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LG's Terrifying Elevator Prank

LG has just released an amusing video that shows what happens when unsuspecting elevator passengers believe that the floor has dropped out from underneath them. As incredibly cruel as this may be, it's also quite genius. To show just how "true to life" their new IPS computer monitors can look, they installed nine of them, in a grid-like fashion, on the elevator's floor. With hidden cameras in place, they then…


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Oreo's Clever Campaign: The Daily Twist

In what can only be called a stroke of marketing genius, Kraft Foods, the maker of Oreo cookies, launched an awesome marketing campaign this year called the Daily Twist where they took holidays, important weeks, trending events and major news stories and turned them into creative portraits using Oreo cookies. You may have heard something about it back in June, when they kicked off the campaign with…


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Creative Marketing: Big Spill (3 pics)

Belgian communication agency King George came up with a clever way to market paint made by Belgian manufacturer Levis. A large can of paint appears frozen high up in the air, while a bright red pole gives the illusion that a stream of paint is flowing down, splattering onto the street, creating a huge mess onto the street.…


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Billboard Company Gives A Place For Conan

As huge fans of Conan O'Brien, we were shocked when Conan got kicked off The Tonight Show. It looks like others were equally dismayed including Lamar, a company that owns a bunch of billboards across America. Rather than just sit back and sulk, Lamar created a campaign called… Continue

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GAP Upside Down Store

"Shopping turned on its head" isn't just a meaningless tagline for GAP. They literally mean it. To promote their new loyalty program, Sprize, the GAP in Vancouver, BC turned its entire store upside-down. All of the mannequins, displays and even the sign were flipped, as well as some cars and a hotdog stand outside of the store.

Check out… Continue

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Architecture Video Projection by PALNOISE

Palnoise is using this technique known as mapping to project video, effects and optical ilusions on a physical objects like buildings, cars, design pieces or ordinary objects.

Architecture projection on the facade of El Jardí theater building in Figueres (Spain) to celebrate the inaugural ceremony of Giroscopi Cultural.

*Reduced edition from the original projection,… Continue

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Coca-Cola Gives Happiness to College Kids

Now why didn't Coke put this on my college campus..years ago? In their latest viral marketing campaign, a Coca-Cola vending machine is transformed into a happiness machine. Delivering "doses" of happiness, it surprises college kids with everything from extra bottles of Coke to a sub sandwich. Got to love their catchphrase...

"Where will happiness strike… Continue

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Creative Ad: Steaming McDonald's Coffee

Hang out at this Vancouver bus stop and you might be started by what you see. McDonalds and ad agency, Cossette, have created a bus shelter billboard featuring a cup of coffee that periodically expels steam and uncovers a hidden message! What does it say? “Your free coffee is ready." So, let me get this straight. Not only is this ad super's telling me I can pick up some free coffee? I'm lovin' it!

Via… Continue

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Nat Geo's Inspiring New Ad: If

Though Discovery Channel reminded us that the world is just awesome, Nat Geo takes life lessons one step further by asking us how can we live a better life. The answer? Live curiously.

My favorite line? "If you… Continue

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You on You: HP

For a few months now, HP's been putting on a contest to make you the star of their kick ass commercials. Though HP's no longer taking submissions, you can watch and vote for your favorites, here. Sure, they're not as slick as Gwen's or Jay-Z's, but there's something raw… Continue

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10 Awesome Ad Campaigns That Give You an Experience

It's my firm belief that the most memorable ad campaigns are the ones that give you an experience. Don't just throw garbage in our faces, stop us in our tracks and make us think twice about your message. Let us experience the brand in a positive way - don't be rude to us and insult our intelligence. Instead, make us laugh, make us excited and most of all, make it… Continue

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Jeff Bezos Shares His Story and Welcomes Zappos Employees To the Amazon Family

Anytime an entrepreneur wants to share his story about how he rose to success, I'm all ears. Yesterday, Amazon announced that they were buying shoe company Zappos for $847 million. Instead of a standard letter, Zappos employees got this video from Jeff Bezos. Even if you're not that interested in this acquisition, the video's interesting enough to watch just to hear Jeff talk about what he's learned from the past 15 years at Amazon.

And, if you're looking to laugh… Continue

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Toyota Plants Solar Powered, Free Wi-Fi Flowers

I've always felt that companies who give people an "experience" are the ones that will touch the hearts and open the wallets of their consumers. Rather than slap on a giant billboard in Times Square, show us that you understand our needs, delight us with your creativity and ingenuity.

Toyota has done just that with their solar powered wi-fi stations. As…


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Fisch Franke - The Poster That's Filled With Live Fish (w/video)

I absolutely love the creativity behind this "living poster" for a seafood restaurant, Fisch Franke. With the slogan, Fresh as Can Be, the Frankfurt restaurant created an aquarium like poster with live fish swimming inside. Who wouldn't stop and notice this? It's ingenious! Watch the video below.

Agency: Publicis Frankfurt,… Continue

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Nikon D700: The Interactive Ad That Makes You the Star!

We absolutely love this Nikon D700 ad! A huge interactive light box was mounted in Seoul Sindorim Subway Station, the entrance way to a multiplex electronics shopping mall where various brands compete. Over 500,000 commuters use the station daily, making it the perfect place for an ad like this.

Huddled together as if at a premiere, the paparazzi appear to… Continue

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Things Marketing People <3 - Hilarious blog

Things Marketing People Love

Marketing people are a different breed and I'm happy to be labeled as one because the more that I read this new blog, the more I point and laugh at myself. We're definitely cool people, but you have to question some of the things we like.

For example:…


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Funny New Mentos Ad: Beat It

In this funny new ad from Mentos, we learn that you can win a beatboxing battle by recharging with some Mentos gum. Also, who knew your mad beatboxing skills would help you get the hot girl?

Agency Producer: Sam Robinson

Creative Director: Rik Brown; Jon Fox

Creative: Dan Bailey; Brad Wolff

Director: Guy Manwaring

Production: Sonny

Director of Photography: John Lynch

Editor: Mark… Continue

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Canadians, Where Does Your Food Come From?

Here's a pretty informative short film, made by Hellmann's/Best Foods, that explains to Canadians why they should eat local food. You can find out more about The Real Food Movement, here. We love how this short is informative yet fun to watch!

Via… Continue

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Truth in Advertising

With all this talk of kids these days, I thought this ad was appropriate. Via

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Eternal Moonwalk: A Tribute to Michael Jackson

One of the coolest and most interactive websites where people can pay tribute to the King of Pop has sprung up called the Eternal Moonwalk. By Studio Brussel, it's a website featuring a video collage of people performing Michael's famous move. You'll see everyone from dogs to babies to people with a…


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