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GIFs of the Intricate Process Behind a Multilayered Painting

New York-based artist Julie Mehretu constructs densely layered abstract paintings that feature a wide range of ideas. Her large-scale creations offer a lot of patterns and visual movement for the viewer to soak in and process internally. Mehretu's piece titled Middle Grey exemplifies the artist's signature style of populating the frame with creative information in the form…


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Surreal Secret Garden Hidden Inside a Sculpture

Mixed media artist Gregory Grozos deconstructs a sculptural bust, transforming it into a secret garden for miniature figures. The Limassol, Cyprus-based sculptor's piece, titled The Garden of Unearthly Delights, tells an intriguing story without saying a word. The viewer's mind is left to ruminate on the possible secrets kept within this concealed sanctuary and…


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Audio-Visual Painting Releases Steam

It may sound like a train whistling out steam, but fine artist Gregorio de Masi's pieces are actually multifunctional paintings. The California-based painter who spent his earlier years splitting his time between Rome and London has settled in West Oakland, where he creates his unique multimedia artworks.

Drawing inspiration from his stint in the film industry, working…


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Amazing Frida Khalo Blended Portraits

Mexican artist Frida Khalo is world-renowned for her honest self-portraits that expose all of her own recognized imperfections and deepest thoughts. In a new mixed media series, artist Andrea Mary Marshall combines some of Khalo's well-known works with photographs of delicate models decked out in couture fashion.

With the help of photographer…


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Nature-Infused Human Beings

New York-based artist Matt Wisniewski creates mixed media images that are beautifully refreshing. His digital art collages create a stunning fashion and nature mash-up. The artist manipulates photos he finds on Tumblr to incorporate both the beauty of the human form and the beauty of nature.

The surreal visual experiments, currently featured on Wisniewski's own Tumblr… Continue

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Lost in a Mixed Media World

Danny O'Connor, aka DOC, is a UK-based artist whose riveting street art-style portraits incorporate a variety of mixed media. He combines physically handcrafted elements with digital editing tools like Photoshop to add a unique layer to his already beautifully painted works.

Each of the artist's paintings represents a different subject, usually female, that is lost within her own thoughts. They exude unfiltered emotion, despite their wandering gaze.… Continue

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