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13 Adorable Animals That Stole Our Hearts in 2013

While some artists and photographers are inspired by their children, others look to more furry friends for that creative kick. Today, we take a look at thirteen people who introduced us to some highly adorable animals this year. From a rare half-donkey half-zebra to a…


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Hilarious Mash-Up Portraits of Pets and Their Owners

Earlier this year, Toronto-based photographer Zach Rose (or @zachdriftwood) made waves when his hilarious Instagram series "Petheadz" started soaring through the web. A clever mash-up of pet owner and pet, the funny portraits consist of Rose holding up a DSLR in the foreground, that shows the pet's head, while the owner is standing in the background. Started as an exercise in creativity with his two…


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Funny Pet Names for the Wankers at Your Work

As it says on the the Workwankers website, "You know who they are. Now you know what to call them behind their backs." Though created for those who work in the advertising industry, anyone who makes that daily trek to the office will appreciate this hilarious set of illustrations called Workwankers. (Wanker was…


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Exclusive Interview with Serenah, the Creative Pet Photographer

While writing about creative pet photographer Serenah, I discovered that we didn't know that much about her. Though she has a superb collection of adorable dog portraits, I was curious about her background. How long has she been shooting for and who are the other…


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Creative Pet Photographer Shoots Her Adorable Three Dogs

Though we'd previously seen the hilarious photo of a superhero dog all around the web, we didn't trace it back to pet photographer Serenah until today. Posing proudly in his starry cape and helmet, while sitting on top of a shopping cart, the dog is the epitome of awesomeness and the image is just one of those you can't erase from your memory.

The New…


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Sweet Photos of Dogs with Their Best Friends

As the Scottish Master Pet Photographer of the Year for the past five years, you could say that Paul Walker has clearly been recognized for his talents. His passion for animals began early, at the tender young age of five, when he started snapping photos of his family's pets which included dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and a duck. It would be years later, when he was…


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Kitty and Puppy Bambu Chillin

A couple of beds for your little one. Little one as in little furry fellow or ma’am, animals under 25lbs and inside the tiny customer dimensions. What’s inside this post are two beds, both of them designed by Corey Drew of Pet Lounge Studios. One is called the Bambu Hammock, the other is called the Bambu Lounger. Both are made with solid bamboo and both are made for your soon-to-be completely… Continue

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The Pet Shop Boys Are Back! Love Etc.

I know there's all this hubbub about the new U2 album but I'm more interested in the Pet Shop Boys! Isn't it nice to see them back in action? The new single, Love Etc, and a five-track CD of mixes are on sale in shops and from online retailers including Amazon. The full album (their 10th) will be released… Continue

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5 Pop Culture Obama Items

With Obama finally in office, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Let's celebrate with five items that show just how much he became a part of American pop culture.

#5 The Barack Obama Cabbage Patch Doll - Sold on eBay

#4… Continue

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Banksy Puts Away the Spray Paint and Opens Up a "Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill" in NYC

Our beloved graffiti artist has just set up shop in NYC creating one of the most interesting pet stores ever! You have got to see these pictures to believe it.

A leopard lounging on a tree? Nope! Just some handy dandy animatronics.

Chicken McNuggets… Continue

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