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My Experience Hiking on Top of Alaska's Exit Glacier

Hiking on top of a glacier is an otherworldly experience that I'll never forget.

Before I departed on my trip, I watched this fascinating documentary called Chasing Ice. It's based on National Geographic photographer James Balog’s mission to gather undeniable evidence of climate change. Using time-lapse cameras, his videos…


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Trash Land of Maputo

Portuguese photographer Jose Ferreira provides us with a startling look at the harsh reality of underdeveloped countries. In Maputo, Mozambique, just a few meters from the airport, is the dump of Huléne. Two kinds of people live in this trash land - garbage collectors and the others.

Garbage collectors are the pawns of a few businesses and can "flourish" through recycling. They… Continue

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Dresses Made of Words

Norway-based ad agency Kitchen certainly knows how to make us do a double-take! Using that old adage - "sex sells" - they dress up beautiful blond women in transparent gowns, made of nothing but words in different typefaces. Created for fashion magazine Alt for Damene, the dresses' message is clear: "Stories that stay with you."…


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Amazing Hand-Colored Photographs of Old Japan


These amazing hand-colored photographs of old Japan give us a history lesson about what life was like in the late 1800's to early 1900's. As an isolationist country opening its doors to the outside world for the first time in more than 200 years, a truly astounding transformation took place and, as fate would have it, photography had just been… Continue

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Portrait of an Endangered Species

Kenji Aoki took this magnificent shot of a live 5 ft. bluefin tuna for a New York Times cover story. The body of the fish looks incredible, almost like we're looking at the earth from outer space.

Aoki does not rely on retouching and his work requires minimal post production. He recently moved from Tokyo to New York in early November 2010.

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Center of My World (15 photos)

Depending on how you feel on a particular day, the world can appear very big or very small. The type of environment you place yourselves in can play a huge factor.

In this poetic series titled "The Center of My World," Switzerland-based photographer Jonas Fornerod puts himself far and center into the distance. By doing so, he appears tiny in comparison to the dramatic setting that… Continue

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Beasts of Burden (5 photos)

Next time you're down in the dumps, you can find a little sympathy in this creative set by photographer Jamie Campbell. Called Beasts of Burden, it tells the tale of depressed mascots whose motivations have been zapped.

"I was interested in the concept of burden," the Montreal, Canada-based photographer says. "Burden can be carried; it has a particular… Continue

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Wrinkles of Shanghai (15 pics)

Fresh off his TED Prize win, JR traveled to Shanghai to start a new project entitled "The Wrinkles of the City." In this powerful series, the French street artist/photographer captures images of the elderly, who represent the memories of the land.

JR pastes these large-scale photos at locations that he feels speak to the heritage of Shanghai. Over the last… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Vuvuzela Center

Better get yours soon, they've been selling like hotcakes. BZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

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Production Process of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Ball


The Jabulani ball has been the center of controversy since the start of the World Cup.

Already England's Robert Green, Algeria's Faouzi Chaouchi and Paraguay's Justo Villar have given up soft goals to what Nigeria's Dickson Etuhu called "the worst ball ever" in an interview with the BBC.

Despite complaints, FIFA supports its match ball. "The ball has been produced by Adidas, which is a long-standing partner of FIFA and very experienced…


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Lego Recreation of World Cup 2010: England 1-1 USA

Here is a great Lego recreation of the 2010 World Cup match between USA vs. England. Thanks for the tip, Duc!

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Creator of Super Mario Bros. Crossover is Crazy!

I haven't laughed at a video like this in awhile... Jay Pavlina shows you how he really plays Super Mario Bros Crossover... and it isn't pretty. In fact, it's scary.

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Last Series of LOST Prints (4 pieces)

Sun & Jin - Tara McPherson

As LOST comes to a close, here are the last series of posters from the sci-fi drama. All four of these prints refer to scenes that occurred in the last season. You can purchase them all, here.…


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Japan - Heartbeats of Time by Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff, the most prominent HDR photographer of the past decade, compiled some of his favorite works from Japan and put together this amazing video titled "Japan - Heartbeats of Time."

"I spend a lot of time thinking about the way memory and sight work together," said Ratcliff. " I don't think we remember in 'pictures' or long videos... but something in between. Perhaps we also sense, at times, more than 30 fps, and unexpected parts of the brain fire when we… Continue

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Computing a Theory of Everything - Stephen Wolfram: TED

This TED talk by Stephen Wolfram is totally geeky, but if he is able to make all knowledge computational - able to be searched, processed and manipulated - he may be able to explain the physics underlying the universe - and that's pretty… Continue

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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - The Frame

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is an ongoing massive disaster. "Worst case scenarios almost never happen," said Professor Robert Thomas, of New Orleans' Loyola University. "In this case, almost everyone I have known with technical knowledge of oil spills – people who have worked in the industry 30, 40 years – say it is upon us. Others talk of a "Gulf Coast Chernobyl".… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Find the Inner Calvin Inside of You

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Enlightened State of Mind - Mi Ju (13 pics)

The more I look at Mi Ju's amazingly detailed work, the more I'm impressed by it. I just featured her in a post last week, but I stumbled upon some of her most recent works and they are truly mind-blowing.

To create her incredibly complex masterpieces, the 26-year-old uses…


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Beautiful Decay of Society (9 pieces)

Chloe Early has become a familiar name in the modern art world - and for good reason. Her playfully erotic, fantasy-themed pieces explode with color, while the stark contrast of vibrant pastels and heavy dark undertones tells us a story that is undeniably captivating.

"I've looked a lot at construction and destruction and cycles of development and decay,"…


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Splash of Lust

Love this painting by Brooklyn-based art student Becki Wilson aka Glitter Being. Through various brush techniques and the use of bright neon colors, Wilson creates this beautiful work of art that can safely be described as "a hot mess."

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