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Gorgeously Intricate Hand-Cut Paper Sculptures

Toronto-based artist Christine Kim cuts and layers paper together into beautifully intricate geometric sculptures. Through cutting, Kim feels as though she "liberates the work from the confines of the original surface." Her artwork is delicate and complex, and she is constantly finding new ways to work with the everyday material.

Kim has completed a variety of projects including…


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Hand Cut Newspapers Form Visually Striking Patterns

Kenosis is a series of visually complex newspaper cuts that alter printed media and current events through intricate hand-carvings. Created by New York-based artist Shanti Grumbine, the project was inspired by her battle with Lyme Disease and it is filled with delicate complexities. As she recovered from physical and cognitive difficulties due to the disease, she found reading to be…


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Newspapers X-Acto Knifed Into Gorgeous Lace Patterns

Canadian artist Myriam Dion transforms everyday newspapers into gorgeously patterned hand-cut pages. She uses an X-Acto knife to carve into the paper, producing repetitive decorative designs that mimic the open holes on lace fabric.

In each piece, the words become abstract snippets of letters, images are accompanied by swirling lines and leafy patterns, and bits of…


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Hand-Cut Paper Sculptures Take on Organic Forms

Artist Georgia Russell creates paper art by slicing, ripping, and cutting apart printed text and transforming it into visually exciting sculptures. Her process began when she used to sift through old books in Paris and sensing that the objects felt lost or dead. So she now takes a scalpel to everything from newspaper and photographs to sheet music in order to create interpretive,…


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Amazing Hand-Cut Paper Display Honors Skateboarding

Rise & Skate is an amazing papercut installation created by Denver-based illustrators and artists Harikrishnan Panicker and Deepti Nair. To produce this life-sized piece, Panicker and Nair hand-cut sheets of Mowhawk fine paper with great precision and careful attention to detail. Each sculpted page was then installed, layer by layer, into a wooden light box with an LED backlight.

The pair collaborated to produce the 6x6 foot window display as part of…


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Collaborative Origami Installations by Mademoiselle Maurice

French artist Mademoiselle Maurice has hit the streets again, brightening up select urban areas with her thought-provoking colorful creations. Most recently, she introduced the city of Angers, France to the art of folding, covering staircases, walkways, schools, leisure centers, the side of buildings, and even a prison, with her signature rainbows of colorful…


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Suspended Paper Sculpture Made from a Sheet of Paper

Using just one single sheet of paper, Japanese artist Nahoko Kojima delicately hand-cut this amazing Cloud Leopard Papercut sculpture to mimic the shape of a large spotted animal, whiskers and all. Her steady hands and extreme patience were tested throughout the duration of the cutting process, which took five months to complete. Inspired by humans,…


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Clever Paper Cut Designs Feature Animals and Their Snacks

People often say "You are what you eat." Well, Oregon-based artist Wendy Wallin Malinow thought it would be interesting to see that phrase in action and developed this series entitled Bone-A-Day. The series is a clever and colorful collection of intricate paper cut designs layered together to expose the things that the animals recently ate. Each piece features a hand-cut simple…


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Incredibly Lifelike 3D Paper Animal Sculptures

These amazing masks and sculptures look like they are made out of real fur. In fact, they are actually paper sculptures by Brooklyn-based artist José Suris IV. The awesome 3D illustrator creates these detailed little creatures out of various papers, styrofoam, wireform, and paperclay. Through layers of paper and shades of color, Suris produces extremely detailed shapes with…


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Colorful Layers of Paper Strips Stunningly Bound Together

Using simple strips of paper, artist Hadieh Shafie builds these magnificent geometric sculptures filled with intriguing patterns of color. She binds the strips together into scrolls that blend together into interesting and unexpected combinations. Throughout the creation process, Shafie makes purposeful choices about her limited color palette and the placement of scrolls, but she…


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Striking Black and White Hand-Cut Paper Designs

Boston-based paper artist Joe Bagley produces all kinds of intricate designs that feature a single sheet of black paper, hand-cut with an Xacto knife. All of the intricately cut spaces are one full interconnected sheet and, as a result of this tedious process, no two pieces are ever the same.

The artist has a great eye for producing realistic details with just the slice of a page. When a…


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Visual Storytelling Through Intricate Paper Designs

Australian artist Emma Van Leest turns a simple sheet of paper into a magical visual story. She hand-cuts intricate patterns into large sheets, and then mounts them with glue onto foamcore. Several layers set against a vibrant, colorful backdrop form Van Leest's three-dimensional scenes, which reference children's stories, folk art, Medieval saints, and Hindu literature.

With just…


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Intricate Paper Art Mimics Fine Lace

When viewing artist Karen Bit Vejle's work, you might think you are looking at delicate pieces of lace fabric. In reality, though, the Norway-based artist carefully hand-cuts each pattern out of paper, using only a pair of scissors. Psaligrafi, or the art of papercutting, is a complex art form that requires patience and intense skill. For more than 35 years, Karen Bit Vejle…


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Perfectly Symmetrical Paper Butterfly Installations

Paper art is a fascinating technique that requires a lot of patience and a lot of skill. Creative team Will & Caro, consisting of Australian-born Carolyn Wong and Finland-born William Du, are no strangers to this powerful artistic form. The two self-taught artists launched their first big project in December of 2009 and it was a great success.

Will & Caro create delicate…


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Architect Constructs 3D Cityscape Paper Sculptures

Artist Christina Lihan creates amazing depth and detail with just simple sheets of paper. Educated and trained as an architect, Lihan has since turned those skills toward developing elaborate paper building, bridge, landmarks, and cityscape sculptures. Everything from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal can be found in her collection.

To create a single piece, Lihan…


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Wonderful Paper Sculpture of Children Playfully Dancing

In this creative installation, entitled Maibaum, Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff used layer upon layer of black paper, foam core, and hardware to create a lifelike scene in which joyous, animated children are frozen in time. Upon viewing the installation, visitors will immediately be transported into the middle of a Maypole dance, a traditional western European folk dance in which men and…


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Recycled Materials Form Ornate Flower Sculptures

Using a combination of magazine cutouts, dried flowers and leaves, pressed paper, and illustrations, Netherlands-based artist Anne ten Donkelaar creates these realistic and intricate designs, entitled Flower Constructions. From a distance, the sculptures are a gorgeous and vibrant bunch of flora that are growing in abundance. Upon closer inspection, the many found objects…


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Dynamic Patterns Form Complex Geometric Paper Sculptures

By folding paper into these rhythmic and repetitive sculptures, artist Matthew Shlian gives patterns of life and motion to an otherwise flat form. Describing himself as a paper engineer, Shlian says, "I begin with a system of folding and at a particular moment the material takes over. Guided by wonder, my work is made because I cannot visualize its final realization; in this way I…


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Intricately Cut Flowers Sprout Out of Paper Money

New York-based artist Yuken Teruya was commissioned by the New York Times to create this piece entitled Green Economy. The article, written by Paul Krugman, asks the main question, "Is it possible to make drastic cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions without destroying our economy?"

To complement the New York Times informative article, Teruya cut these very precise nature designs…


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Curly Strips of Watercolor Paper Form Beautiful 3D Painting

There are so many kinds, colors, and textures of paper that can be used in artistic creation. Taiwan-based artist Mia Liu finds inspiration from this medium and takes it one step further by transforming generally flat paper forms into three dimensional sculptures. The artist says she is "particularly mesmerized by the unique textures created by drawing on different papers; [She] loves to…


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