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Twisted Dancers Become Human Sculptures on City Streets

Bodies in Urban Spaces is a rare and unique performance where dancers move throughout a city and organize their bodies into the nooks and crannies of public spaces. Created by Austria-based artist Cie Willi Dorner, the ephemeral series produces a visually tense relationship between people and their everyday surroundings. Since 2007, the artist has produced performances in…


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Acrobatic Performers Travel Within a Circular Mobile Home

The Wheel House is a live performance in which two acrobatic performers entertain audiences with the slow-paced rolling travel of their mobile home. The interior space of the circular home is designed to look just like a normal house, with doors, windows, curtains, pots and pans, and even a bed. The project is produced by Acrojou Circus Theatre, a group formed in 2006 by…


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Artist Covers Himself With Stamps and Asks to Be Mailed

Last year, performance and installation artist Wilmer Wilson IV conducted a series of three public performances, collectively entitled Henry Box Brown: Forever, along the streets of Washington, DC. For each performance, the artist covered his entire body with a single value of postage stamps, with increasing values for every journey. He then walked a planned distance across the…


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Liu Bolin Continues to Get Lost in the Background

Just when we thought he couldn't outdo himself, artist Liu Bolin is back with a variety of new and mind-boggling disappearing acts. We have seen many of his camouflaging techniques in action here and…


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Creating Interactive Optical Illusions With Chalk

South African artist Robin Rhode uses everyday materials like chalk, charcoal, and paints to create these creative scenes. In his performances, he finds public spaces to create sketches on walls and then photographs himself interacting with the drawings. Promenade is a flipbook-style…


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