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Hello to you on this Monday! For today's Modern Monday post, I'd like to talk about modern day moms. Lately I've had baby on the brain; I'm 32 years old, and the clocks a tickin'. Seeing my sisters kids, I wonder if I'll be able to handle motherhood as graciously as they do. I love getting a sneak peek into celebs lives to see how they're balancing their own… Continue

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An inside look into creative people's homes and heads!: Favorite blog of the moment, The Selby

Oh another blog for the blog roll on the front page! Joy! My sister Grace sent me an email this morning, telling me about her favorite blog of the moment, The Selby. It can be best described as a blog with one basic concept: post photos of artsy folks at home in their artsy spaces. It's like Sartorialist for the design crowd! Wonderful.

What I love… Continue

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My Modern Metropolis: We're in the Spotlight!

As you know, theMET is running off a platform called Ning. With over 500,000 social networks, Ning has something for everyone - photographers, artists, etc - heck, they even have something for Britney and Tyra fans.

Today we're in the spotlight! Ning has chosen our little network as the one to watch and we couldn't be more happy or… Continue

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My Modern Mondays: Mirror Mirror On the Wall...Who's the Fairest of Them All? (Top 3)

My apologies for taking Monday off last week. But we're back. It's My Modern Mondays and today we'll be talking about modern mirrors.

Something beautiful about a nicely designed mirror. They can serve as an art piece in your living room, enhancing the space and making the room come alive. Here are my favorites.

#3… Continue

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World Animal Day

"World Animal Day was observed earlier this month - on October 4th. Started in Florence Italy in 1931 at a convention of ecologists, World Animal Day has since expanded its focus from its original intent, which was to bring attention to endangered or threatened species. The day is now set aside as a time to reflect on all of the animals we share this world with, and our involvement with them - and to spur action to commemorate that respectful relationship. Half the world's mammals are…


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Favorite Modern Store of the Moment: Umbra

Fotofalls multi $52.50 USD

I remember when I first walked into the MOMA in SF..I was like a kid in a candy store. I've always been drawn to modern design - there's something unique and refreshing about it. Umbra carries some great products - simple… Continue

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Need Some Design Ideas? Love to Shop? Let's Check Out Domino's Bazaar Oct 17-19th (Fri-Sun), Culver City

As many of you know by now, I love Domino. Not only have I found great ideas on how to redecorate my house, I've found some great friends and interesting people through the magazine.

If you're in LA next weekend be sure to check out Domino's once a year event!


Domino brings together merchants who carry everything from… Continue

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MY MODERN MONDAYS: Top 5 Modern Houses

Hello to you on this Monday! Today I'd like to share my top five modern houses that I would absolutely love to live in. Some are comfortable, some are just cool...but in the end these all lend itself to giving the people who live in them something to… Continue

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Audrey Kawasaki & Friends Present The Drawing Room: ThinkSpace LA Runs 11/7/08 to 11/29/08

If you love Audrey Kawasaki as much as we here at theMET do, you don't want to miss this show she's putting together with 24 of her friends!

Group Show Curated by Audrey Kawasaki featuring:

Audrey Kawasaki | Stella Im Hultberg | Amy Sol | Kukula | Brandi Milne | Brian… Continue

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My Modern Mondays: Top 5 Light Fixtures..To Brighten Up Your Day

Who doesn't like beautiful looking light fixtures? More than just a functional piece of furniture, lighting has become like unique pieces of art.

#5 - Lotus light fixtures by Dido designs by by Caroline Mansouri. I just love the look of these! Gorgeous! Too bad you have… Continue

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Favorite Artist of the Moment: Yu Cheng Hong

What strikes me most about this Taiwanese artist is that he can modernize anime looking characters. With clean lines and the use of a few vibrant colors, Yu Cheng Hong shows us that it doesn't have to be too complicated or colorful to be beautiful. Oh yes....and these girls look like they can… Continue

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Look at MMM Grow!


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Haven't Been to the LACMA Recently? Go to See Some Warhol, Lichtenstein and Koons Art at the BCAM.

As I get older, I've started to notice that I've gained a great appreciation for things like art, wine, and classical music. Frankly, MTV seems to always disappoint me (what kind of Britney showing was that last night?!), I'd rather watch the newest show on Bravo (thanks sis for the heads up on Rachel Zoe's new show) or check out a festival or art… Continue

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Hilarious! It's a Wonderful Internet.

Not sure if anyone has seen's a little old but so great.

It's a Wonderful Internet

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My Modern Metropolis is Busting its Doors Open: July 28th (Monday) at 8am

As much as the Met has opened up new and exciting opportunities and ideas, it's also given me a fair amount of stress. Putting yourself out to the public is damn scary, I don't care who you are. So as much as I love conquering that fear, I can't help but struggle with it each and every day.

Here are the particular questions that have haunted me these past few weeks:

1. Will I ever feel ready to open up the Met to the public?

2.… Continue

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Me? An Ambassador?

Ok, so I guess this is where the self-love comes in (Kara, I am trying).

I wanted to tell you how I became 1 of 100 ambassadors of OneWebDay, 'cause it's quite hilarious.

I wanted to sign up for a social network or Web 2.0 conference, so I was clicking around on websites (this was literally 2 days ago) and happened to come across something about Craig Newmark. I had read about him before but saw that he had a… Continue

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The BMW Art Cars World Tour - Pushing boundaries

Since 1975 larger than life artists from all over the world have designed BMW automobiles of their times, all making extremely different artistic statements. These include artists like the late Andy Warhol, Australian artist Ken Done, American minimalist painter and sculptor, Frank Stella and the late American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Over time the BMW Art Cars have been displayed worldwide in renowned museums such as the Guggenheims of New… Continue

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Olafur Eliasson - MoMA NYC till June 30th

If you can't make it to NYC by June 30th - check out the online exhibition or even just the intro video.

Back in October last year, Sam and I had the chance to go up to SF to visit some friends and trek around the city.

Our hotel was right next to the… Continue

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