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Top 8 Modern Tech Tools to Take on Vacation

Whether you’re planning a once-in-lifetime trip with friends or a yearly excursion with family, now more than ever it’s easy to stay connected with those back home while on a vacation. Check out these 8 modern tech tools you should take with you, wherever you're going.



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My Modern Shop Exclusive Release: Sidescape by Tom Ryaboi

Toronto-based Tom Ryaboi busted out into the scene last year with his heart-stopping, adrenaline pumping rooftop photography. His most recognizable image, called I'll Make Ya Famous, flew through the web and Tom was quickly credited for being one of the pioneers of the rooftopping movement.

Today, it's with great pleasure that we bring you…


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My Modern Met is Searching for Interns!

It's been an extremely eventful start of 2012 for My Modern Met and I'm happy to report that we've continued to expand our team! In an effort to keep growing, giving our viewers the richest experience possible, we're hiring again! We're looking for web-savvy interns who have a knack for writing and a passion for sharing creative ideas to join us.



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My Parents Were Awesome

One of the coolest blogs to launch recently is My Parents Were Awesome. It was created by Eliot Glazer who wanted to show photos of parents when they were "super-awesome." As he states, "Before the fanny packs and Andrea Bocelli concerts, your parents (and grandparents) were once free-wheeling, fashion-forward, and super awesome."

Anyone can submit a picture of… Continue

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The Story Behind My Modern Metropolis

Day in and day out Eugene and I have the unique privilege of entertaining you with inspirational stories. And through it all you may have wondered how this community came about.

iChoson, a Korean news and social networking site recently asked for an interview. I shared with them… Continue

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The Exclusive My Modern Metropolis T-Shirt

So here it is! The design of the highly desirable, exclusive My Modern Metropolis t-shirt created by our multi-talented friend, Arlene Ibanez. The designs are printed on American Apparel t-shirts. Here's a look at them on an actual…


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My Little Pony Re-Mixed (12 Total)

Edward Scissorhands

What happens when you take a highly popular old school children's toy and mix it with other pop culture figures? Well, you get something as wacky and weird as Mari Kasurinen's My Little Ponies. For those of us that can remember the early 80's, My Little Pony was a cultural… Continue

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WooHoo! We're a Design Authority on Alltop!

I love Alltop because it's a quick and easy way to see all of my favorite design websites in one place. In fact, I wrote about that website and the guy who created it,… Continue

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Hi Everyone

I just wanted to say I really enjoy this site. I love the classy feel to it. My Metro gives me a chance to actually have adult interaction with intellegent people, on new ideas and discussing todays topics. So thank you for giving us a chance to enjoy the web in a fun, smart way!

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Something a little kitschy about this..but I like it! My Documents Laptop Case.

Get me to laugh and I'm yours. This laptop case wouldn't make sense to those that don't really use a computer but for the generation who's on it all the time, this is good stuff.

'my document' laptop case $30 at… Continue

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My Modern Mondays!: Photographer of the Moment, Robert Ascroft

Usually, on this Monday, I list out three to five examples of some of my favorite modern things. Today, I decided to write about one specific photographer, Robert Ascroft. He established himself in the music world by working as an Art Director and Designer and only by shooting assignments himself did he fall in love with photography. What I enjoy most about his work… Continue

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Our first foray into videos. (Eek.) Welcome to My Modern Metropolis!

So we got the Flip camera the other day and I am really impressed with how easy it is to shoot video. No one likes seeing themselves in video (including me) but we figure this would be the next step for us. That way we'll be able to show you small clips of restaurants, hotels, and events! So welcome everyone and see you in video! (This clip will stay in our About… Continue

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Kill Them with Cuteness



"Hello Kitty" HK-AK-47, from the Glambo Signature Series. $1072.95.

* Hand-crocheted shoulder-stock muffler

* Anodized titanium plating

* Fires standard 7.62mm 125 or 150 grain ammunition with a muzzle velocity of approximately 710 meters per second

* Maximum effective range of approximately 300 meters

* "A perfect gift for the young lady of the… Continue

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My Modern Metropolis: We're in the Spotlight!

As you know, theMET is running off a platform called Ning. With over 500,000 social networks, Ning has something for everyone - photographers, artists, etc - heck, they even have something for Britney and Tyra fans.

Today we're in the spotlight! Ning has chosen our little network as the one to watch and we couldn't be more happy or… Continue

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LIGHTS - Drive My Soul (Music Video)

So here I sit, munching on CostCo string cheese and looking for more cheese on YouTube, when long behold I find the music video for my guilty pleasure song of the month.

Like you would be able to resist this bit of… Continue

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On the road to self-discovery, what I've learned (so far)

At first I was going to put this post outside theMET but I decided...fuck it...let's keep it here.

1. Life is a journey of self-discovery. Not too long ago I felt as though the floor had slipped under me and that I was left with nothing. Stripped bare, I had to figure out who I was and… Continue

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Look at MMM Grow!


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A Little Sappy But Oh So Sweet: An Old Music Video, First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

Song has been added to the music player.

What I love most about this video is how it doesn't seem staged at all.


This is the first day of my life

I swear I was born right in the doorway

I went out in the rain suddenly everything changed

They're spreading blankets on the beach

Yours is the first face that I saw

I think I was blind before I met you

Now I don’t know where I am

I don’t know where I’ve… Continue

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Jesus is my Homeboy by David Lachapelle

David LaChapelle, born March 11, 1963 in Fairfield, Connecticut, is a photographer and director who works in the fields of fashion, advertising, and fine art photography, and is noted for his surreal, unique and often humorous style.…


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My Modern Metropolis is Busting its Doors Open: July 28th (Monday) at 8am

As much as the Met has opened up new and exciting opportunities and ideas, it's also given me a fair amount of stress. Putting yourself out to the public is damn scary, I don't care who you are. So as much as I love conquering that fear, I can't help but struggle with it each and every day.

Here are the particular questions that have haunted me these past few weeks:

1. Will I ever feel ready to open up the Met to the public?

2.… Continue

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