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Stunning Land Art Reflections Complete Circles of Life

Ice Circle

"My photographs are made with the same sunlight that powers all the earth's living systems." - Martin Hill

With his project collaborator Philippa Jones, photographer and artist Martin Hill travel to remote locations around the world to create environmental sculptures that represent a visual circle of life. What sets his land art apart from…


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A Whimsical Tea-Inspired Series by Cade Martin

Award-winning photographer Cade Martin sure knows how to take his viewers on a magical journey. The Wonderland series he created along with the Washington Ballet was filled with over fifty dancers majestically moving through the air. If only for a brief moment, we forgot about the…


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Long chair Video Projection by PALNOISE & !COODI


This videointallation consist in a long chair video projected in a true scene, no manipulation recorded.

Palnoise is using this technique of mapping projections to redraw the design of different objects.


Proyección de video sobre una tumbona en un escenario real, grabación sin… Continue

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The Beauty and Pain of Love - Martin Stranka (15 pics)

I Was Falling High

Martin Stranka is a Czech artist and photographer who asks us to experience the beauty and pain of love. It's those times in our life when we're consumed by our heartache and grief, when we feel as though no one could understand what we're going through. Stranka draws out those personal memories and for, but a fleeting moment, asks us to remember them again.…


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Pictures From Wonderland - Cade Martin (14 pics)

"It appears cameras can capture the soul." So it says on photographer Cade Martin's website. Take one look at his amazing portfolio and you'll see what he means. Martin tells magnificent, intriguing and beautiful stories. It's in the movement, the light, the composition. His dreamy photos remind me of…


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A Reliable Jetpack

GizmoAve - Once the mere dream of a madman, the concept of the jetpack really first took off when Sean Connery was hovering around with one in the movie Thunderball back in 1965. Since then however, other than some lacklustre performances at various Super Bowls, the personal jetpack that we all thought was just around the corner has failed miserably to materialize. Until now!

This is the Martin… Continue

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'Cause Insects Close Up are Cool but with Dew Even Cooler: Photography by Martin Amm

Born in Germany, Martin Amm photographs these 6 legged creatures using his digital SLR (Nikon D70). Amazing in their detail, these photos show us the beauty of our little friends.

More on Martin Amm at… Continue

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Appreciating the Past, Present and Future: Photography Martin Klimas

German photographer Martin Klimas is currently exhibiting at the Foley Gallery in NYC. What strikes me most about his photos is that by using strobe lights and one sheet of film he can beautifully capture a moment where the past, present and future collide.



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