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Thought-Provoking Paintings of Out-of-Body Experiences

Soul Out is a series of oil paintings by Berlin-based artist Deenesh Ghyczy that presents surreal portraits of people having an out-of-body experience. The intriguing scenes feature an abstraction of realism, blurring the the boundaries between reality and figments of one's…


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Incredibly Realistic Rainy Day Paintings by Karen Woods

On a rainy afternoon, artist Karen Woods observes large raindrops as they transform windshields and window panes into beautiful formations. She then converts those meditative moments into mesmerizing oil paintings that capture the tranquility of a quiet, stormy day.

In her paintings, Woods turns everyday urban scenes into impressive moments filled with captivating distortions.…


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New Yorker's Powerful Tribute Cover to Nelson Mandela

As you all know by now, the world lost a great one yesterday. To commemorate the life of Nelson Mandela, next week's cover of The New Yorker will show a beautifully powerful oil painting of a younger version of the leader by artist Kadir Nelson. "I’ve recently made a children’s book about Nelson Mandela, but for a New Yorker cover, I settled on a younger…


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Artist Uses a Rake to Create Amazingly Large Sand Paintings

Artist Andres Amador takes unconventional art to a whole other level with his incredible sand paintings. Using the beach as his enormous canvas and rakes as his brushes, Amador creates massive, eye-catching murals featuring geometric and floral patterns. The sand artist uses his whole body to navigate his tools across the grains, transforming his chosen coastline into one of his…


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Surreal Painted Faces Make Us Question What We Are Seeing

Moscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov explores the visually transformative power of paint and makeup in his 2D or not 2D and Angry Beards projects. Both bodies of work are part of the photographer's overarching Art of Face series that includes an ever-growing collection of beauty shots featuring intriguing applications of face…


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Live Painted Models Blend Seamlessly into Graffiti Background

While many artists seek to replicate reality through three-dimensional paintings, Los Angeles-based artist Alexa Meade goes the opposite route and paints on three-dimensional subjects to make them seem two-dimensional. The clever artist uses her keen eye for color and experience in…


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Hyperrealistic Paintings of a Woman Covered in Paint

The Mess of Emotion is an expressive series of hyperrealistic oil paintings by Korean artist Rim Lee that features a woman covered in thick, acrylic paints. The artist's work is a combination of performance, photography, and painting. Lee herself plays with pigments as the model for her photos, which she then uses as references for her paintings. The three-step approach…


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Beautiful Paintings of the Expressive Body in Motion

Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch creates beautifully expressive full-body portraits of people in motion. His smeared paintings capture the energetic beauty of movement, giving an artistic rendition of motion that is both elegant and powerful. Each portrait in Birch's…


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Glitchy Paintings Blur Lines Between Realism & Surrealism

Brazilian-born, Berlin-based artist Harding Meyer paints large-scale expressive portraits of women and men that blur the boundaries between realism and surrealism. He artistically presents an intimate look at the human face on a larger-than-life canvas, allowing viewers to delve deep into each visage. Each portrait is presented with sharp brushstrokes in every direction, making Meyer's subjects…


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Mesmerizing Translucent Waves from 19th Century Paintings

The late 19th century Armenian-Russian painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky created some truly spectacular paintings of seascapes that capture the beautiful, shimmering essence of the tumultuous waters. The marine artist gained recognition for his impeccable ability to recreate the expressive quality of oceans with over half of his 6,000+ paintings from his lifetime…


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Expressive Combination of Ballet Dancers and Calligraphy

Rurubu (meaning "to dance and flow slowly" in Japanese) is a collaborative project by Toronto-based photographer Haley Friesen and San Francisco-based calligraphy artist Nobuhiro Sato that explores the powerful expressions of body movement coupled with energetic strokes of ink. The multiple mediums applied to this project complement each other, heightening the dynamic, visual…


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Artist Paints Carpets as Though a Body is Hidden Underneath

Created by Spanish artist Antonio Santin, this series of oil paintings on canvas features a collection of silhouetted bodies laying underneath ornate carpets. Much of Santin's work evokes a haunting sense of morbidity and, in this case, the mysterious presence beneath the carpets will send chills down your spine. Most often, the figures are simple lumps creating shadows…


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Artist Creatively Re-Imagines Iconic Paintings

Cuban-American painter Cesar Santos recreates iconic paintings with a contemporary twist for his series known as Syncretism. His intriguing works simultaneously pay homage, merge, and play with Renaissance art and Modernism. Santos' collection of paintings tackle the famous works of some renowned painters including the likes of Vermeer, Picasso, Pollack, and Da…


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Graceful Portraits of Women Morphed Together with Birds

These wonderfully peaceful images naturally blend feminine forms with the elegant wings of various birds. Created by London-based artist Amy Judd, each oil-on-canvas painting features faceless women set against strikingly simple backgrounds. The anonymous subjects are created with soft brushstrokes and pastel color palettes, and their faces are consumed by the large, feathery forms. Using strong…


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Incredible Layered Resin Paintings of Women Underwater

Boston-based artist Jessica Dunegan creates surreal mixed media paintings of women who appear to be trapped underwater. Working with epoxy resin, poured in layers with acrylic paint, the artist's creations are almost sculptural works of art as the pigments are encased within different levels of the translucent material. Each of the artist's ethereal images is a carefully…


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Hidden Paintings Revealed on the Fore-Edge of Old Books


Special Collections Librarian Colleen Theisen recently uncovered a fore-edge painting found on a scientific book from the early 19th century. The book is from a set of four volumes about the seasons by Robert Mudie that were donated to the…


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Colorful Reinterpretations of Cloudy Scottish Landscapes

Inspired by his surrounding Scottish landscapes, Glasgow-based artist Scott Naismith interprets the skies, land, and sea before him as beautiful streaks of color. Using multi-sized brushes and various palette knives, the painter expresses his love for his native countryside with a multi-layered melody of color. The use of multiple tools allows him to produce his desired texture and…


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Artist Redesigns Portraits of Masculine Figures in Pink

The Pinks is a series of portraits by painter Scott Scheidly that transforms male political and pop culture figures using a pink color palette. Iconic, masculine characters like Blondie (played by Clint Eastwood) in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly are given a redesign to reflect the power that the color pink has over public perception and one's perceived…


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Dashing Portraits of Cats Dressed in Royal Attire

Tashkent-based Uzbek artist Eldar Zakirov digitally painted portraits of cats for Hermitage Magazine as though they are refined gentlemen in royal attire. Styling his whimsical renditions like classic oil paintings, there is an unbelievably realistic quality to them that makes the viewer question whether they're actually…


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Expressive Photorealistic Oil Paintings of People in Water

There's something both sensual and tranquil about artist Linnea Strid's photorealistic paintings. The Stockholm, Sweden-based creative's oil paintings depict intriguing portraits of people drenched in water. Strid is able to depict the translucent liquid so effectively that it…


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