Mrs. Steven Jobs? Who else would have the propensity to wear all black and create unbelievably cool magical scenes? Sorry to burst your bubble but these amazing landscapes are actually the work of Belgian artist Magdalena Bors. Using household items she makes the ordinary...extraordinary.…


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Up's 12 Magical Movie Moments

While some would argue that Pixar's 10th animation film is not their best, I wholeheartedly disagree. Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters and Wall-E are nothing compared to Up. Director and co-screenwriter Pete Docter and co-director and co-writer Bob Peterson took Up to new heights - creating a sweet love story in the beginning, an exciting… Continue

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Magical Bokeh Photography (25 pics)


Lately, I've been slightly obsessed with photos that are both in and out of focus. By blurring certain objects, you call attention to only what you want and as a result you create a fuzzy background. There's actually a word for this - it's bokeh.



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Pic of the Day: That Magical Kind of Love

Isn't it wonderful when love feels like this? [Via]

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