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Mesmerizing Wall Collages Made of Paper and Plastic Cups

New York-based artist Lisa Hoke creates colorful wall collages out of an assortment of disposable items. Working extensively with paper and plastic cups, the artist installs each of her multilayered murals in eye-catching patterns. She playfully transforms each room into a magnificent spectacle full of snake-like formations of multihued cups as well as flattened…


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Spectacular Steampunk Sculptures Made of Cardboard

Creative director and multifaceted artist Lance Oscarson of Vintedge Artworks crafts amazing mythical beasts and mechanical men out of cardboard. The Utah-based artist's works are steampunk and dieselpunk creations that pop off their respective panels, seemingly lying somewhere between collage and sculpture.

Having worked with a number of mediums in several professions…


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Intricately Cut Paper Sculptures Mimic Stained Glass Windows

Virginia-based paper artist Eric Standley meticulously cuts and layers thin sheets of paper to construct sculptural creations that look like stained glass windows. Every square inch of his multilayered creations are carefully carved to perfection, resulting in unbelievably intricate designs. The final product is an awe-inspiring, three-dimensional frenzy of colors and patterns.



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Cartographic Paper Sculptures Reveal Global Cities' History

UK-based artist Matthew Picton uses strips of paper to construct maps of cities from around the world. The Londoner's sculptural creations use both historic and fictional texts to produce cartographic representations of multicultural cities like Las Vegas, Dresden, Tehran, and Venice. The materials used are reflective of each respective culture, from literary and religious texts…


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Intricately Folded Geometric Paper Sculptures

It's always a treat when artists like Matt Shlian are able to incorporate their passion for science and math into their art. His interest in abstract geometric forms clearly influences his work though the paper engineer insists that he finds inspiration for his paper art from everything in life. He says, "I have a unique way of misunderstanding the world that helps me see things easily…


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Artist Cuts a Meditative Fortress of Paper Strips

Japanese artist Sachiko Abe cuts fine strips of paper for hours on end in her performance series titled Cut Papers. Having first discovered the calming effects of shredding paper over 15 years ago while admitted at an insane asylum, the artist now explores the act's meditative properties as an…


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10 Amazing Paper Artists You Should Know

One of the easiest materials to get your hands on is paper, yet, ironically, it is also one of the most difficult to work with. Paper is fragile and the slightest bend can leave a sheet with an unwanted crinkle in it. That's why it takes true masters of their craft to produce stunning work. While many attempt to manipulate the material, few succeed in captivating audiences with not only…


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Spiraling Book Sculpture Reflects the Struggles of OCD

Graphic design student and budding artist Thomas Wightman crafted a beautifully intricate book sculpture for his major project at Edinburgh Napier University. The assignment, referred to as The Medium is the Message, required students to focus on a theme—in Wightman's case, it's "addiction"—and hone in on…


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Inspired Teacher Constructs Russian Landmarks Using Origami

Can you believe that this meticulously detailed model of Saint Basil’s Cathedral is made entirely out of paper? Russian school teacher Sergei Tarasov diligently set his efforts into cloning the architectural design staple of Moscow, using more than 10,000 sheets of A4 paper. For nearly a year, when the 42-year-old art teacher was not in the classroom, he spent most of his time…


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Incredible Pencil Drawings Leap Off the Page

Using nothing more than a pencil, a piece of paper, and some swift and scrupulous cuts, Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito offers a contemporary depiction of martyrdom. Each image presents a different form of death, some rather torturous, that has been documented in historical martyrologies. The artist provides a conceptual visual of said manners of martyrdom through a unique practice of pencil…


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New Kaleidoscopic Paper Sculptures by Jen Stark

Paper is a cheap and accessible medium that can produce beautiful results. However, it requires meticulous skill to expertly maneuver and manipulate the fragile material. Luckily, artist Jen Stark possesses the ability to utilize the medium, reveal new ways of viewing its construction, and expose its beauty. We've shared several of Stark's…


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Hypnotizing Origami Mandalas Formed Using Single Paper

Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura reworks single sheets of handmade paper into abstract, contoured works of art in her series labeled as Relief. She employs the paper folding techniques used in origami to transform the special Japanese paper known as kyokushi into mesmerizing geometric patterns. She combines traditional methods with contemporary aesthetics across a monochromatic…


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The Thinking Man's Book Sculptures

Malaysia-born, Tennessee-based artist Daniel Lai, aka Kenjio, uses a visually captivating paper folding technique for his inspired book sculptures. Each book blossoms outward in waves of paper folded unto themselves, accompanied by a clay figurine of a man deep in thought. The sculptor's series of Thinker sculptures, echoing Rodin's The Thinker, exhibit…


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Classic Masterpiece Paintings Made of Shredded Magazines

It's always impressive when an artist can take one form of established art and transform it just enough to create something new and exciting. Artist Vik Muniz, who we've seen turn junkyard scraps into classic masterpieces, is one such artistic magician. In his latest series titled…


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Amazing Paper Bird Sculptures Reveal Their Internal Anatomy

We've seen our fair share of paper bird…


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Impeccably Crafted Miniature Japanese Paper Cities

When I first came across a couple of images of these works, I thought they were real city captures using a tilt-shift filter. Little did I know that these are, in fact, fairly normal photographs of paper cities, meticulously crafted by New York-based artist Yumiko Matsui. The skillful artist, who hails from Osaka, Japan, uses her native land as inspiration for her miniature world,…


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Mysterious Book Sculptures Pop Up in Edinburgh

With a growing internet community and a slew of social media outlets, anonymity is diluted and nearly impossible to achieve. It's difficult for anyone to remain a mystery, especially if they put themselves out there. Somehow, however, a modern day mystery exists in Edinburgh involving a series of unclaimed book sculptures with cryptic messages. Who is the artist…


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Origami Paper Garden Inspires Peace

Have you ever seen a flower bed made entirely of paper? Well, look no further! Folding for Peace is a white paper garden in Nagasaki, Japan realized by Swiss designer Anouk Vogel. The patch of faux flowers are aligned in a circular bed, angelically standing tall and vibrant against a naturally viridescent backdrop. The piece was commissioned by the…


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Three-Dimensional Skeleton Falls from Paper Tree

Paper is a tricky material to work with because of its fragility but Danish artist Peter Callesen seems to have mastered manipulating the medium. He manages to utilize the sheets of white paper he works with to not only present meticulously cut silhouettes that showcase the effectiveness of negative…


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Figurative Cardboard Sculptures Spring to Life

Berlin-based artist Bartek Elsner works with paper and cardboard to produce impeccable replicas of objects ranging from a simple boxed video cassette to a multi-textured chainsaw. While the medium in this series titled The Paper Stuff is reminiscent of Chris Gilmour's cardboard…


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