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Vibrant Stained Glass Mosaics of Classic American Landscapes

Warsaw, Poland-born, Boulder, Colorado-based artist Kasia Polkowska recently embarked on a new stained glass mosaic series featuring America's most gorgeous landscapes. Her works highlight everything from the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains to the stunning foliage found during fall in Vermont.

One of her most beautiful pieces was inspired by a a recent trip…


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Shimmering Mosaic of Earth Made of 1,238 Jewels

English-Chinese artist Chris Chamberlain took on the ambitious task of creating a large-scale mosaic of Earth made of hundreds of thousands of tiny, twinkling components. The varied shimmering materials include 300,000 hand-cut squares and ambiguous shapes of stained glass; 1,238 jewels totaling 260 carats; over 6,900 internal LED lights; and 80,000 pieces of glass to create the…


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Spectacular Mosaics Made of Sand and Shells

Ukrainian artist Svetlana Ivanchenko uses materials typically found on a beach to produce incredibly captivating mosaics. Inspired by the environments whence they came from, Ivanchenko has produced countless portraits and scenes of exotic women roaming across deserts and oceans. It's hard to believe that all of the images are made entirely of such commonly overlooked…


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Intricate Button Mosaics of Queens and Crowns

Accessories aren't just for fashion design anymore. UK-based artist Ann Carrington has constructed a number of regal button mosaics as part of her Pearly Queens series. Each textured collage in the collection features an intricately detailed assembly of buttons displaying the profile of English royalty and the embellished design of majestic crowns.

Whether the portraits are made of the…


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Beautiful Mosaics Made of Gears, Watches, and Keys

In 1985, artist Laura Harris of Melonhead Gallery was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which forced her to quit her job as a teacher. That same year, she took up the fine art of creating mosaics, focusing on her craft full-time. Since then, the skilled mosaic artist has created some amazing works of art that not only allow Harris to push through her physically…


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Incredible MetroCard Collages of New York City

New York City is filled with commuters, so on any given day you're bound to find discarded MetroCards, the people's ticket to public transportation, in the subway and even in the city streets. Most pedestrians wouldn't think twice about these yellow and blue cards that litter the urban setting, but New York-based artist Nina Boesch not only notices them, but she utilizes their…


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San Francisco's Secret Mosaic Staircase

If you've ever wanted to find a hidden art gem in San Francisco, head to 16th and Moraga to discover The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps. Not only will you be able to see some amazing views of the city, you'll get to appreciate a beautiful mosaic running up 163 steps. Inspired by the…


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10,000 Cupcake Cherry Blossom Tree Mosaic

What's better than art you can eat? This past weekend, London-based Crumbs and Dollies Cupcakes debuted a stunning mosaic made of over 10,000 cupcakes! The cherry blossom tree was a project for a Japanese television show ITTEQ. It was unveiled at Highcross Shopping Centre in…


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One Million Coffee Beans Mosaic

Instead of grinding coffee beans for a morning brew, artist Saimir Strati has taken on a massive mosaic project made of approximately one million coffee beans. The piece features five characters who each represent a different continent. The objective is to display a sense of unity across the world.

Strati, who is based in Albania, is known for setting records with his meticulously…


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Vanity Fair Mosaic by Village9991 (8 pics)

Fashionable iconic mosaic images are made from recycled covers of Vanity Fair magazine where the titles are quite irregular.

Antonio Chiesa aka Village9991 was definitely inspired by mosaics and he works in various forms and and artistic techniques.…


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Magnificant Mural Mosaics (5 Total)

What's completely amazing about these murals is that it unites hundreds of artists together to create one unified masterpiece. Started in 2004 by Lewis Lavoie, Phil Alain and Paul Lavoie, mural mosaics are assembled after taking a single painting from an individual and placing it in sequence. (The painters have to is adhere to some color and shape guidelines.) I love… Continue

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