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Unique Hybrid Colored Pencil Drawings by Federico Uribe

It's safe to say that these aren't your normal colored pencil drawings. Colombia-born, Miami-based conceptual artist Federico Uribe's latest series, called Color Constuido, consists of 20 drawings that are part built with and part drawn by colored pencils. Though the drawings all have a sociological, philosophical or personal story behind them, they're all constructed in a similar fashion. The very same colored pencils Uribe draws with are the ones he…


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Artist Creates Huge Photorealistic Portraits of His Family


24-year-old artist Dino Tomic (aka AtomiccircuS) has completed five of six photorealistic portraits of his family using colored pencils, charcoal and acrylic. While he's equally skilled at creating digital art as well as making…


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Unbelievable Colored Pencil Drawings by Adolfo Fernandez Rodriguez

Every once in awhile, you come across a photo-realistic artist that blows your mind. The very first Online International Juried Exhibition of the Pencil Art Society just went live and it's there that we found the work of Adolfo Fernandez Rodriguez. The Madrid-based artist works with…


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Hyper-Realistic Pencil Drawings of Everyday Reflections

Black and white photos? Not quite! With these fantastic hyper-realistic pencil drawings, Estonia-based artist Heikki Leis makes us see the common ritual we all experience every morning in a whole new light. Called Everyday Reflections, the series consists of 60x60 cm portraits of local Estonians doing everything from washing their face and brushing their…


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New Incredibly Detailed Pencil Murals by Adonna Khare

After beating out over 1,600 works to take home the grand prize at last year's ArtPrize competition, Adonna Khare is back with a brand new selection of works. From now till July 20, come to the Lora Schlesinger Gallery in Santa Monica to see the exciting exhibition, titled…


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Incredibly Detailed Photorealistic Pencil Portraits

Italian artist Franco Clun is a self-taught master of photorealism. Using nothing more than some pencils and paper, the artist is able to manifest the image of celebrities and common folk to unbelievably realistic proportions. His collection of works cover a range of portraits that include the wide-eyed gaze of children, the weathered faces of the elderly, and the expressive…


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Artist Carves Into Pencils to Create Incredible Sculptures

Equipped with a box of pencils and some carving tools, a Hungarian artist known simply as cerkahegyzo manages to produce incredibly detailed miniature sculptures. Each creation is constructed entirely out of its respective pencil, utilizing the wood and lead as its base and body. Cerkahegyzo uses the fine blades of razors and needles as well as the buffing capabilities of sandpaper, files,…


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Tree Signatures Discovered by Applying Ink to Branches

Artist Tim Knowles has created a series to highlight not his artistic abilities but the hidden talent of trees. In "Tree Drawings," he whimsically sets up a white surface within reach of a tree's branches and then affixes a writing utensil to the trees. To exhibit the series, he pairs the resulting sketch with a photograph of the set-up that created it.

Knowles' website…


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Incredible Geometric Pencil Lead Sculptures

We've seen figures made of pencils and even portraits created out of pencil shavings, but New Zealand artist Peter Trevelyan has a new approach to…


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Bewildering Organic and Geometric Pencil Sculptures

Why use pencils to draw when you can carve them into sculptures? Artists Jessica Drenk and Lionel Bawden have each dabbled in the art of carving stacks of pencils to form interesting, abstract forms. They've both mastered their respective style of the craft.

Drenk, who is currently based in South Carolina constructs texture-rich structures that echo…


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Mind-Blowing Photorealistic Pencil Drawing

Italy-based artist Diego Fazio, better known as DiegoKoi, is bound to blow you away with his incredible drawing skills. One of his newer pieces titled Sensazioni is an unbelievably hyperrealistic pencil drawing of a woman that has caused people to question the truth of its medium. Is it really done in pencil? The answer is an impressively resounding "Yes!"

We often come…


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Massive Pencil Mural Wins $200,000 Art Prize

Drumrolls, please. After more than 47,000 voters cast 412,560 votes, the ArtPrize 2012 winner was finally announced last Friday. Taking home the grand prize of $200,000 was Adonna Khare, an elementary school art teacher turned stay-at-home mom who created a massive mural of a menagerie of animals all by pencil.

A week before the…


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Whimsical Colored Pencil Tree

Talk about giving an old tree a new lease on life! It looks like a cross between Jonna Pohjalainen’s giant colored pencil sculptures and Pascale Marthine Tayou's…


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Photorealistic Pencil Portraits of Animals

I came across these animal drawings by Sydney-based artist Jaimee Paul and was amazed by just how realistic they looked. (The fur! The feathers!) Growing up on a farm in New Zealand with eight dogs, four cats, two horses and many lambs, she's used to being surrounded by animals. It’s no wonder then, that now she focuses on them.

"They have such personality, they’re so complex…


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Mind-Blowing Photorealistic Pencil Drawings of Cats

You don't have to be a cat lover to appreciate this. It's been awhile since we checked up on artist Paul Lung. Over two years ago, we came across his incredible pencil drawings and were blown away by the just how much they resembled photographed. If you can believe it,…


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Blank Butterfly Faces

Using colored pencils, Italian artist Marco Mazzoni creates surreal portraits of blank faces adorned with vibrant flowers and butterflies.

The works are a tribute to natural beauty as well as an exploration of identity. The exclusion of eyes replaced with whiteness hints at inner divinity, placing emphasis on flora and fauna. Marco states his work is inspired by “references to the Sardinian female-based societies of 15th century which conserved their culture through… Continue

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Dalton Ghetti : Amazing Pencil Sculptures (15pics)

These are miniature pencil sculptures, sculpted by Dalton Ghetti from Bridgeport. The 45 year old only uses a blade, a sewing needle and very bright light, all without the use of a magnifying glass! Dalton Ghetti has been patiently carving miniature pieces of sculpted art on pencils for the past 25 years, and one tiny carved sculpture can take several months whereas a larger creation can take 2 1/2 years.…


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Shiro Pen Holder

The Shiro Pen Holder gives the illusion that the top ring is floating when it's actually held by a pencil that is welded into the pen holder.…


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Photorealistic Pencil Drawings by Paul Lung (12 total)

Dedicated artist Paul Lung spends up to 60 hours sketching these photorealistic pencil drawings. A graphic artist from Hong Kong, Paul uses a 0.5mm technical pencil to draw everything from his family and friends to cats. His highly detailed work has been written about in newspapers like… Continue

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The Classic Paper Pencil Case

I love this pencil case! It reminds me of the classic lined paper we used to take with us to class. Who doesn't remember neatly tucking away that paper inside their Pee Chee folder?

Sadly, this…


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