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Painter Turns Babies' Corrective Helmets into Artistic Creations

Washington-based artist Paula Strawn makes a living bringing joy to families everywhere by painting babies' corrective helmets with fantastic, customized designs. The helmets are used to help infants who have flat head syndrome, a common condition in which babies' heads appear flat. While the condition is treatable, most corrective helmets are plain and white. According to the artist, many…


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New Enchanting Oil Painting Portraits by Mary Jane Ansell

Brighton, UK-based artist Mary Jane Ansell is back with more fantastic oil paintings of enchanting and mysterious young women. Although Ansell displays her impressive skill in rendering realistic lights, shadows, skin tones, and textures, the portraits are not quite in the realm of hyperrealism.…


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Exquisite Paintings of Fantastic Lands by Rebecca Artemisa

Portland-based artist Rebecca Artemisa’s sets her scenes in imaginative, fantastic lands that exude exquisite details. Artemisa’s young women are among many flowers, trees, and other creatures, including monsters that are composed out of birds and stars. Although not of this world, these beings are nonthreatening and benevolent, and they even offer someone a ride on their back!



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Look Closely...This Parrot is Actually a Human Being!

Although this may look like a simple image of a parrot perched on a tree stump, believe it or not, it's actually a photograph of a woman whose entire body has been perfectly painted to resemble the tropical bird. This is the work of fine art body painter Johannes Stoetter,…


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Amazing Hyperrealistic Paintings Show Layers of Details

Artist Joshua Suda paints portraits that look so amazingly realistic, it's hard to believe they're not photographs. From the texture of skin and the expressiveness of the subject's eyes, all the way to the subtle interplay of shadow and light on surfaces like hair and clothes, Suda absolutely nails it. His pieces truly embody the meaning of the word "hyperrealism."

Suda's flair…


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Romantic Paintings of Youth by Terry-Pauline Price

Australian artist Terry-Pauline Price is a painter whose romantic depictions of youth are meant to rekindle memories of a time now past. Her work features a young feminine figure enjoying the great outdoors. We see a girl picking berries, painting a picture, jumping rope, and playing with a friend. Price’s brush strokes are very gestural and energetic, reminiscent of an Impressionist…


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Quiet Landscape Paintings Remind Us to Cherish The Familiar

New Zealand-based artist Yukari Kaihori's exquisite landscape paintings showcase natural beauty. Using both vivid and subdued colors with fine details, she depicts uninhabited spaces that feature luscious greenery and dotted bright flowers. Playing with techniques like glazing, her style is both controlled and uninhibited. Kaihori layers textures using repetitive brushstrokes, but also lets her…


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Smoldering Urban Landscape Paintings Show Beauty in Decay

Artist Brian Mashburn’s exquisite oil paintings of broken cities and decaying lands are as beautiful as they are haunting. Mashburn illustrates tangled, leafless branches against a smoldering landscape and heavy sky. Sometimes, we see an animal or person trying to make sense of what’s around them. It seems bleak, but the artist does offers a glimmer of hope, and we see patches of blue sky and white clouds…


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Amazing Patterned Paintings That Look Three-Dimensional

The optical illusion paintings by self-taught artist Mad King are so convincingly three-dimensional that they appear to pop off of your screen. Using metallic paints and multiple sheens of poly-acrylic sealer, the artist's work is truly mind-bending. He starts by mapping out geometric shapes and repeat patterns, carefully positioning every element so as to successfully build a convincing illusion.…


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Lively Sci-Fi-Inspired Paintings by Kwanchai Moriya

Los Angeles-based artist Kwanchai Moriya paints colorful portraits of heroes and heroines, and animals, too. His illustrative work teeters between realism and abstraction, and he uses this style as a way to define the most important aspects of an image. Many times, Moriya will articulate the features of a face or someone's hands, while the background remain largely undefined. The…


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Artistic Paintings of French Architecture by Nicolas Jolly

French artist Nicolas Jolly produces subtle yet beautiful paintings of various landscapes from all over the world, particularly in France, capturing the allure of architecture and the crowds that landmarks draw. From la Sorbonne and the Louvre in Paris to the Pont de pierre in Bourdeaux (where Jolly…


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New Additions to "The Far Side of the World" by Josh Keyes

In Portland-based painter Josh Keyes’ series Old Ones, he features a soaring bald eagle, an elk sitting quietly in a green forest, and a bear looking at the world on his hind legs. It all sounds normal, but the elk’s antlers double as tree branches, and the brown bear is taller than all of the pine trees. For more than several years now, Keyes has painted realistically-rendered portraits…


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Colorful Watercolor Paintings of Radiant Trees in Nature

Ukraine-based artist Anna Armona creates colorful water paintings of various natural landscapes throughout the seasons. Her collection of diverse, one-of-a-kind paintings capture both the beauty and magic of earthy settings. Whether she is depicting the barren trees in the depths of a forest or blades of grass as the edge of a lake, Armona adds an energy to each scene with her style and…


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Photorealistic Paintings of Beautiful Women Lying in Nature

Tel Aviv-born, New York-based painter Yigal Ozeri produces unbelievably realistic paintings of women in beautiful landscapes that make it hard to believe that they aren't photographs. The photorealistic pieces, which often depict women lying in nature, capture every detail of the scene, from…


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Man Spontaneously Creates Incredible Sand Paintings by Hand

New York-based visual artist Joe Mangrum creates colorful sand paintings on the floor that exhibit spectacular designs. Each improvised creation is a spontaneous work of art that Mangrum produces entirely by hand. Each mound of the pigmented grains are poured from the palm of his hand in…


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Elaborately Textured and Colored Oil Paintings of Old Films

Turkish artist Murat Pulat creates incredibly textured paintings of iconic scenes from old Hollywood movies, New Wave French films and 1960s television shows. His thick layers of oil paint and small brush strokes create a rich stippling that gives his paintings a unique, dotted pattern and makes the figures and faces look slightly pixelated.

As a reference to the original black…


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Voyeuristic Oil Paintings Look Like Multiple Exposure Photographs

Korean artist Horyon Lee utilizes the photography technique of multiple exposures to produce a sensual style of movement in his slightly scandalous oil paintings. The overlapping images created by layers of opaque paint show several moments at once.



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Mystifying Goddesses in a Macabre Dreamscape

Adrift in a dark fantasy world, these beautifully rendered heroines are the surreal creations of artist Dan Quintana. Using oil on wood panels, Quintana carefully paints the delicate features of these mystifying goddesses. Although they are surrounded by demons and skeletal creatures with claws, blades and unknown intentions, Quintana's subjects appear serene and unperturbed. They reign supreme…


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Impressive Oil Paintings Offer Glimpse of 19th Century Tokyo

Over a century old, these incredible oil paintings by Robert Frederick Blum offer a rare glimpse into the vivid life of Tokyo in the late 19th century, a time and place we know mainly through limited black and white photos.

In 1876, the Cincinnati-born painter visited the first official World's Fair and was so impressed and inspired by Japan's booth that 14 years later…


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73-Year-Old Man Creates Beautiful Paintings on Excel Spreadsheets

While most digital artists opt to use Photoshop or some other similar software, 73-year-old Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi chooses to work with Microsoft Excel to produce his beautiful works of art. His "paintings" are remarkably intricate works that mimic traditional Japanese paintings that offer scenic views of natural landscapes rich with cultural…


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