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Sweetly Surreal Photo Manipulations by Ceslovas Cesnakevicius

Lithuania-based artist Ceslovas Cesnakevicius has created a whimsical set of photo manipulations that ride that fine line between art and photography. It may be hard to believe but all of his images start with photos. The 35-year-old began taking pictures over ten years ago and he claims that he…


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Beautifully Surreal Photo Manipulations

Digital artist Sarolta Bán is a self-taught photo manipulator with a knack for surreal imagery that piques one's interest. The artist, who is based in Budapest, Hungary, utilizes her skills in image editing to combine multiple ordinary objects or ideas to create something entirely unusual and, therefore, fascinating.

Bán's playfulness with size… Continue

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Magical Fantasy Worlds

These magical fantasy worlds are the creative work of Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez. The graphic design student and photography enthusiast skillfully crafts his own worlds, making great use of clouds, textures and contrast. His sweetly surreal photo manipulations remind me of Sarolta Bán's or… Continue

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Color-Bursting Digital Art

Karol Kolodzinski is an extremely talented digital artist, illustrator and art director based out of Warsaw, Poland. He's worked on some very impressive clients such as Avatar the Game, Nike, Bacardi and more. His work is also wide ranging from ads and websites to illustrations and motion capture movies.…


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The Special Effects Master of Photography

Copyright by Thomas Herbrich.

"Surprise yourself and your audience!” That's the mantra of Thomas Herbrich, photographer and photo manipulating extraordinaire. With a client list that includes BMW, Mercedes Benz, Sony, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ikea and Lego, this professional is sought after for making brands come alive. More than that, he takes photos more or less the same way an…


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Dazzling Digital Artwork by IK-YD (6 total)

Loving the energy of these works by Lyon, France-based digital artist IK-YD (Natanaël Iabakidy). The compositions are interesting and have a clear focus, and each one has the perfect mix of color, shapes, textures, and photographic elements. 

IK-YD's… Continue

Added by Kevin Chung on January 27, 2011 at 7:00pm — 3 Comments

Digital Dreamland by Pierre Doucin (10 total)

Here's some great digital artwork by Pierre Doucin aka Soemone. I love the way he blends different photo and shape elements into beautiful, cohesive images. They have a natural feel to them even though the content within them says otherwise.…


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Living Things Project Photo by Stefan Mildner

Living Things Project by Stefan Mildner

Title: Living Things Project

Photo Manipulation by: Stefan Mildner

Via: Chung Designs

What I Like About It: I love this photo / manipulation. I don't know the original intent of this photograph, but…


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An Amazingly Creative Mind - Erik Johansson (14 Total)

Erik Johannson's work has been floating around the web but I thought I'd post on it just in case someone hadn't seen it. A master at photo manipulation, Johannson is a young artist from Sweden who creates funny and imaginative photos by digitally modifying pictures he's taken himself. Both artist and photographer in one, Johannson makes us open up our mind and think… Continue

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Stepping Into a Dream With Kaycee Kennedy (10 Photos)

There's a surreal like quality to Kaycee Kennedy's photos. Like some of our favorite photographer/artists she beautifully blends mediums to create a dream like world. A pioneer of a new kind of photo manipulation, Kaycee has the uncanny ability to bring our nightmares and our dreams to life.…


Added by alice on March 17, 2009 at 12:30am — 1 Comment

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