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20 Jim Henson Puppets Make Their Big Museum Debut

On the anniversary of the late Jim Henson's birthday, the National Museum of American History received a donation unlike any other. Twenty Jim Henson puppets, including some of the very first constructed of the famous characters (see below for a green Grover), will go on view in the museum later this year and early next. Some of Henson's most beloved characters from The Muppet Show,…


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Monet-Inspired Field of Poppies Sprouts Up in Montreal

A bright installation has just popped up in Montreal! Inspired by Claude Monet's famous 1873 painting Poppy Field, landscape artist and architect Claude Cormier has taken 5,060 red, green and white temporary overlay markers (or those raised markers that delineate temporary lanes on highways) and turned them into a pixelated poppy field. The "poppies" cover Du Musee Avenue, a…


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Megan Geckler's New Criss-Crossing Tape Sculptures

On display at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art until February 23 are Megan Geckler's new site-specific installations constructed with her signature material - flagging tape. Using careful mathematical calculations, she transforms the space with bright bursts of color. The show, titled “…


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Colorfully Stenciled Garden at Singapore Art Museum

Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki just sent us these photos of his latest installation at the Singapore Art Museum. Known for bringing bare white rooms to life with his use of pigments and stencils, Ohmaki worked with a team, over the course of 10 days, to create this colorful wonderland.…


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Louvre's New Floating, Iridescent Roof

On September 22, a new art gallery space will be unveiled at France's famous Louvre museum that has an incredibly striking feature. The permanent home to the museum’s extensive collection of Islamic art, the new Department of Islamic Arts will be covered with a "Golden Cloud" which will seem like it's floating. The undulating, iridescent roof is meant to be a "gentle and non-violent…


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Maurice Sendak: A Legacy Exhibition

While children's author and illustrator Maurice Sendak will always be known for his classic book Where the Wild Things Are, he produced nearly 10,000 works of art and related material. In the early 1970s, Sendak chose the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to be the repository for this work. They hold everything from his…


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Met Museum's Artsy Holiday Gif

I received an email this morning from The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Corporate Communications department that contained a beautiful gif that I just had to share. First issued in 1925, this old polychrome woodblock print, called Zojoji Temple in Shiba by prominent Japanese artist Kawase Hasui, has…


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Sweet Social Seating in Berkeley Art Museum

Next time you're in Berkeley, California, drop by their art museum and you'll find some super sweet seating smack dab in the middle of the its large atrium. Merging multiple disciplines including art, architecture, and furniture, BAMscape is a free-form seating environment commissioned by the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive.

Installed for a two-year duration, it's a place… Continue

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The Wolfsburg Project by James Turrell (6 pics + video)

"The primary medium of Californian artist James Turrell is light. Probably the best-known artist in his field, Turrell's entire oeuvre since the 1960s has been devoted to exploring the diverse manifestations of this immaterial medium and working towards a new, space-defining form of light art.

While light here refers to nothing beyond itself, it causes surface, colour and space to… Continue

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World’s first ‘tree museum’

The Tree Museum, hailed as the world’s first tree museum, has been unveiled in Switzerland, housing more than 2,000 trees.

The Tree Museum, spanning 75,000 square meters, was officially opened on June 14, 2010. Designed by green architect Chad Oppenheim and Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea, the sprawling complex has been developed on a 14th century monastery site.

The Tree Museum, besides functioning as a beautiful… Continue

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Architects Build Small Spaces at V&A Museum

A new exhibit at the V&A gives seven experimental architects the opportunity to showcase small structures. The spaces will be installed at a number of locations throughout the museum. Despite their size, they are meant to act as an immersive place reflection where visitors can directly experience the architecture.

"This exhibition will investigate small-scale structures and how they can define and enhance notions of everyday life and…


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Pic of the Day: Laughing Out Loud

A child played between sculptures outside a museum in Beijing Wednesday. (Muhammed Muheisen/Associated Press)

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Gorgeous New Shots of the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Car history buffs rejoice! If you ever wanted to see a complete timeline of 120 years of automotive history, you'll want to check out the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. You'll have to trek through nine levels as the…


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Mexico is Building the World's Largest Underwater Museum

Can art help preserve nature? Let's hope so. Mexico has just announced plans to build the largest underwater museum in the world, with around 400 figures made of concrete submerged in the Caribbean sea, near Cancun. The goal? Not only to keep their tourists happy but to help protect their coral reef. In essence, the Mexican government is looking to create a new… Continue

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EVENT: Ojai Valley Museum is 'Mad About Sergio Aragonés'

One of my most favorite things to do, here at theMET, is find out about art shows that reveal life stories. If you make your way to Ojai Museum from August 13 to October 4, 2009 you'll not only get to see a creative environment, you'll feel like you've "walked right into Mad magazine." Here you'll find a retrospective exhibit with world famous MAD Magazine cartoonist… Continue

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Depressed Ronald McDonald Appears In Front Of the Bristol Museum

If you happen to go to the Bristol Museum to see Banksy's new show, look up and you'll see this distraught Ronald McDonald sitting on top of the main entrance. With mascara-stained tears running down its cheeks and a half-drunk bottle of Bell's whisky standing next to it, this is one Ronald you'd never see inside a McDs!…


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Brad Pitt in W Magazine (Feb. 2009)

Any which way you look at it, Brad Pitt's face featured prominently in this month's W magazine, in all its silent, black and white sheen, is a bit creepy and a little too close too for comfort. The style is reminiscent of caveman busts at the Natural History Museum. So I made these.

Angelina's recent… Continue

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Our Sammy's Hanging in Someone's Living Room!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my old friend from Outdoor Channel, Dave Warner, for creating this 3D chromadepth picture of Sammy. He recently sold it at the Riverside Art Museum for $300! You… Continue

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Oh Roger Murrell I'm Coming to Visit for the Statuephilia Exhibit at the British Musuem

Ron Mueck's 'Mask II' - a widely-exhibited self-portrait of the artist sleeping

Yo Roger, do you think I can come crash at your place so we can go to the British Museum and see some contemporary art? An 18-carat gold Kate Moss (our "modern-day Aphrodite") in this contorted pose, a sleeping giant's head, Hirst's famous display of skulls? If I can't make… Continue

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How 4 Grown Adults + 1 Three Year Old Kid Do the Exploratorium, SF

Cathy is my sister Carol's best friend from junior high. Throughout high school, they were the ones who made me ditch class, dragging me out of English, driving me to Laguna Beach (while I slept int the back seat) so that we could enjoy a beautiful, sunny day in Laguna… Continue

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