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Charming Holiday DIY: Toy VW Bus Carries Miniature Tree

During the holidays, if you want to dabble in some DIY, check out this clever place card that could double as a Christmas ornament. Using little bottle brush trees from Joann's, Michelle of Decor and the Dog, simply wrapped it with red and white Baker's twine on top of a toy VW bus found at her local Walmart. Of course you could wrap your miniature tree on top of any toy car…


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6 Talented Artists Creating Magnificent Miniature Worlds

Throughout the years, we've seen tons of artists who create whimsical adventures in a miniature-sized world. Using everyday materials as well as toy props, these artists transport us into another world, sometimes even making us questions what is real and what is fake. Today, we've rounded up six of the most talented artists who are equally skilled at setting up…


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Magical Miniature Clouds by Sarah Ann Wright

London-based photographer Sarah Ann Wright says she shoots "fun and dreams." Though she's skilled at capturing everything from landscapes to portraits, it's her quirky conceptual photos of clouds that caught our attention. The miniature white masses seem to magically float over a glass cup and a pair of hands as they send down…


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I Believe I Can Fly by Slinkachu

Have you ever felt like a little person who was about to take flight in a big world? Miniature mastermind artist Slinkachu created a piece at New York's Brooklyn Bridge Park that symbolizes just that. Holding a bird feather with each hand, the miniature man braces himself for what's sure to be an…


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New Works by Miniature Mastermind Slinkachu

Andipa Gallery in London just sent word about the latest print release from our favorite "little people" artist Slinkachu. Called Damn Kids, it shows the owner of an Audi convertible looking quite distraught over a pink lollipop landing on his car. Talk about a catastrophe!

This whimsical miniature…


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Grandpa Gettin' His Game On

Our favorite miniature artist, Slinkachu, is back with a brand new hilarious scene. This time, a feisty old man is seen using a tiny dolly to carry his drug of choice, a humongous Viagra pill. Clearly, the little grandpa has a fun night ahead of him.…


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Miniature Origami Animals

Anyone who has attempted to create origami knows just how difficult it is. Now, imagine the skill level required to create these astonishingly miniature sculptures! Artist Anja Markiewicz uses sheets of paper smaller than an inch in width. Check out the vast array of animals she's handcrafted in her collection...…


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Miniature Food Sculptures (9 pics)

Kim Burke masterfully mixes two of my favorite things: food and design. Her miniature food sculptures are absolutely incredible. The amazing part is, they all look completely realistic and would be hard to distinguish from real food if it weren't for the giant fingers in the photos. You can find more of her work on… Continue

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As If By Magic: Shu Uemura x Aya Takano

Collaborating with Japanese artist Aya Takano, Shu Uemura has launched a magical makeup collection.

With names like "reindeer kiss xxxx" and "magical windfalls", and "dream coaster," the limited edition line of eyeshadow palettes, lip balm, and false eyelashes… Continue

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New Miniature Scenes by Slinkachu (15 pics)

Spilt Milk - Grottaglie, Italy

London-based artist Slinkachu has been traveling all over Europe this year, making a tiny imprint wherever he goes. His miniature street scenes are hardly noticeable, but when you see them up close, it's impossible not to be amused. As you can see in this series, Slinkachu's style is all about forced… Continue

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Dalton Ghetti : Amazing Pencil Sculptures (15pics)

These are miniature pencil sculptures, sculpted by Dalton Ghetti from Bridgeport. The 45 year old only uses a blade, a sewing needle and very bright light, all without the use of a magnifying glass! Dalton Ghetti has been patiently carving miniature pieces of sculpted art on pencils for the past 25 years, and one tiny carved sculpture can take several months whereas a larger creation can take 2 1/2 years.…


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Minimiam: A Hungry Imagination

Husband and wife food photographers, Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle who work under the name Minimiam (meaning MINI YUM), spend their days transforming everyday foods into whimsical, storied landscapes.

More pics here.…


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Fake Miniature Worlds (7 pics)

Fields, After the Storm - Made of faux fur (fields), cotton (clouds) and sifted tile grout (mountains).

Though we've showcased a lot of miniature worlds here on theMET, we've never quite seen anything like this before. Matthew Albanese creates amazing miniature worlds using his special ingredients, his camera and a lot of creativity. There are no shortcuts… Continue

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Mysterious Little People Hard at Work and at Play (15 Total)

Don't Forget That Spot, the Misses Will Be Mad

Let your imagination run free and you might just find yourself seeing the world through the eyes of miniature people. This Flickr set by Vincent Bousserez shows us what little people do to make a living and how they spend their precious time off. It's a…


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Chris Collicott's LED Chandelier-elier

These are so cute, perfect for any chandelier lover. My daughter got one as a gift, but I think I might "borrow" it.

Go to:

and find the designer-artist Chris Collicot's work.

"Chandeliers are always so grand and aloof, I thought it would be fun to bring one down to size The mini-chandelier's portability creates opportunities for fun: hanging in a car, on a tree, in a closet, or grouped… Continue

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