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Photorealistic Paintings of Eyes Reflecting Their Surroundings

Though it is often said that the human eye can be revealing about a person, Jakarta-based Indonesian artist Veri Apriyatno's series titled The Witnesses reveals a lot more about a person's surroundings through the reflection of their eyes. Each…


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Pin-Up Portraits of Deer Girls

These oil on canvas paintings by artist Emily Burns explore contemporary concepts of female beauty. The artist's experimental portraits, a series entitled Deer Girls, feature sensual, feminine figures paired with deer heads. The pin-up girl portraits stimulate a curiosity about the natural blend between human and animal. By eliminating the face, Burns removes a viewer's natural instinct to…


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Riusuke Fukahori Paints a Giant Goldfish with a Broom

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori, best known for her three-dimensional goldfish paintings in layers of poured resin (and one of our top 10 cutting-edge artists of the 21st century) is a gifted painter whether it's on a three- or two-dimensional platform. As part of…


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Extremely Detailed Large Scale Paintings of Bugs

These bugs are painted with an extraordinary detail that is often only associated with photographs. In the Bugs series, New York-based fine artist Suzanne Berry intricately paints everything from ladybugs to caterpillars to wasps. Mostly self-taught, she uses intense highlights and deep shadows to capture the essence of life in each still painting.

Generally, Berry paints the…


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Deep Childhood Memories Painted Across Books

Rome-based Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova uses open-faced books, carefully aligned with one another, as a large canvas for each of her paintings in a series titled Errata Corrige. Using old books and various antiquated texts, Panikanova proceeds to apply her dark markings across the multiple volumes of published words and images.

Like a hidden message…


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Spectacular Film Inspired Paintings by Alice X. Zhang

The Dark Knight

New York-based artist Alice X. Zhang creates spectacular portraits of pop culture characters in their artistically dazzling worlds. As of late, she has been especially inspired by cinema, recreating scenes with her brilliant aesthetic and color palette. Each image is digitally painted in Photoshop, taking her up to 4 hours per…


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Liu Bolin Camouflages Himself into a Rack of Guns

World renowned performance artist Liu Bolin, aka the Invisible Man, is back doing what he does best: disappearing into his environment. This time, the artist lends his body to be covered in paint in front of a wall mounted with artillery. The Gun Rack performance took place at…


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Unbelievably Photorealistic Paintings of an Elegant Bride

Though this image of an elegant, swan-like bride clutching with one arm to the table behind her as her flowing gown drapes on the wood paneled floor below may seem like photograph of refined taste, it is actually a painting by artist Rob Hefferan. The photorealistic work of the English…


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Playful Books with Arms Spring to Life

Literary Slip

London-based artist Jonathan Wolstenholme's love of literature has inspired him to create a number of whimsical watercolor paintings depicting books with their own set of arms and hands. Rather than simply lying in a bookshelf, waiting to be picked out from a row of similarly shaped novels and read,…


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Layered Paintings Represent Transitional Phases of Life

Times of transition—a big move, a new baby, quitting a job—are often exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. These oil paintings by Michelle Jader are a visual metaphor for that inevitable tumble through everyday living. Jader says her work "explores moments when we willingly and unwillingly dive into the next phase of our lives. These critical times of life contain a…


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Vibrant Emotionally Charged Paintings of Expressive Women

Polish artist Anna Bocek's figurative paintings feature vibrant and energetic portraits of women. The painter's subjects are filled with emotion, communicated through facial expressions, body postures, and Bocek's brilliant color palette. Each portrait features a rich array of color, both in the background and on the subject, that adds to its evocative liveliness.

Strokes of color…


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Powerfully Captivating Surreal Oil Paintings by Joel Rea

In his extensive collection of surreal paintings, artist Joel Rea takes us on extreme adventures. His hyperrealistic landscapes and portraits feature everything from swirls of stormy winds and water to giant dogs chasing tiny people. Using brushes as thin as just a few hairs, the Australian artist spends hour upon hour meticulously developing his oil paintings until they are…


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Vertigo Inducing Paintings by Fabio Giampietro

Vertigo is a series of paintings by Milan-based artist Fabio Giampietro of an urban landscape seen from a dizzying height. The vertigo inducing perspective is presented as a monochromatic, often sepia-toned, image with the brilliantly composed lines of the surrounding architecture centering in on a comparatively small patch of concrete ground. In this manner, the images give the sense…


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GIFs of the Intricate Process Behind a Multilayered Painting

New York-based artist Julie Mehretu constructs densely layered abstract paintings that feature a wide range of ideas. Her large-scale creations offer a lot of patterns and visual movement for the viewer to soak in and process internally. Mehretu's piece titled Middle Grey exemplifies the artist's signature style of populating the frame with creative information in the form…


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Contemporary Figurative Paintings Evoke Strong Emotion

Looking at these paintings is like staring through a foggy window on a rainy day. Soft emotion in blurry form pours out of these feminine portraits by artist Mark Demsteader. The Manchester-based contemporary figurative artist is a self-taught master of the human form. His oil on canvas pieces feature pale figures set against a dark background. The dramatic contrast produces an…


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Paintings of Young Children Bonding with Playful Animals

During her childhood, California-based artist Amberlee Rosolowich often visited her mother—a zookeeper and aquarium show diver—at work. Having grown up surrounded by animals, she uses this past as inspiration for her playful paintings which blend strong creatures interacting with young children. Rosolowich says, "I became fascinated early on with animal behavior,…


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The Beautiful Textured Art of "Sculpting with Paint"

Chef and restauranteur-turned-artist Justin Gaffrey blurs the boundaries between paintings and sculptures with his eye-catching landscapes and floral creations. The Walton County, Florida-based visual artist aptly describes his method of art as "sculpting with paint." Working primarily with palette knives and a countless assortment of acrylic paints, Gaffrey manages to produce beautifully…


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Street Artist Paints Whimsical Murals Around the World

Parisian street artist Julien "Seth" Malland calls himself Globepainter because his work has taken him all over the world. Most recently, he created a whimsical piece in his hometown of Paris, joining 50 of the world' finest street artists in turning an…


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Monochromatic Paintings Feature Layers of Raw Emotion

The girls in these paintings have a haunting beauty that seamlessly blends youthful innocence with eerie suggestions of death. In his work, Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu makes artwork that explores the emotional aspects of Japanese society. He says, "My art deals with a fictional form of death…a metaphor for people losing their soul and place in society."

To create…


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Buzzing NYC at Night Oil Painting by Alexandra Pacula

Artist Alexandra Pacula, most known for her dizzying oil paintings (see here and here), is back with, what we believe, is one of her best pieces to date. Called…


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