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6 Websites That Will Instantly Cheer You Up

Had a rough day? Today, we present you with six websites that will instantly cheer you up! While there are millions upon millions of websites on the Internet, it’s hard to find ones that will lift your mood. Sure, there will always be the big behemoths of the web, like Facebook and Reddit, where you can find a link to a funny story, but it’s nice to know there are websites out there…


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6 Funny Photo Projects That Will Make You Lose It

We can all use a good hearty laugh. That's why today we've brought together six photographers whose mission it is to make you chuckle. Read about their fantastically funny photo projects over at LifeScoop!

Photo credit:…


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7 Amazing Product Designs Guaranteed to Turn Heads

Ready for some head turning designs? Today, over at My Life Scoop, we've rounded up seven products with such unique designs you can't help but take a second look. We hope that this list with help you think outside-the-box in your next creative endeavor.

See the list,…


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Top 8 Modern Tech Tools to Take on Vacation

Whether you’re planning a once-in-lifetime trip with friends or a yearly excursion with family, now more than ever it’s easy to stay connected with those back home while on a vacation. Check out these 8 modern tech tools you should take with you, wherever you're going.



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Top 6 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing How We Socially Connect

Today, more than ever, we’re sharing our lives with each other in both simple and profound ways. With the rise of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, we can keep in touch with our existing friends or make completely new ones with just a few clicks of a button. Which technologies are advancing this idea even further? Today we’ll take a look at…


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Top 10 Breakthrough Gadgets in the Last Year

Within the last year, a whole host of new products have been brought to light that have or will change the way we live. These breakthrough gadgets have risen above all the rest to grab our attention. They make us think twice about how we do everything from work to relax. From mobile devices we carry around everyday, like phones and tablets, to major purchases like a television, these…


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Top 10 Pinteresters to Follow for Life’s Tips and Tricks

Today we take a look at 10 Pinteresters (or Pinterest Users) who do more than just provide us with pretty pictures, they give us real life tips and tricks on how to make our lives easier. So next time you’re looking to whip up a new meal, plan an exciting trip or buy a unique gift, look to these expert curators to guide you along the way.

See the list…


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Top 6 Apps for the Ultimate Foodie

For this week's tips, we present to you six apps you're going to want to have if you believe you're the ultimate foodie. What qualifies as a foodie? If you're one of those people who daydreams about your last great meal, who believes eating is a treasured experience, or who looks forward to your next meal even before you've finished your last, then most likely you're a foodie or…


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Top 6 Sites to Learn Creative & Clever Crafts

Did someone say confetti bags? If you're a firm believer in making your own gifts or if you just want to get a little creative, check out our new list over at My Life Scoop. This week we've rounded up six websites that have…


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Top 10 Sites to Find New and Exciting Artists

Where do you go to find artists you connect with? We've rounded up 10 sites that do a spectacular job at featuring some of the most exciting artists today. This time we've even included ourselves in the bunch! Find that list over at Intel's… Continue

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Top 6 Bookmarking Sites for Visual Inspiration

If you've ever come across amazing images that made you stop and stare, you've probably tried to find ways to save them. Bookmarking sites are not only a great place to collect these images, they're also places to find visual inspiration - which can be of enormous help, specifically, to artists and designers.

Today, we've collected six excellent sites that… Continue

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Top 6 Sites to Score Deals on Modern Design

Ready to live a more simple yet stylish life? In our latest post for Intel's My Life Scoop, we're taking you shopping! Check out these six sites where you can score some sweet deals on modern design items for your everyday life.

Find them all at… Continue

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Top 6 Sites for Interior Design Inspiration

Ready for some more exciting websites to bookmark? Well, if you have a love and passion for interior design, then today's your lucky day! We've rounding up six sites that you absolutely must check out. Find out who's #1 over on My… Continue

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Top 6 Sites to Make You a Better Photographer

When one of your main tasks is to find and write about beautiful photography, you can't help but be inspired by all the incredible talent out there. Just like anyone who's viewing our posts (hello out there!), we're compelled to sharpen our own skills, to really understand what it takes to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Intel asked us to put together 5… Continue

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