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Breakdancer Balances on One Hand at Famous Paris Landmarks

Notre Dame

Hip-hop dancer Kapstand gives us a tour of Paris while "freezing," or balancing on one hand. The b-boy technique involves stopping the body while in motion and then balancing very still. He started the project just seven months ago when he moved from north-east France to Paris. Upon his arrival, he wanted to visit all the famous landmarks of…


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New Rooftopping Show in Paris Will Make Your Heart Stop

Ready for a show like no other? Friend and famous rooftopper Tom Ryaboi has assembled an A-list team of fellow daredevil skyscraper climbers from around the world in an exhibition that will be one for the books. From January 16 to January 21, head to the top of the Publicis Groupe Headquarters on the Champs Elysees in Paris to see vertigo-inducing photos taken by Tom Ryaboi, Aurelie Curie, Andrew…


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Former French Schoolhouse Turned Enchanting Artist Studio

We came upon this artist by way of friend and photographer Kirsty Mitchell who wrote, "I literally don't think I have ever seen anything as utterly beautiful as the work and home studio of the artist Claire Basler. I think my idea of dying and going to heaven would be waking up in her studio. It's breathtaking, my brain is in pieces!"

Claire Basler is a French floral…


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More Photos of Stunning Street Art Inside a Dilapidated Building in Paris

After posting about Tour Paris 13, the nine-story social housing tower in Paris that's been transformed into one massive street art exhibition, we had this uneasy feeling that the pictures didn't quite do the project justice. Lucky for us, photographer…


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100 Street Artists Take Over a Nine-Story Building in Paris

Over 100 street artists, including names you're already familiar with like Vhils and C215, have come together to be a part of the largest street art exhibition ever created. Called Tour 13, it consists of a nine-story social housing tower and its 36 apartments that have had their drab ceilings, walls and floors transformed into one massive, colorful exhibition space. The…


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New Digital Book of Paris Has Subtle Yet Stellar Video

Got 15 minutes? Let's go to Paris! From the creative husband and wife duo who brought you those clever quote illustrations and the book Paris in Color comes a brand new…


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Breathtaking Reflections of Paris

While on a vacation to Paris, most of us end up taking the same pictures of its most famous landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe. Having lived in Paris for the last four years, art historian Joanna Lemanska sees the city in a whole new light. Though she still frequents those highly photographed sites, she's able to show them in a fresh and unique way.…


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New Paris Travel Posters Focus on Moments Over Monuments

Evan Robertson, the New York-based graphic designer behind those clever book quote illustrations, just wrote to us to tell us about a fantastic new series he's just made with his wife and fellow creative Nichole (…


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Gorgeous Gloomy Shots of Paris in the Winter

Throughout the years we've seen the beautiful city of Paris shot in more ways than we thought humanly possible. From Philipp Klinger's unique photos highlighting its illusions and patterns to…


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140 Painted Fiberglass Bears Promote Unity in Paris

Today, Eugene, our very own COO, was walking with his friends near the Eiffel Tower when he spotted this delightful sculptural installation consisting of 140 fiberglass painted bear sculptures. From now till November 18, 2012, these colorful bears, approximately 6-feet high, will stand hand in hand at the Champ de Mars to mark two occasions - the 25th anniversary of the twinning cities of…


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The Story Behind the Half Graffiti Hotel Room

After we saw the incredible photos of the half graffiti hotel room at the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France, we knew we had to find out more. We were lucky enough to get in touch with a representative at the hotel named Jessica who was able to enlighten us about…


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The Half Graffiti Hotel Room

Imagine walking into your hotel room and experiencing this! Artist Tilt has created Panic Room inside the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France. The unique hotel has five rooms which are redone annually by a different artist. In essence, they invite artists, graphic designers and painters into their rooms to…


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Illusions and Patterns of Paris

Often referred to as the most beautiful city in the world, Paris has stunning architecture and pristine landscapes that make it unlike any other place in the world. It takes a talented or gifted photographer to capture the city in ways that haven't been done before. For instance, where distinct patterns are portrayed or where illusions are created.

That's where Philipp Klinger… Continue

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Anish Kapoor's Massive Balloon Beast

If you're making your way to Paris anytime from now through June 23, make sure to drop by the Grand Palais to see an epic work of art. Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor has created Leviathan, a 75,000 cubic-meter burgundy balloon that's made of PVC vinyl. Visitors are welcomed to touch the outside and then walk inside the 35-meter high installation. …


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Paris in Magnificent Black and White (16 photos)

"Tour Eiffel"

Paris is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. Some might say that architecture has a large part to do with that...

Skilled photographer Damien Vassart was born in Brussels, Belgium, but currently lives in Paris. The way he combines bold lines of buildings, bridges, and sculptures, with the fluid and organic movement of clouds,… Continue

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Creative Experience: IKEA in the Subway (7pics)

Can't find a comfortable place to sit while waiting for your next train? Well IKEA has the solution for you. A creative way of bringing the 'living room' to you! This idea was pitched in France's subway. Way to go IKEA, FR.…


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Pretty Postcards From Paris - Liz Rusby (5 pics)

Be whisked away to Paris for a day with Liz Rusby on Flickr. I can't get enough of her photos - the pinks tones and the texture she's added makes me feel like I've stepped into a beautiful dream...or at lease the perfect Paris postcard.…


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KAWS and Vogue Paris Make Graffiti Glamorous - Nov '09

What happens with photographer Mario Sorrenti asks artist KAWS to help him work over some photos? Well, you get two creative worlds merging into creating this fabulous spread.



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Around the World for Twelve Months by Andrey Girdeev

"Pictures for corporate calendar of truck trading company":…


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Elina Aalto's cityscape blinds come in four city flavors; Paris, Tokyo, Helsinki and Stockholm. A series of perforated black out roller blinds. Light seeps in through the small cut out holes creatin…

Elina Aalto's cityscape blinds come in four city flavors; Paris, Tokyo, Helsinki and Stockholm. A series of perforated black out roller blinds.

Light seeps in through the small cut out holes creating an image of a city by night. The cut-outs represent the light in the windows of apartment buildings and office complexes in the city. The images represent a selection of cities that Elina… Continue

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