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Hypnotizing Geometric Paintings Inspired by Sacred Mandalas

These kaleidoscopic arrangements explore ideas of visual pleasure through a hypnotizing array of colors and textures that spiral towards a central point. Created by New York-based artist Amy Cheng, the complex oil (and sometimes wax) on paper compositions are loosely based off of the concept of the…


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Glistening Underwater Oil Paintings by Samantha French

This series of beautiful oil paintings takes us on an underwater exploration of colors, textures, and unique perspectives. Created by artist Samantha French, each scene places the viewer underwater to observe what the world might look like from below the surface.

The artist captures the bright sunlight glistening off of the top of the water and shining up from the ground,…


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Lively Abstract Brushstrokes Reveal Detailed Cityscapes

Using large, swift brushstrokes and irregular splatters, Korean artist Jieun Park reveals urban landscapes hidden beneath the surface of her paintings. From a distance, the broad strokes are simply a bundle of abstract lines. However, upon closer inspection, bits of an urban landscape emerge from the seemingly haphazard marks.

Park only exposes small sections of the detailed…


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Gorgeous Expressive Paintings by Mandy Tsung

Using everything from ink on paper to oil on wood, figurative painter Mandy Tsung creates captivating works that convey a strong passion and energy. The Vancouver-based artist creates all kinds of lively scenes that blend reality with imaginative landscapes filled with colorful swirls.

Featuring solely women as her subjects, Tsung strives to recreate ideas of how…


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Swirling Lines Form Psychedelic Portraits

These Self-Portraits and Liquid Friends are energetic paintings by Nikos Gyftakis. Using vibrant colors and swirling brush strokes, the Greek artist blends curves and circular lines together to form each oil painting. From a distance, eyes and faces stare out at the viewer. Upon closer inspection, each face transforms into an abstract blur of…


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Emotionally Expressive Self-Portraits Utilize Negative Space

Portugal-based artist Cristina Troufa's collection of paintings are filled with the expressive emotions of women exploring themes of identity and self. She utilizes negative space on textured canvas to develop her figures, and her use of simple lines and soft color palettes are so perfectly fragmented that viewers will find themselves automatically filling in the gaps and piecing…


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Gorgeous Lifelike Oil Paintings Mimic Photographs

Belgium-based artist Christiane Vleugels is a talented illustrator who creates incredibly lifelike paintings of human figures and faces. The artist, who has been drawing from a very young age, has mastered her techniques in order to produce these extremely realistic depictions of people. Her skilled use of light and shadow creates such detail that viewers may think they are…


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Shifting Energy Into Layers of Color

When you see these paintings by artist Tobias Tovera, you may find yourself getting lost in the shifting, swirling sea of lines and shapes. The strokes of vibrant color evoke a sense of energy and the layers of pigment undulate across the panels in these complex scenes. Some of his pieces are reminiscent of distant nature landscapes. In the abstract shapes, I can almost see the ghostly…


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Dreamy Freeze Frame Paintings

Swiss artist Andy Denzler depicts a hazy, abstract world in these oil on canvas paintings. The works are a collection of muted scenes, distorted by smears of brushstrokes and blurs of paint. Viewing his work is like trying to draw on a fuzzy memory or make sense of a low-resolution photograph on a computer screen.

The basic form of each subject is clear, but the details challenge the…


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