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New Yorker's Powerful Tribute Cover to Nelson Mandela

As you all know by now, the world lost a great one yesterday. To commemorate the life of Nelson Mandela, next week's cover of The New Yorker will show a beautifully powerful oil painting of a younger version of the leader by artist Kadir Nelson. "I’ve recently made a children’s book about Nelson Mandela, but for a New Yorker cover, I settled on a younger…


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Street Artist Paints Whimsical Murals Around the World

Parisian street artist Julien "Seth" Malland calls himself Globepainter because his work has taken him all over the world. Most recently, he created a whimsical piece in his hometown of Paris, joining 50 of the world' finest street artists in turning an…


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Buzzing NYC at Night Oil Painting by Alexandra Pacula

Artist Alexandra Pacula, most known for her dizzying oil paintings (see here and here), is back with, what we believe, is one of her best pieces to date. Called…


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Beautiful Underwater Painting Inspired by a Photo

By accident this morning, we stumbled back around to Mark Tipple's Underwater Project and came upon a wonderful surprise. While in the past few years, Tipple has continued to take incredible underwater photos, it's this painting by artist Antoine Renault that really captured our…


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Mystifying Light Drawings of New York in the 1970s

While artist Eric Staller's light drawings are beautiful in and of themselves, take into account that they were created in New York back in the 1970s using just a Nikon 35mm film camera, 4th of July sparklers and Christmas lights and you can't help but be blown away. By day, Staller would walk around New York, studying the locations he felt would "articulate the particular…


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Artist Dabs Thousands of White Dots on Vinyl Portraits

Phoenix, Arizona-based artist Daniel Edlen is one incredibly talented (and patient) artist. Using just white acrylic paint, he sits and dabs thousands of tiny dots on old vinyl records until a famous musician's face emerges. Depending on the amount of detail, one vinyl painting can take up to a whole month to complete.

Recently, he updated his…


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New 3D Street Painting for The Dark Knight Rises

If you can't get enough of those clever street painting illusions, you're going to love this. To promote the release of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises (which opens this Friday, July 20), this awesome 3D street art has been unveiled in Madrid, Spain.

One of the…


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Beautiful Crayon Portrait is Like Pointillism Painting

In between exhibitions, Crayon sculptor Herb Williams takes on special, one-of-a-kind commissions. After his successful art installation of life-sized flames was completed in Texas, he was asked to create a Ferrari ENZO as a donation to a chidren's hospital. Sooon…


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New 3D Pac-Man Street Painting

Guess what just popped up in the Netherlands? An awesome 3D street painting of a classic arcade game from the 80's. It's Pac-Man! Leon Keer, the artist that designed the 3D LEGO Terracotta Army for the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida, was invited by the owner of…


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Modernizing a Classic Norman Rockwell Painting

Norman Rockwell's The Runaway has been fantastically remade in Halloween-style by artist Luke Radl. It features Spiderman as the cop, a pirate as the waiter, and a Green Goblin dressed boy as the runaway. Love this modern update. For a quick art history lesson, you can read more about the original Norman Rockwell painting on the…


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Geometric Street Painting Runs Through Switzerland Village

Talk about the old world and the new world colliding! Every year, the small Switzerland ski town village of Vercorin asks artists to come and create works during the summer months. They're not looking for a singular sculpture, they're interested in creative projects that incorporate the entire village.

In 2010, Lang/Baumann was asked to take on this challenge. "We thought it…


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Artist Paints Portraits Over Skype

Michael Stipe

Many of us rely on Skype to call our loved ones, but have you ever seen it used by an artist to paint portraits of people? Heidelberg, Germany-born artist Sandro Kopp has created a body of work that features friends, family and famous people who were asked to sit as models between three to five hours at a time as Koop painted them…


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Winter Wedding Light Painting

Now that's a wedding picture! Winter Wedding Light Painting was taken by Danny Turcotte Jr., a freelance and wedding photographer based out of North Bay Ontario and owner of Catch-Light Photography. It's of couple Kory and Matt, who bared the shivering cold for this magnificent shot.

Update: We got in touch with the photographer to ask him the story behind this shot.…


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Street Artist Inspired by Old Italian Painter

Mark your calendars! Starting July 7 and through July 23, 2011, street artist C215 and photographer RomanyWG (otherwise known as Jeremy Gibbs) will join forces in a new London Show based at Signal Gallery. For the past five years, RomanyWG has documented the work of C215 along with others in the street art and graffiti scene. RomanyWG will be showing photographs both from C215's…

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Soft Glow of Lantern Light

Mark Boyle first started painting when he was just 11 years old. His parents had him tutored by some local artists who gave him a solid head start. "A person who really taught good basics was Carl Christophersen." he says. "In painting lessons, Carl taught me to divide objects into shapes and planes with hard and soft edges." As an artist, he'd later face challenges along the way, particularly… Continue

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Hyperrealistic Vincent van Gogh (2 pics)

Has Vincent van Gogh risen from the dead? Not quite.

James Birkbeck is one of those people who loves to transform himself. Using theatrical make-up, he decided to finally take on the one historical figure he felt like he always resembled the most, Dutch post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh.

Why? "From what I have read about Van Gogh, his personality was similar to… Continue

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Oil Paintings Embellished with Gold - Brad Kunkle

Brad Kunkle's oil paintings are given the Midas touch when their surfaces are embellished with genuine gold and silver. The beauty of these paintings is that their appearances subtly change depending on the angle at which you view it or the light that's shined upon it. Also, notice that they're actually oil paintings and not photos.

"I knew I wouldn’t be…


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21 Most Mind-Blowing Hyperrealistic Paintings

As an outgrowth of photorealism, hyperrealism is a relatively new school of painting that creates the illusion that you're actually looking at a photo. With new technology in cameras and digital equipment, artists have been able to be far more precision-oriented. While photorealist painters tend to imitate photographic images and will consciously omit details, the…


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Gorgeous Body Painting Art - Joanne Gair (12 pics)

Though I'm sure you've seen body painting before, perhaps you've never seen it so beautifully done like this. Joanne Gair is a premiere make-up artist/body painter who's worked with the world's top supermodels and celebrities. The way she uses the body as a canvas is remarkable.…


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Chiho Aoshima's Eye Candy (10 Total)

The Divine Gas

If Takashi Murakami had an imaginative little daughter who would she be? How would she draw? Perhaps she would be like one of the girls in Chiho Aoshima's paintings. Born in 1974 in Tokyo, Japan, Chiho Aoshima uses computer technology to create beautiful, imaginary fantasy worlds. She uses the 'superflat'movement, a term coined by artist… Continue

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