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Hyperrealistic Paintings of People Enveloped in Plastic

No, you're not looking at a photograph of a woman donning a large piece of saran wrap like a cape. What you see is, in fact, a hyperrealistic painting of a woman with an equally realistic sheer sheet of plastic, creasing and clinging to her body. London-born, Australia-based artist Robin Eley is the painter behind these highly sensual renderings that crave close inspection to appreciate their fine craftsmanship.

The large-scale oil paintings are…


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Classic Masterpiece Paintings Made of Shredded Magazines

It's always impressive when an artist can take one form of established art and transform it just enough to create something new and exciting. Artist Vik Muniz, who we've seen turn junkyard scraps into classic masterpieces, is one such artistic magician. In his latest series titled…


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Artist Dabs Thousands of White Dots on Vinyl Portraits

Phoenix, Arizona-based artist Daniel Edlen is one incredibly talented (and patient) artist. Using just white acrylic paint, he sits and dabs thousands of tiny dots on old vinyl records until a famous musician's face emerges. Depending on the amount of detail, one vinyl painting can take up to a whole month to complete.

Recently, he updated his…


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New 3D Street Painting for The Dark Knight Rises

If you can't get enough of those clever street painting illusions, you're going to love this. To promote the release of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises (which opens this Friday, July 20), this awesome 3D street art has been unveiled in Madrid, Spain.

One of the…


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Hyperrealistic Oil Painting Reflects Our Lack of Anonymity

Artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan was first exposed to oil paints at the tender age of five and quickly adopted the art of painting, perfecting his skills in his youth. The time and effort the Armenia-born painter, who currently lives and works in New York, has put into honing his craft has certainly paid off, allowing him to not only paint hyperrealistic renditions of people,…


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Painted Photographs of a Man's Mid-Life Crisis

Interdisciplinary artist and photographer Teun Hocks combines his varied passions for art in his multilayered creations that lie somewhere between photographs and paintings. In an interview with ArtInfo, Hocks explains his arduous process: "There’s a big backdrop that I paint or build, or whatever’s needed, and I stand in the middle of that. Then I take a picture of myself in black and…


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Beautiful Crayon Portrait is Like Pointillism Painting

In between exhibitions, Crayon sculptor Herb Williams takes on special, one-of-a-kind commissions. After his successful art installation of life-sized flames was completed in Texas, he was asked to create a Ferrari ENZO as a donation to a chidren's hospital. Sooon…


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Teacher Draws Incredible Whiteboard Murals at Lunch Break

The multifaceted works of painter Gregory Euclide aren't confined to museums and galleries. The Minnesota high school teacher and artist uses his time wisely, teaching his students while simultaneously exercising his artistic talents. During his 25-minute lunch breaks, Euclide…


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Getting Lost in the Crowd

As different as we all are, it can be rather difficult to distinguish one another in a crowd. Painter Francesca Bifulco touches on this idea of anonymity within a mob of people through her visually intriguing paintings in her series titled In the Crowd. Face after face and body after body, each frame is overwhelmed with figures whose features are quick brushstrokes of acrylic paint…


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Spellbinding Fantasy Paintings by John Pitre

Fantasy painter John Pitre creates his own surreal worlds that explore underwater schools of marine life as well as vast landscapes filled with astral bodies of light. He combines celestial and organic elements in his otherworldly environments, creating a sense of unity between living creatures and their planetary surroundings. The Hawaii-based artist has mastered…


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Unbelievable Non-Photoshopped Body Modifications

Surrealism comes in many forms and can often be difficult to define but one common ability that spans the works of almost all surrealist artists is the power to represent the oddities of one's wildest imaginations and pass it off as real life. We know that having a mouth on the back of your hand is unusual, yet one Japanese university student that goes by the name Chooo-san…


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New 3D Pac-Man Street Painting

Guess what just popped up in the Netherlands? An awesome 3D street painting of a classic arcade game from the 80's. It's Pac-Man! Leon Keer, the artist that designed the 3D LEGO Terracotta Army for the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida, was invited by the owner of…


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Surreal Depictions of Human Nature Versus the Universe

Ireland-based Polish painter Tomasz Alen Kopera uses basic oils and acrylics on canvas to envelop his audience into an otherworldly realm where the surreal prevails. Like the works of Tomek Sętowski, Kopera employs themes of "magical surrealism" in his paintings, though…


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Surreal Watercolor Paintings of Anatomical Self-Dissections

In the photo-realistic series Anatomical Self-Dissections, artist Danny Quirk depicts several subjects performing dissections on their own bodies. The fine art illustrator takes a surreal approach to visualizing human anatomy by presenting portraitures in which the subjects tear and slice themselves open to unveil the inner workings of various sections of the human body,…


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Classic Art Recreated Using Plastic from the Ocean & Lighters

The Great Wave is a classic image we see again and again, but artist Chris Jordan puts a new twist on it by recreating the unmistakable piece with 2.4 million pieces of plastic. His reinterpretation, entitled Gyre, is composed entirely of plastic collected from the Pacific Ocean. Jordan takes massive global matters like man-made environmental pollution and…


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Radiant Shoe Lace Murals Explode with Color

If you liked artist Federico Uribe's Pencilism sculptures and paintings, you'll get a kick out of his creative shoe lace art. The inspired artist simply loves to work with multihued ordinary objects, as evidenced in these series of works aptly titled Shoe Laces. The…


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A Life-Size Family Made of Pencils

Colombia-born, Miami-based conceptual artist Federico Uribe uses objects from daily life to construct life-size sculptural figures. His medium of choice? Pencils. Although most artists use pencils as a tool for sketching illustrations, Uribe utilizes multicolored pencils fastened together with plastic zip-ties to create a nuclear family—father, mother, son, and daughter—in…


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Classic Works of Art Made with Jelly Beans

A few years ago, Jelly Belly officially hired painter and illustrator Kristen Cumings to produce several works of art to add to their collection entitled Jelly Belly Masterpieces of Confectionary Art. The California-based painter takes about 50-60 hours to complete the life-size paintings made of approximately 9,000 to 12,000 jelly beans each. The enormous 4 x…


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Spectacular Oil Paintings of Twinkling Eyes

They say that the human hand is the hardest thing to draw. While it may very well be true, it's the eyes that draw my attention the most. Ukrainian artist Pavel Guzenko manages to capture the glimmering gaze of the human eye with his impressionist technique. Each shimmering orb depicts a remarkable reflective surface, truly capturing the sparkle in one's eye.

Guzenko, who…


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Surreal Paintings Ripping Through the Canvas

Artist Jim Warren's surreal paintings for his ongoing series titled Ripping portrays children and disembodied adult hands ripping through the canvas into a whole new world of artistic imagination. The figures rupture the surface to reach over to a far more enticing land filled with our child-like fantasies. The torn canvas appears to be a symbol of creative release. Each frame the…


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