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Incredibly Realistic Rainy Day Paintings by Karen Woods

On a rainy afternoon, artist Karen Woods observes large raindrops as they transform windshields and window panes into beautiful formations. She then converts those meditative moments into mesmerizing oil paintings that capture the tranquility of a quiet, stormy day.

In her paintings, Woods turns everyday urban scenes into impressive moments filled with captivating distortions.…


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Artist Paints Carpets as Though a Body is Hidden Underneath

Created by Spanish artist Antonio Santin, this series of oil paintings on canvas features a collection of silhouetted bodies laying underneath ornate carpets. Much of Santin's work evokes a haunting sense of morbidity and, in this case, the mysterious presence beneath the carpets will send chills down your spine. Most often, the figures are simple lumps creating shadows…


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Graceful Portraits of Women Morphed Together with Birds

These wonderfully peaceful images naturally blend feminine forms with the elegant wings of various birds. Created by London-based artist Amy Judd, each oil-on-canvas painting features faceless women set against strikingly simple backgrounds. The anonymous subjects are created with soft brushstrokes and pastel color palettes, and their faces are consumed by the large, feathery forms. Using strong…


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Pin-Up Portraits of Deer Girls

These oil on canvas paintings by artist Emily Burns explore contemporary concepts of female beauty. The artist's experimental portraits, a series entitled Deer Girls, feature sensual, feminine figures paired with deer heads. The pin-up girl portraits stimulate a curiosity about the natural blend between human and animal. By eliminating the face, Burns removes a viewer's natural instinct to…


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Extremely Detailed Large Scale Paintings of Bugs

These bugs are painted with an extraordinary detail that is often only associated with photographs. In the Bugs series, New York-based fine artist Suzanne Berry intricately paints everything from ladybugs to caterpillars to wasps. Mostly self-taught, she uses intense highlights and deep shadows to capture the essence of life in each still painting.

Generally, Berry paints the…


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Layered Paintings Represent Transitional Phases of Life

Times of transition—a big move, a new baby, quitting a job—are often exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. These oil paintings by Michelle Jader are a visual metaphor for that inevitable tumble through everyday living. Jader says her work "explores moments when we willingly and unwillingly dive into the next phase of our lives. These critical times of life contain a…


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Powerfully Captivating Surreal Oil Paintings by Joel Rea

In his extensive collection of surreal paintings, artist Joel Rea takes us on extreme adventures. His hyperrealistic landscapes and portraits feature everything from swirls of stormy winds and water to giant dogs chasing tiny people. Using brushes as thin as just a few hairs, the Australian artist spends hour upon hour meticulously developing his oil paintings until they are…


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Contemporary Figurative Paintings Evoke Strong Emotion

Looking at these paintings is like staring through a foggy window on a rainy day. Soft emotion in blurry form pours out of these feminine portraits by artist Mark Demsteader. The Manchester-based contemporary figurative artist is a self-taught master of the human form. His oil on canvas pieces feature pale figures set against a dark background. The dramatic contrast produces an…


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Paintings of Young Children Bonding with Playful Animals

During her childhood, California-based artist Amberlee Rosolowich often visited her mother—a zookeeper and aquarium show diver—at work. Having grown up surrounded by animals, she uses this past as inspiration for her playful paintings which blend strong creatures interacting with young children. Rosolowich says, "I became fascinated early on with animal behavior,…


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Monochromatic Paintings Feature Layers of Raw Emotion

The girls in these paintings have a haunting beauty that seamlessly blends youthful innocence with eerie suggestions of death. In his work, Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu makes artwork that explores the emotional aspects of Japanese society. He says, "My art deals with a fictional form of death…a metaphor for people losing their soul and place in society."

To create…


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Shades of Red Form Stunning Monochromatic Landscapes

London-based artist Sea Hyun Lee created a series of oil paintings using just one single color. The series, entitled Between Red, features detailed, mountainous landscapes in which shades of red form the composition of North and South Korea mountains blended into one composition. Between the hills and peaks, a white canvas peeks through to produce the shapes in between.

From a…


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Dynamic Cityscapes Painted with Extreme Energy

Born in Laos and now currently based in France, artist Van Tame is a painter inspired by dynamic and energetic city streets like New York and London. Using animated strokes, the artist creates cityscapes that are full of life. Viewers will instantly feel the movement and fast pace of a city dweller, without ever having to step onto a city block.

Van Tame paints on a very…


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Beautiful Palette Knife Paintings of Dramatic Female Figures

California-based artist Henry Asencio is a painter who focuses on the stunning beauty of the female form. He believes in the timeless essence of the human figure and so he creates a variety of classic portraits that feature elegant lines and graceful shapes. Asencio often uses a palette knife to achieve his rich oil paint textures, and the final result is an expressive…


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Fluorescent Feathered Birds Perch Inside Celestial Maps

Painter Louise McNaught is fascinated with nature, an admiration that comes through in many of her paintings. With a soft, simple style, the artist mainly paints animals who appear otherworldly and, what she describes as, "ethereal in their luminescence." The drips of paint that stream off of the animals' bodies are McNaught's subtle commentary on the ever-growing concerns of…


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Palette Knife Paintings of Hilarious Grumpy Cats

We are always seeing funny videos of cute cats playing the piano, baffling their dog companions, and wildly chasing light reflections on the wall, but it's not often that these fuzzy little creatures are portrayed as grumpy. Until now. Based in New York, artist Aja Apa-Soura works out of her home studio to produce these vibrant paintings with a palette knife and pure, undiluted…


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Amazing Palette Knife Cityscape Paintings

We don't know much about artist Micko-Vic, but what we do know is that he has a collection of extremely stunning and expressive acrylic paintings that will instantly capture your attention. The artist's style is a modern day form of cubism, in which he uses a special technique to create layer upon layer within each scene. He first sketches out the scene with pencil and brush, and then adds a…


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