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Famed Portraits and Paintings Recreated with Found Objects

UK-based artist Jane Perkins produces incredible pieces that recreate classic works of art and portraits of iconic figures using thousands of multicolored found objects. Each of the artist's creations is a compilation of numerous objects that range in color, size, and texture. She works with anything from buttons and beads to LEGO pieces, shells, plastic spoons, and…


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Artist Finds New Ways to Create Art Despite Irreversible Nerve Damage

Artist Phil Hansen uses a labor-intensive approach to create his large-scale murals. Instead of simply drawing a figure or going the pointillism route, Hansen produces many of his pieces entirely out of handwritten text from submitted stories of challenges and struggles to words of encouragement and hope. Ultimately, each portrait, landscape, and scene is reflected in Hansen's…


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Large-Scale Murals Made of Thousands of Tiny Objects

London-based artist Joe Black uses thousands of tiny objects to create large-scale murals of iconic and historical figures. Each piece features a variety of components ranging from small toys and chess pieces to nuts and bolts. His material choice plays a significant role in portraying his interpretive message, while presenting it in an eye-catching manner.

The latest portraits in the…


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David Choe Paints Over Hundreds of Wine Bottle Crates

Well-known graffiti artist David Choe traveled to Switzerland recently to be part of a project known as myFINBEC, in association with Cave Fin Bec winery. The project called on 8 graffiti artists to paint on their own wall, which was actually a stack of 84 wine crates. Upon completion, the stacks of boxes would then be…


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Spectacular Cherry Blossom Murals Made with Hand Prints

In Onahama, Japan, following the Great East Japan Earthquake, a project known as Okurie emerged that involves painting murals onto buildings that are scheduled to be demolished. Nearly two years later, artist Yosuke Tan, aka untangle, paid a visit to one site of an Okurie at Iwaki Sogo High School where recent graduates…


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Awesome Calvin and Hobbes Mural Painted for a Nursery

Redditor alltherobots gave a lucky kid one of the coolest gifts ever. At the request of his friends, the professional artist painted this awesome Calvin and Hobbes wall mural for their baby's nursery. The classic image of the adventurous duo lounging on a tree branch is playfully recreated using latex paint to mimic the typical watercolors used in comic strip creator…


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Awesome Doorknob Mural of Van Gogh's Starry Night

Hardware store owner David Goldberg amassed quite a collection of discontinued doorknobs and various door accessories over the years. Instead of discarding them or melting them down, the inventive entrepreneur decided to repurpose them into a large mural replicating Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night. Located outside of his store Union Hardware in Bethesda, Maryland, the large-scale…


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More Incredible Staple Art by Baptiste Debombourg

Every tool serves a purpose, but artists like Baptiste Debombourg know how to unleash greater potential in everyday items. For Debombourg, staples aren't simply tiny, metallic instruments used to fasten papers together or to a wall. The French artist uses the little pieces of bent metal to paint his grandeur pictures of human figures and natural settings, as…


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More Astonishing Murals Made of Buttons, Beads, and Pins

While most artists who create large-scale murals work with paints, brushes, and varied illustrating tools, Brooklyn-based Korean artist Ran Hwang uses buttons, beads, and pins, carefully aligning each component to produce some incredibly ambitious results. The artist recreates images of temples and cherry blossoms, which both echo Asian and Buddhist motifs, by hammering…


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Liu Bolin and JR's Camouflaging Collaboration

Did you catch the man concealed in that giant street mural? French street artist JR and expert camouflage artist Liu Bolin have recently joined forces in New York City to produce this massive multilayered art project. The three-step undertaking began with the construction and assembly of JR's large-scale mural of Bolin. The street artist wheatpasted the image to the wall in the Nolita…


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